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July 25, 2006


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Shameful and hateful. Apparently, courtesy and good manners were not a part of your home training.

Oh, and it is spelled mosquito. William Faulkner and Eudora Welty probably know how to spell correctly, but then again, they are real writers.

Woo Hoo! Welcome back. I'm sure there will be no lack of blogging targets here in Philadelphia. I'm excited about your return.

Oh! Oh! Oh! The excitememt of having Motherhood Uncensored in Philly is almost more than I can take!!! Congrats on getting out... you can cling to the sweetness of leaving whilst at the in-laws [esp. since you won't be able to draw strength from Jack or Jim right now:)].

hey! that's so exciting! i didn't have any idea you were getting sprung! congrats!

Philadelphia?! I live in Philadelphia. There is much blog fodder here and a few sensible people too. Including me, on alternate Tuesdays. Inside scoop on all child-friendly locations within a ten mile radius? I'm your crazed mother-blog-stranger to call.

Really. You can. Good luck with the move.

Yay!! Happy moving and, when you're driven to drink, just repeat ad nauseum: the in-laws thing is only temporary...

(good luck!)

Okay, but . . .I grew up in Delaware, and it's not all that. Perhaps compared to Mississippi, though? The water ice, though--that's a pretty good reason to go back. You have to pronounce it wuhdah ice, though.

Congratulations on getting out. Sounds like things are really looking up for you (except for the in-laws part that is).

I will probably even read you more...since I was born in Philly...lived in Delaware until 6th grade...and then spent my days in Ocean City, NJ until I graduated in 90 and came out West!!!
Have a REALLLLL Philly cheesesteak for me...REALLLLL friggin pizza and go stick your toe in the Atlantic for me...PUH-LEEZ!!!!

although i live in DC now, i am from near MS -- ie tennessee, another state w. multiple consonants in quick succession. i love some things abt where i am from (although i can sympathize w. your tribulations). however - re the knock on pimento cheese, i have to say you just have not had a good one. bec they are to die for.

Ooooh, the inlaws though?
Kinda like out of the frying pan, into the fire.

Oh, this is such great news. Are they going to give you your medal of honor at the border as you leave? You deserve it. I CANNOT IMAGINE.

What I'm wondering is how did you respond when you found out?


Yay! you're getting out! Yay!

Ugh, living with the in-laws. I sympathize sweetie. I am only just now starting to like my own sister-in-law again.

Seriously, what else could be going on in your life right now? So many good wishes for you and your family. I think it's great that you are coming "back home" sorta.

But whatever will all the Mississippi-loving blog readers have to say about this? Who will they get mad at now?

Man, you just ruin stuff for everyone with all your happiness, don't you.

Dang, Kristen. What other earth-shattering news can you spring on us? Here's to adventure! Best of luck as you plan your move.

Two days of good news! I suppose tomorrow you're going to tell us you won the lottery.

Still waiting to hear what's in a maternitini....

You're so much more than Mississippi ;) Here's to the dirty north!


We have family outside of Philly! WE GO THERE!

Short of you coming to Canada, Philly's the best place possible.

You know what this means, don't you? Double ginger-ales for you this weekend, sweetie! We're celebrating double!

(Are you wishing that I would use more exclamation points?


Can't wait to see where you'll end up. I live in PA in the outskirts of Philly and work in Wilmington, DE. My in-laws are all in South Jersey.

I do find lots to blog about, although mine is no where near as funny as yours.

Congratulations on being able to come back to civilization.

Recently found your blog and you crack my shit up! Love it

Congrats on the bun in the oven and the move out of Mississippi.

I just had to fly to MS 2 wks ago for work and it was awful. The food, ugh, the hair and lack of fashion sense. My new boss is in MS and I don't heart my new boss. I say run away from that state as fast as you can!!!!

I'm so happy for you! Glad that you are able to get out of there finally!

Hey you could go live with MY parents instead? How does that sound? (Not so good, I know). Anyway, all I can think of is when I get back for a visit we are so getting together in person. If my parents knew about my blog I would send them to meet you in my place. I think you are going to be about 27 seconds from where I grew up. We will have much to discuss! Plus now you have to teach Q about Butterscotch Krimpets!

pregnant and leaving mississippi! things are looking up!

I'm so glad for you that you're going back east! My boyfriend will be jealous because he hates FL and wants to be in Jersey- but I don't want to go back (Jersey girl at heart, but loving the FL sunshine!). Oh and he farted when we were looking at an apartment a few weeks ago- in front of the realtor! LOL.

Here's looking forward to the posts about the in laws!!!

The only thing better than reading this blog is listening to you tell this stuff in person.

Complete with the fullest, most contagious laugh that anyone at BlogHer will have ever heard.

It's going to be so good to have you home, K.

Dam two congradulations in two days. Yea for leaving Mississippi. I am so happy for you. And yes, I will still read your blog. No worries.

Hey! Massachusetts has just as many "S"s as Mississippi... move up here, we've got loads to bitch about.

Congratulations on your twofold fabulous news! You will, of course, have fodder wherever you go just by virtue of being you.

(By the way. We live with my mother... not even my "inlaws"... and I tell you, I have since been put on Prozac and still have reached the end of my rapidly fraying rope, so good luck to you with THAT situation...sounds like you'll need it. On the other hand, maybe you can get a Brazilian without chancing a stint in the pokey. That sounded really pornographic...but I didn't mean it to. Don't let the baby read that.)

