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February 08, 2006


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You need to send this out to some newspaper opinion pages, cause it's some well-spoken truth.

ummm... a rational mom. that's really rare cause i see the most rational person turn into a typical bigot when it comes to her "own" kids. lol

Oh my God. It all makes sense now. I can now identify the precise moment that I "became" gay. It was those damn light blue pinstriped overall shorts with the duck on the bib that I got when I was four. They practically screamed "queen"! I was doomed from the first moment that I put them on. Mom bought 'em. She bought me all sorts of questionable things. I certainly 'looked' gay. Eventually your childrens gay outfits will alter them at a molecular level. That explains all the nice clothes I lust after now, the nice restaurants with friends, the parties, the eight year relationship that I've had with, oh dear, another man, my ability to give a woman a compliment AND ask for directions if I'm lost!! It all makes sense now. Thanks Mom!

"Daddy wants us looking like a stupid redneck, just like him, doesn't he?"

I just love it when my six year old puts on my chunky black heels and freaks out his homophobe uncles. It just freakin' cracks me up.

PS Thanks Tsoniki -- I emailed you!

I know, right? It makes me crazy to think about it... Like it's okay to put the 11-month old in freaking HUNTING GEAR (I shit you not) - like camo overalls... but god no light blue sweaters cuz that's gay.

I am rolling at this entry... rolling...::giggles hysterically::

"And Daddy doesn't want us looking gay"

LOL?! How the fuck can a toddler look "Gay"...Do you ever look at an adorable little toddler and go "Geez, he looks like a queer..."

My gawd....

Well... I certainly don't think that dolls or colors will affect a child's sexual orientation. PLus, who DOESN"T want to wear a tiara. I would wear one everyday if the "Man" ( and I don't mean my husband) would let me.

BUT...I have known young children that I would bet good money that they will "come out" at some point. And it has NOTHING to do with the color of their clothes!

Lisa -- first, I HEART you for doing that. I think that is so great... and, I don't blame you for the comments. I think that it's sad that people do not feel more comfortable about coming out. I think we would see way less teen suicides for one thing... If we had a society that was a little more accepting, maybe they wouldn't have to act like that and could feel comfortable. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

My brother-in-law didn't want my sister to buy their boys a play kitchen set because he was worried that they'd turn out to be gay. Isn't that funny? I had to laugh.

I know I made a few shots at the Brokeback Mountain movie but mainly because it was about these men trying to act manly, and covering up who they really were and hurting alot of people and themselves in the process. You are, who you are. Accept it, ya know?

I got a flier for a politican the other day. It said the politician was "pro-family." In other words he was anti-gay, prolife and a bunch of things. I chased them down the street and said, "here's your flier back. I'm voting for the other person."

Mama - I think that is soooo cute. I would love to see a little boy walking around in a tiara. I might have to bite him out of cuteness though.

Izzy - I feel the same way - seriously, what if your kid is gay? Wouldn't you want them to be respected, loved, and allowed to live in peace and safety?? CRIPES!

As the mother of a baby boy, I think that gay baby nonsense is STUPID. And if my son did turn out to be gay (and it won't be caused by the kind of clothing we put him in) we would feel no differently about him. He's our son. End of story.

I do, however, use the words "retard" and "retarded" on occasion. Does it matter that I never use it to describe someone developmentally-disabled (because I used to teach DD adults)? Probably not... I am not always politically-correct. I plead guilty.

My son's favorite color was pink for the longest time. He also had a tiara and heart shaped scepter he was pretty fond of at around 2 and a half or so. He wore the tiara to preschool and Target. Most people thought it was great. Anyone who didn't, go the look of death from his mommy. My son used to love dressing up in scarves and pumps too. Love beaded necklaces and Christmas brooches. He is clearly not gay. Although, I got comments from many people who was sure I was "encouraging" it. What. Ever.

My daughter's favorite color is also pink. It must just be a damn cool color. :)

Found your blog via the crazy hip blog mamas and just had to say FINALLY! LMAO I talk about this to my friends and maybe not so friendly friends and am always amazed that people still say "that's so gay."

As an aside, I am growing my sons hair long. Why? Because I can. Because men with long hair are so handsome. And now that I will say that we are American Indian, people will say "oh okay, well lots of American Indians have long hair" as though that justifies it and makes it okay. Yeah. Okay wierdos.

Though I am sick and tired of him wearing all blue and shooting a gun made of blocks and being called a girl because of his hair.

Whoa, turned that into a rant! Sorry about that.

Excellent blog.


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