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April 21, 2006


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I would have been way too scared to do that. You're my hero.

I just found your blog and I think I love you...

dont mess with mrs. mississippi. dammit.

rawk on sista.

Maybe if I had read this post I would have realized you're from Mississippi.

I love that you did that.

Awesome. That would have happened only in my imagination.

Such wicked goodness. The things you teach us Kristen! I wish I could have seen the face of that particular princess when she saw her car. Too damned funny!

You are my new blogger girl-crush!

OMG - too funny!!!

i would be way too chicken to do that.

you give me courage!

And I thought my revenge story was classic. You are awesome, that is so freaking funny. I hope they were robbing a store and then got caught because of what you did.

I was going to say, in response to your question at my post about what t-shirt you should do for yourself, that it should be 'Patrick Dempsey is my Bitch.' Now, however, I'm thinking that it should be more along the lines of 'Ain't No Punk Ass Bitches Messin' with this Bad Mutha.'

This truly, truly is Bad Mutha-hood at its finest.

Did you DO that?!?! Did you REALLY DO THAT!


Oh! Oh! I hope they were scooping on the sales girl and were going to impress her by swaying out to the car, jumping in, and peeling away.

You are too much, lol!

Fan-FUCKING-tastic!!!! If I ever find myself in a similar situation, I'm totally gonna do that.

Super MOM!

OMG! That is hilarious! I don't think I could ever do anything like that!

How did you not lurk by the entrance to see their reaction?

You fully rawk the petty revenge.

You just officially made my day. That is the best!! I would have loved to drive around the corner to spy on their reaction.

did that really happen??? Oh MY GOD, I am sure it did and you wrote that so well. You go girl!!!! I love it.

please oh please tell me the car was still running???!!!!

That is hilarious.

OMG I wish I had the guts to do something like that! You are my hero!

No. Fucking. Way.

Dude. Pimp Daddies do not drive Crown Vics. Old people and COPS drive Crown Vics. What a fucking poser.

Good for you! You have bigger cojones than me- I'd just complain loudly to anyone listening, but not do a damn thing about it.

We actually live in a quite urbanized area, and EVERY NIGHT when I try to sleep, I can hear them on the highway- BUMP BUMP BUMP. It shakes my windows- literally. Leah sleeps through it- and her dad snores through it- or breathes loudly in my ear through it- and me? I seethe while tossing and turning. Just when I think I can sleep- BUMP BUMP BUMP again.

Don't get me wrong- I LOVE hip/hop and R&B music- but NOT AT 1AM!

I'm glad someone put one of them in thier place!

You are my hero. Too freaking funny. I thougt I commented once already, but I think it was eaten.

OMG---you are my hero!!!!!


That's awesome. Just yesterday, I was passing a guy in his car, radio blaring, and said (loudly) to the baby as we passed, "isn't that nice of the nice man to share his crappy music with everyone on the street? We like sharing, don't we!"

You have balls enough for the lot of us, K.

That cracks-my-ass up! Way to go!

Sweet. I wish I'd seen their reactions. I'm sure it included some remarks similar to "What the f**K, s**t, motherf****r. Dang." Not necessarily in that order.

You kick some serious mama-ass!
You're my new mom-hero, gutsy girl.

HA! Good for you!

Ahh a girl after my own heart, though I probably would have parked around teh corner and taken camera phone pictures of them trying to get back into the car - but i'm a bitch like that BWHAHAHAHAHA

Did you really roll up his windows and lock the door? You are my hero. Too fucking funny. "Pimp Daddies". HAHAHAHHA

you left a big gob of spit on the steering wheel didn't you? huh? huh?

very funny!

Yes, the car was TOTALLY running and it felt good.

Very good.

*snort* I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when they came out to find their locked car running.

Oh no you di'n't! You are AWESOME, woman!

A kindred spirit, indeed. That is SO what I would have done :)

And I bet as you were doing it, your first thought was "I'm SO blogging this!"

Freaking love you, woman! ROFL

So that's what happened to my car... :)

That is the reason I woke up this morning, to read this post. I only wish I could think that stuff up when something along those lines happens to me. Alas, I probably would have just cursed at them under my breath so my Little Bald Doctor wouldn't have heard and repeated what I said. I agree with Patti that, had I been clever enough to think of such a thing, I would have found somewhere down the street to sit and watch the fun.


Nice. Way more gutsy that I would have been.


That. Was. Awesome!

I fucking adore you.

"I was indeed the one who rolled up your windows and locked your car doors."

You didn't!!! OMG! That is priceless!

I choked on my coffee when I got to the rolling up the windows part. Ha! Very cool.
Being me, I think I would've hung around somewhere to watch the fun when he got back to his car.

Wow! That's awesome. I would never have had the guts to roll up her windows and lock her doors. I would have been afraid she'd think I was breaking into her car or something!

I hope her keys were in there... That'll teach her..


I LOVE this post. You are so very sassy, funny and smart. You are SO the crazy/hip in the blogging mama's!

That. Is. AWESOME.

Kristen, you TOTALLY ROCK! (but I knew that already.) I'm getting your first drink at BlogHer, just for that story.

Actually, I was going to get a Cool Mom Picks shirt and my hair done just in case the Enquirer called. I have no shame. At least when it comes to self promotion :)

You go girl. You empower mamas everywhere. And isn't it sweet you know there is no way on hell he'll be reading your blog? Whew!

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