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March 12, 2006


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My 16month old son has been out of his full leg cast for just over a week now. She will absolutely find a way to get around and then use the cast as a weapon!!!!lol
My only concern now is reahbbing his little leg. The drs office told me just warm baths to soothe the stiffness and to take him swimming. He still isnt walking on it and refuses to stand flat footed. Nurse said it could take up to 6wks to get him going again.
Best of luck to you and your little one!!!!!

My 18 month old daughter broke her leg two days ago. Or I should say, *I* broke her leg, because I fell on it after we both went flying way too fast off of a slide. She has been a trooper. She cried for about 30 or 40 minutes, not even that hard (although she did cry pretty hard for the first few minutes). Within a day and a half she didn't even seem to be in pain anymore, she didn't cry about it for any reason. You could carry her around, touch her leg, sit her up, nothing bothered her. But she wouldn't move her leg or put pressure on it. Turns out that she has a break just above the knee. Took her to the doctor today, he ordered an x-ray, and we discovered the break. Now she has a cast and I am lucky that my daughter doesn't seemed fazed by too much because she hasn't cried about it at all. Keeping her entertained is going to be a real challenge though, she was a very active child before this and now she can't even move herself (although she did make an effort at crawling, and I expect she'll do more of that in the days to come). If you have any entertainment advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Oh no poor thing! Take care, I bet your are just about to go crazy!

Hopefully your happy girl will return soon, and these next 4-6 weeks will pass super-quickly. But what an ordeal for you all!

Oh friend, I am too tired to read everyones comments, so I apologize if I am just repeateing what everone else already said. She is so cute with that cast. She has this resilient little expression on her face that seems to scream, "I am NOT going to let this stop me!!!"

Awww... I said this before, but I say it again: my heart goes out to you both. Ouch.

I've already done the toddler broken limb thing so believe me when I say they are very resilient and adaptable and they get used to the whole cast thing faster than you could possibly imagine.

I think you are the trooper my bloggy friend!

Awww, that picture is too sweet! Poor kiddo. The worst part is the itching. I remember how my right arm looked when they took my cast off in 3rd grade (eewww!)

aww she looks so cute with the purple cast!!! At least it is cute!

She looks so pretty with her purple cast. But remember my caution: Poop and cast and four weeks with it on. PROTECT THE CAST!!!

OOh drinking? Yes please. LOL. AND seriously, it was 85 degrees here today - so we are fortunate.

And Metro Dad - I can sing and dance ALL THE PARTS at the same time...


One....Singular Sensation.....

Sorry. I could help you do the steps. I've got some wicked Jazz hands.

But dang, she is cute!

Thank God you live in the South!

Could you imagine trying to get her into a snowsuit or the like with that cast on?

Just trying to cheer you up a bit. If I was there I would take you out to get drunk. That would get rid of the guilt real fast!

I've got to say that she looks amazingly happy, sitting there with her adorable purple cast. Really, too cute!

Meanwhile, you do reenactments of the 1969 original broadway cast version of A Chorus Line? I think we're going to need an explanation on that one, Kristen!

I know I already commented once on this post, but she's so fricken cute. I am sorry she's feeling bad, but ahhhh! the cuteness of the purple cast!

Oh, poor thing! That is so not fun for everyone involved! I have a couple of friends with adventuresome toddlers that have gone through the same experience - she won't remember and she will be fine! I think you should decorate the cast with glitter glue!

The purple cast! Oh the purple cast! So fantastic!

Poor baby. But I love how you accessorized her dress with her cast. And she looks adorable.

I'd definately be cranky too. Poor baby girl!

Poor baby! (You and her.)

I broke my leg when I was 6 months old. My sister was carrying me when she tripped over an ottoman (which we called a hassock back then, my second generation Japanese American parents being purveyors of Old English for some inexplicable reason.)

My brothers were in the room and describe it as one of those slo mo sequences punctuated by a silent scream as I flew out of her arms and onto the carpet.

It came in handy. I remember growing up, if she ever made me mad all I had to do was start limping and she would beg for forgiveness.

I just want to tell you...it happens. I know you feel rotten, but kids get hurt. If it makes you feel any better, one time my kid almost choked on some beads from a belt I let him chew on. Brilliant, huh?

Eleven years later, there have been a score of injuries, (I have boys) and I've learned to not be so hard on myself.

It's not your fault. Really, its not.

