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September 03, 2006


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I have no contribution, but yours were great! Have you checked out despair.com? Their products never fail to make me laugh!!! :)

try that again? :)http://cplatt1.photosite.com/~photos/tn/4104428_1024.ts1157602322828.jpg

Man, some of these are halarious! Made my day!
Here's my contribution:

Just because I think this is so much fun:


Sorry, I uploaded my pictures way too small. Real smart.

Here's a readable version:




Great way to put a new spin on those funny shots!
Here's my contribution:




Here is one that I did.


OK, here's mine:


what about despair.com, dammit?!

Well, here is where I post mine into, but I am a dad. Yes, dads can stay at home too.

I did an account on MommyTalk.com. My wife updates it with me, she is Lorraine. Check it out. Creating your own is easy, free and simple.

That's were we put our successories. HA HA HA. I like the term. We might use it more often.

My favorite is the little kitty cat hanging from a tree. "Hang in there." Yeah, how bout if I hang this AXE in your FACE?

I swear, I pledged that as a teacher I would never, ever, ever put one of those fucking things up in my classroom. I mean, it's hard enough being a teenager, do you need a fucking SIGN that says "only POSITIVE attitudes beyond this point"? No, I don't think so.

Here's a link to mine. :)



Good ones! You'd probably like the "demotivators" from http://www.despair.com - they are hilarious!

I love your "Optimism" poster and Lisa B's "Birth Control!"


God, that was fun.

I made another one and so far they have stayed published!


Here's another one. http://flickr.com/photos/97671235@N00/234566559/

Great idea!

Here's my poster

There's another one on there too titled "Birth Control."

Keep them coming. I'll compile them all into one big post.

OK, I have my own posters now:




As horrible as it was my first response to Steve Irwin dying was to laugh and make a joke about at least his kids don't have to worry about being eaten by crocs now.

I'm getting really frustrated, I can NOT get this silly thing to publish on my blog. I have tried every way I can think of and it doesn't work. It shows up on preview but not after I hit publish. Anyone with any advice please email me your ideas. For now here it is on flickr, if it doesn't work then I'm going to offically go crazy!!LOL


Thanks for the tip. I'm going to e-mail IP this very evening. I've got nothing to lose...

Oh dear. Green vegetables IS optimistic.

I'll have to dig around my freezing, pitiful brain for some good ideas

Here's mine:


Serenity indeed.

I had a calendar once which was the polar opposite of those motivational things... with the dark pages and the BRIGHT ALL CAPS WORD, followed by an appropriate saying... "TEAMWORK" There is no "I" in teamwork. But there is one in "Kiss My Butt".

Off to flickr. And see if I can do anything w/o my poor deceased digital Canon... the 4yo asserts he didn't know the fall from the mantel onto the brick hearth would be bad for it. *grinding teeth*

Each is very funny...but my favorite is "Optimism!" Having tried to feed more than one child a vegetable. Any. Vegetable.

(I just heard about the Crocodile Hunter. My husband said he has a little girl...this is the part that makes me really sad.)

Who knew MU would become one of my main news sources? ;) I had no idea Steve Irwin was dead until I saw your PSA update on Bloglines. That is really, really sad. But if it can ever truly be a consolation to know that someone died doing what he loved doing, then this is a prime example. RIP.

Your post reminds me of this:
(Scroll down to "Don't Reach for the Stars")

Thanks for This. It's helpful.

so funny! i'll have to go make some up tomorrow! have you ever seen demotivators? i thought you might like them...


What a great idea! I look forward to looking through all the pictures. (My favorite of yours is optimism.)

Here is one I just did:


Here's mine, its a bit warm and fuzzy but lately I need those moments more and more!


I LOVE this idea. Are you going to display them all on a future post?

Here's mine:


Ah hahaha. I love your optimism one.

I made something kind of similar awhile ago:


Optimism is resonating for me right now.

I'll have to do my own poster when I'm not SO SICK (WonderBaby's face-licking ain't so good for virus containment...)

I created this one because my oldest daughter hates for a good time to end. Every party or event she attends ends with her having a tantrum that it is over. I printed this and hung it in her room for inspiration.

Thanks for the great idea!


I was just looking at some photos from the first year of my marriage... I have on makeup, my hair is blown dry and I am wearing a tight white sweater...


Memories can smack a girl upside the head.

I couldn't make myself stop so I made four.


"Serenity" is too much!

I couldn't pass this up, so here's my poster:



Love your posters choices. Love the idea of Muppets + liquor = serenity!

here's my favorite of the ones I've made:

I'm just drooling over your liquor stash. Can I come over and play?

OMG - thanks Nancy!

Love it! That's my idea of serenity too. And my memories are so far gone that they're repressed.

This is an awesome idea! So funny! (I love the "Serenity" one)

I'll come back with a contribution, but I wanted to point people to the Flickr toys motivational poster maker:

It would be perfect for this idea.

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