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July 23, 2006


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This is fabulous and it is awesome that your mother took this trip. I hope you are able to take one as well during your lifetime, to discover your heritage and understand your mother and your grandmother even more.

Very well scripted post. Thanks!

It is so wonderful that your mother did that. I envy my husband because he is Italian through and through and he loves it. I on the other hand am a little of this, a little of that, a hint of something from here and a dash of something from over there. I envy anyone who can trace their roots so closely.

That was a beautiful post, Kristen. I am glad too for your mom -- and for you -- that she was able to take that trip and reclaim that part of her history. And I enjoyed your lovely description of visits to your great grandmother's house -- such vivid images.

Does your mom read your blog? She might enjoy reading this post. It's beautiful.

This was a beautiful post. Immigration is a tough issue. My mother immigrated to this country from Europe at a young age, but has had a major complex about her ethnicity ever since and that has had a huge impact on me--not always positive.

I'm glad that your mother was able to visit China and I do hope, with you, that she has found some peace through her trip.

I just love when you get personal like this. It's so wonderful to see someone go from full-out assimilation at the expense of all cultural identity, to embracing his or her own past. America, what a country!

Coming to America at age 12 from Viet Nam, I know how it felt like to be discrimnated daily, so I can relate to how your Mom feels about her ethnicity. But time has changed and we're lucky to be surrounded by such diverse group of people. Thanks for such an honest post.

Beautiful post, Kristen. I'm always happy when you write about stuff like this, since this isn't your everyday subject matter and so when you do write about it, you're exposing your vast readership to some thoughtprovoking stuff. (Though the fact that your story automatically calls to mind Amy Tan...yikes...there's more to AsAm lit than her.)

That's beautiful. It reminds me of Amy Tan's fabulous books. I hope it was a wonderful and uplifting experience for your mom.

beautifully written post.. i have no other words....

very nice post. Very well written.
I couldn't help but think of the movie Joy Luck Club. Probably very stereotypical souding isn't it?

What a wonderfully written post. I can't imagine how difficult is was for your Mother growing up save for your great-grandmother. Thank you for sharing, I love reading such wonderful and honest posts.

What an amazing post, and a wonderful glimpse at your family's history.

I'm glad your mom had someone like your great grandma in her life. Change comes at all stages and in many ways....there's peace that later in your mom's own life, she's been able to make this trip. Claiming something as your own is liberating.

What a beautiful post, Kristin. It's a shame your mother did not embrace her culture earlier, but I'm glad she finally saw it for all the beauty it possesses. Wonderful.

How wonderful that you were able to spend time with your mother and great-grandparents when you were young.

While I remember almost none of the Chinese I learned as a child, I do remember how open and accepting our Chinese family friends and the Chinese school were of our white family. My parents visited China in 1999, and someday we will visit too.

Beautifully written. I can't imagine what it must have been like for your mom growing up in the time that she did. I bet this was an amazing trip for her.
Do you think you'll ever go?

I am so sad that your Mom experienced such discrimination, Kristen.

Your great-grandmother sounds like a wonderful, strong woman. I suspect that lineage carries on in you.

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