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April 12, 2006


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Hooray for Q!!!!

Isn't mommy-guilt a wonderful thing? End sarcasm! It's amazing what they can get away with when they've gone through an ordeal!!

Awww. Glad things are progressing along with the healing!

P.S. I'm tagging you over at my blog if you want to participate!

I love the yellow cast! I've never seen yellow.

Hope the healing continues quickly and she's ready for summer flip flops!

YAY Q!!! She'll always have the memory (or at least mommy's stories) about the purple cast.

wwhat a relief to have the first stage over....she is adorable!!

Awwww...good for her. She looks so tiny in that middle photo!

So once teh yellow boot comes off are we big girl bedding it?

Dude, she is PISSED in that second picture.

I'm so glad she is doing well. That yellow cast is awesome.

Woohoo! She can totally pull off the yellow cast - Little Afflicted Fashionista. ;-)) It's all going to be over soon. Are you going to keep the cast?

Um... that was supposed to be "poor little girl" not poop. Sorry! (I typed too fast)

Oh congrats! I bet you were very very very glad to even get to reduce to a small cast rather than that full leg thing. Did your poop little girl scratch herself like crazy after it was off?

Ugh. A saw near that tiny little leg might drive me crazy. She looks no worse the wear though. Freaking adorable.

Congrats! Not much longer to go...

Aww, so pretty. I didn't know they could do yellow casts. We only got orange, blue or purple to choose from. The yellow is so lovely.

Broken bones aren't so bad. Casts can be fun. I always thought stitches were worse. Not near as cute.

yay! hello to the sweetest knee in the blogosphere! such cute pics! i'm so glad she is healing well. such a hard thing to go through! sending our love from little rhode island.

I love that little mad face! It clearly says, "If I knew more words, I would SO have words with you." What a cutie!

So which came first, the cast or the Easter dress?

She looks adorable. So glad this particular mom-ordeal is coming to an end.

P.S. found you via Mother Goose Mouse and I like your style. (I'm a briber/bitch mom btw.)

Awww. Look at that sweet little face! She is absolutely beautiful. So happy to hear she's healing... I'm pretty sure that was way worse for you than her. heehee

Congratulations on the reappearance of the knee. That bright yellow is quite festive.

I love her look in that second photo -- I get the same one from my girls all the time. ;-)

She is too sweetylious! The yellow cast looks more comfortable. Soon freedom!

Hey, we have the same colour sofa as you. We bought ours prebabies. Who knew that it would be a never ending battle of the stains.

She's having a hard time adjusting for now - ala the I REFUSE TO NAP TODAY MOMMMY (ARGH...) But yes, once this one is off, no PT, no brace, no nothing.


Yeah! Congrats! How is she adjusting to it?

Knees are totally underrated, aren't they?

what a sweet face, but she looks a little more like my hubby's old Italian grandma! just kidding. she's a beauty!

YAY! ITs a knee!!!

Once she is done with the yellow one, is she officially back in biz(or will there be wraps, braces, bungee cords/duct tape?)

Ooo, you oughta decorate the boot! I saw a girl at my girls' school with a booth they had glue plastic flowers and fringe to....

Yay knee! Yay yellow boot! Yay the end of the broken leg fiasco is in sight! I'm thrilled for you guys.

Awesome blog, I've really enjoyed reading it. Your daughter is a real cutie!

Abso-frickin-lutely adorable! And so clearly a Cool Chick. That she can rock the medically-required leg gear? That takes *style.*

Two more weeks! She's not used to bending her knee - so walking is a challenge - I'm sure she'll be at it in a few hours LOL

Yay! Can she walk easier in the new cast? How much longer will she need to wear this one?

Yay! And that "how dare you" look is priceless.

Thanks Joy - I'm really rocking the leg hair and quads. heheh

wow, you have sexy legs (heh)

Hey, congrats on the new cast and boot! I understand your guilt (to a degree). Last summer I was locking the front door to take my kids on a play trip and the boy ran into the screen door which then hit my ass and bounced off launching him face first off of the porch....

No cast but he did end up looking like we routinely beat him with broom sticks!

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