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February 04, 2006


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I am with Krista, we have had non-stop hand chewing and dangerously high levels of crankiness and temper tantrums. It has to be the teeth. Does it ever end? I miss my sweet little angel baby.

This post hits close to home. I am the most sleep deprived fucker i've ever been in my life today.

He cried all night, he's crying now, and i can't even see the teeth so I know there is a long way to go....I know its the teeth thats causing the problem becuase of his constant eating of his hand.... Sigh.

OMG I was laughing so hard at this post that Daddymatic almost had to get off the phone with my MIL to see what was up. Everything, everything, everything you said was so spot on. Epic post.

I so feel this post I could be teething.

ugh!! SO sorry about the teething. we had a terrible time with it, TERRIBLE. no such sprouting of teeth over night for us. it began at 3 months and then drrrrrrraaaaaagggggged on for ever. have you tried the teething tablets? hylands? naturals? or the teething gel? we were forever wiping that stuff all over fluffy's gums. not that it would help with the rivers of yellow, etc. etc.

I had no idea teething caused anything other than drooly crankiness. I'll store that information-- might be useful someday.

Sorry your baby's not feeling so good.

Mira's teeth did just magically appear. Of course here was months of cranky buildup, screaming, droll, chomping etc. But still, quite literally over night 5 teeth broke though. The night before i thought I saw one just below the gum, mira ta this point only had 2 teeth and had only had two teeth for like 6 months. The next morning as she gurgled at me i noticed a glimmer in her mouth.. my bad 5 glimmers. This kids had finally sprouted choppers and all in one night - GAH! no wonder she'd been so bitchy.

Hmm. I wonder if A is actually getting her 2 year molars, and THAT is why we are getting all of the above symptoms. I had forgotten about teething (slaps hand to forehead).

I have decided there are two kinds of parents, well, three. The delusional ones (aka: The tooth just appeared!), the blamers (I swear the 104 degree fever is just teething!) and the forgetful ones (Duh! Teeth!). I am a forgetful one.

Hope whatever is causing the symptoms resolves soon...

Been there. Going through it again right now. Your doctor will tell you otherwise but all the saliva they swallow gives them the shits. If rashes or sneezing happen every tooth, then it's probably normal, too. God. Tired. Must sleep. Night night!

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