Hope she's feeling better soon.

Might I suggest a flask for your pocket?

Okay, kidding aside, I'm really sorry. I think it's bad with my toddler's stuffed up -- I seriously cannot even begin to imagine how miserable we'd ALL be if she were held back from running full-force in to everything. Hang in.

My little boy has a crush on your little girl. I hope you both start feeling better soon.

I second Chag with the cast-signing. Finger-painting? Sticker-pressing? I'm feeling for you. oh, yes. lots of love.

Oh, I was so sorry to read about this misfortune! Sounds like you are doing the best you can to keep your (and her) spirits up. Hang in there, Kristen!

Ooooh, so sorry to hear about this! I live in fear of the inevitable accidents/illnesses/discomforts (we've already had one terrifying newborn fever run to the ER that just about broke me). But the magic salve - your sense of humour. And I'm guessing that even if she's not showing it, the dance routine made everything feel a little bit better...

The Shalebug had casts on and off until he passed. And don't worry, give her two days, three tops and she'll have it figured out. It won't slow her down. She may however start to smell, bath time can be an issue. And if she has a poop attack and a poorly attached diaper, well PROTECT THE CAST AT ALL COSTS. Learn from me, Kristen!

I'm outing myself today. Thanks for your support.

Hellooo to my new visitors and actually, it's a "makeshift ER I'm an LPN and never put a cast on kind of cast" right now - and it's like drawing on wool - although believe me you, Santa and Babies (her two favorite things) have been drawn (as best as can be) all over it.

BUT, we go today at 1pm to the orthopedist who, I'm hoping, will give her a nice new cast - That's why they pay him the big bucks, I assume.

And, she actually slept a little more and has figured out how to move around... She is still upset that she can't put both her shoes on...

And how long? I have NO IDEA - I'm thinking at least 4-6 weeks *gulp*

Have you signed or drawn on her cast? That might cheer her up a bit. How long does she have to wear it?

Poor unhappy girl. Does she like riding in wagons? Maybe you could outfit a wagon as a "princess wagon" with pillows and snacks and sparkles or whatever. Nothing like travelling in style. It's at least less confining than a stroller.

It's too bad that toddlers don't realize how cool it could be to be waited on and carried everywhere.

I would pay cash money to watch you do a rendition of "I Can Do That" in full tap dance regalia. I might even break my own leg.

I just have to say, this is my first time here, and I SO love your voice. Your writing voice that is. I have spent the last few minutes cracking up. Enjoyed my stay and I'll be back. ;o)

My daughter who is now 29 broke her leg when she was just three.
I know know know your pain. Yes. YOUR pain.
Didn't read how it happened with your daughter, but mine, well, I was on the back of her tricicle (sp?) pushing her, giving her a ride (maybe a bit too fast) and there was a crack in the sidewalk and we fell off and I fell on top of her.
I remember it was Dec. 27, 1979 - Some dates you never forget...and lemme tell you this...she never forgets to remind me. But, if you live long enough you get to be a grandma and now she has a little girl almost 2. Of course, I don't wish anything bad to happen, but I think now my daughter realizes that stuff happens.
I remember that little cast and carrying her places and realizing that there just weren't enough ramps for the handicapped. Never noticed that before. Also, I felt very lucky that in six weeks the cast would come off and I'd have a happy little girl again who could walk and run and play. Others would forever be handicapped. Changed my outlook.

ugh! I can only imagine!! Maybe she could drag her leg around in a kid size wagon??? hmm Maybe not! Good Luck!!

Poor girl! Poor mom! Hopefully she'll be feeling more herself when the shock/novelty of the situation wears off.

Too bad you can't cheer up toddlers with jello shots. Now, as for you ...

Sounds like it's just about time to put little miss in a big girl bed. Mira had to start sleeping in one at 14 months old to avoid what happened to your little princess! We just took a twin mattress and put it right on the floor up against the wall. When she got big enough to turn the door knob, we turned it around so we could lock her in at night for safty purposes. I hope baby girl heals ok. My nephew broke his wittle leg at about the same age. He remembers nothing of it and healed well.

Ugh. Poor girl, poor mom. I can't imagine having a toddler with a broken leg. I have a friend whose son broke his leg around the same leg, and she still talks about the summer from hell. I hope yours is better. Good luck...and I mean good luck getting rid of the guilt, too. Ick.

I can't even imagine! You must be going nutz.

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