There are stupid people (and things) everywhere. I'm sure you'll find plenty to mock no matter where you end up. Congratulations!

So you will be trading pimento sandwiches for Scrapple?

If you get transferred to Dover AFB, you will have PLENTY of blog fodder. Same people, different accent. But Tax Free Shopping. As if.

(former Dover Girl here)

My husband (from DE) says water ice too... It's quite a silly name for it. To the person who asked for an explanation, around these parts (MO) we call is shaved ice. Like a slushee type thing.

Also, I love fried pickes, but only if they are spears.

YAY!! Movin back over into my neck of the woods! Buh-live me, NJ and Pennsyltucky has plenty to complain...err I mean...blog about.

Just wait until you can't get a pimento cheese sandwich and then you'll miss it.

Congrats on your move!

Two awesome news! Happy for you! Although I only got to read your blog recently, I'm totally hooked! So no matter where you'll go...I know the materials will be just great!

Hooray for more good news! Now you can be Motherhood Uncensored "Now with Brotherly Love."

I somehow think I'll still flashback to images of you when I call out for my daughter to start listening to me by the count of three. One Mississippi, Two Mississippi...

Wow! You finally get to leave. I'm thinking blogging from North Dakota would have been interesting. I'm glad you get to live someplace you like but I feel sorry for you about having to live with the in-laws. Hopefully it wont be for too long.

I will read you no matter where you end up...though it may have been pretty funny to read about life in the Dakotas!!!! :) AND since you will be in the Philly area, I can call you a "regional neighbor" and we can botch about our long 20 mile drives that take 4 hours together!!!

Whoo! Congrats!

I guess I'm too late to send you a link to this book that I found while looking through the Dewey Donation System's Amazon wish lists:

"The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White."

WOW! I can hear that lovely Philly accent now. "Wooder" ice, indeed.

I was going to say it's a week of good news, until I got to the part about the in-laws. Uh, good luck with that.

Personally, I don't know how you survived Mississippi as long as you have. Having lived in VA and OH (both of which I deem incredibly southern)- I want to go back north! People walk at a normal pace instead of walking as s.l.o.w. as possible. People eat normal food - i.e. no pickled animal parts.

Congrats on the move - but good luck with the in-laws. I couldn't do it. :P

Glory hallelujah! I know how hard it can be to get the hell out of Mississippi (and to get out of the service in general - they put a Stop Loss on me only a few weeks before I was scheduled to start terminal leave.) and I'm glad you've made it.

Here's to the next step, for all four of you!

1. Pimento cheese does not taste bad. It is one of the best sandwiches ever as long as it is homemade.

2. Fried Pickles are delicious as long as they are chips and not spears.

3. I live in Alabama and was raised in Arkansas.

4. Please don't hurt me.

Where in Mississippi are you? Keesler? Columbus? I was stationed at both in my Air Force days. Ugh. Two very long years.

I feel your pain. I have lived in the 3 most backassward states in the USA (MS, GA, and now SC). In fact, I am happy to report that these places have had no lasting effect on me, the way I speak, or my education. I do fear for my sons though. Congrats on moving, and the new baby! I hope you enjoy your frigid winters!

Very happy for you, and I have no doubts whatsoever that you'll be the same freakin' hilarious writer no matter where you are. :) And hey, you might not be the only Asian in the room anymore! Yay! ;)

What the f...? A new baby, moving out of your hell hole. Life's changing in all these ways to make you, gulp, happy. *Really* happy. Not sure if that's good for us in bloglandia. If not miserable, will you keep up the snark? The wit? The porn writing?

Oh wait, you're living with the in-laws. You will be miserable.

As Tim Gunn says, carry on.

Can you explain "water ice"? Is there any other kind?

And also, I love Philly, and know two bloggers who live there, plus they have cheesesteak. I bet the Moms there are really nice and will invite you on playdates too!

Two pieces of good news from you this week. Most excellent, indeed.

Well aren't you just full of surprises. First, you are pregnant and now you are moving. Congrats to you! I know you hate it "down here." Eeeeek, living with the in-laws???

Hurray! And don't you mean "wooder ice?"

whoo hoo! i am SO glad to hear this--it's long overdue. So Philly?? I am utterly jealous, but really really pleased for you:)

Holy shit...you're leaving. Woo hoo!

Woohoo! We can't wait to have you home!

Goodbye Mississippi! Hello east coast! :)

We hope to see you soon!

Also, I forgot to mention that I know a GREAT bikini waxer in the Philly area!

We just moved from Philly to the deep south of Georgia and your blog has helped me realize that it's not me, it's them. Good luck, and once you get there be sure and have a cheesesteak for me, ok? From Geno's.

YAY for you!!!! I'm so excited you're getting out of there!! We shall do a happy dance this weekend!

I'm sure you'll have no shortage of blog material wherever you live. Although North Dakota may have gotten old kind of fast (it's flat, it's cold, there's NO ONE around for miles).

Hope it all comes together quickly so you can be settled in your new location (and done with your in-laws) by the time your due date rolls around!

Well, at least your next town isn't likely to outlaw Brazilian bikini waxes.

Congratulations on your move, and have yourself a party. I'm sure everyone will keep reading you!


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