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Okay. For the Love of Bras.

Is this really necessary? I mean honestly. Can it get any worse?


Yes. Those are my bras.

Yes. That is the kitchen.

No. I did not hang them there. (And read my back posts on these lovely folks to see WHO it was... the winner gets an autographed bra -- hehe)


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holy fucking crikies. this is hell you are living in. pure hell. and purely entertaining for all of us. lol

mother in law

Maybe we can start a fund to take you to the cleaners! We'll have a drive for quarters so you can go to a Laundromat, no FILs allowed.

I feel for you! Every Christmas my father makes me and his new wife open up matching thongs, wait, I mean G-Strings. Really racy and lacy and often glow-in-the-dark or fire-engine red.

My dad was like this. He really got off on making people feel uncomfortable in subtly sexual ways. Sort of a, look how uncomfortable I can make you sicko power trip. My dad was also a pedophile. It's not normal to do things like this!

LMAO...FIL is nuts!!!

Whoa. There comes a point, Kristen, when you just don't care what the inlaws think anymore and you lay down the law (I'm speaking from experience here). And I think that time is NOW.

Sheesh - bloody pervert - your FIL
so unfunny too

Holy balls on a blue jay those people are NUTS!

WOW and I thought my in-laws were off the wall. HMMMM they have competition.

i bet they found out about their precious pot and this is their way of taking revenge on you.

I'm sorry, I just don't understand. Is there better air circulation in the kitchen? If someone were to unexpectedly stop by, would your in-laws know that this was strange and frantically hide all things inappropriate hanging in the kitchen area? Or would they invite their friends around the counter for a glass of iced tea, and tell war stories of hostile pot takeovers? I'm so confused. And scared. Very, very scared.

I just showed it to Kyle, who is really quite level-headed (he balances me out in that regard).

He's seriously creeped out. And he doesn't creep out easily.

But he agrees with Liz - underwear would be worse.


Perhaps you should do your laundry in the middle of the night (at least the delicates - bras, panties, cashmere sweaters) and then tell them the laundry fairy does it now.

You know. Like the pot fairy.

Mi playroom es su bedroom. Get in the car and drive!

Oh. my. god

I feel like we should stage a stealth mission to come and rescue you from those nutty sin-laws. You are a saint. That or you did something very very bad in a past life and this is your pay-back.

Holy crap, woman. Ok, if you're not outta there by next month, you're moving to Texas with me. I swear I won't hang your underoos anywhere near my food prep area.

Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

Not even in the bathroom? They are so weird. Just shoot them and put them out of your misery. ;)

Jebus! Have you ever been given an explanation as to WHY he does this? Why is he touching your bras?

I live in Italy. Our house is small. But we have a guest room. You're welcome to it.

I didn't have to look back...

It was your fatherinlaw!

What in God's name would EVER possess someone to hang your bras anywhere? It's like some college prank gone bad!

When I did a study abroad program in England, my host mother did my laundry. Now, in England, driers are a rare thing. My host parents (both in their 80s) had a laundry rack they lowered from the center of their kitchen ceiling. Imagine my utter horror to come home one day to find my array of thongs hanging from the kitchen ceiling -- and my host father asking me how comfortable they are to wear!! Mortifying, but I got used to it, as she did my laundry the rest of the semester, too...it really became a joke, but still!!! I feel your pain!

I have to confess that this bra thing does not surprise me and I'm embarrassed to say why.

You see...my father hangs my mothers bras in the middle of the bathroom (the one that guests use when they are over) and it's rather humiliating for me and they don't seem to care!

Your FIL is to much.

Whoah, you need to find a way out of that house!


i however just chocked/snarfed a sweetart while laughing

damn those things are PAINFUL once they hit your nasel cavity

HEEEEEY Idea, wait until they fall asleep and then insert sweettarts in their nostrils!

Yeah, I'm thinking what Sara was thinking - is it just your underwear or do they hang theirs around as well? Either way - VERY WEIRD! Good thing they're not hanging over the stove!

It really seems as if they are trying to humiliate you. Consciously or not... Sorry for the downer comment, but they seem creepy and I'm sorry you are stuck there!

Good thing you are one kick-ass, tough Mo Fo!!

Well, at least it's not your leucorrhoea-stained panties hanging in the kitchen for all to admire!

Crazy, pot-obsesseds in-laws! LOL!

Again, I can't thank you enough for sharing. Whoever said this was dunnier than a sitcom is right on the money!!

Better than your underwear, right?

Maybe your FIL wants to open a bar like Coyote Ugly. Isnt that the one with all the bras hanging from the ceiling? And if so, does this mean you will be dancing on the table pouring shots?

Ummm. Hmmmm. That's a very odd thing to do........but very funny for the rest of us...LOL!

I don't even need to know the story here. The visual says it all.

Thank you. This is the only thing that I am able to read today, because MIL is breathing down my neck, but it has made all the difference.

what the HELL??? what the F is WRONG with them???

That is so wrong on so many levels. Are they trying to tell you something??

This is so much better than any sitcom on TV!

Does Martha Stewart know about this new decorating tip?

No! And I noticed that great care was taken to close the clasps on the bras, rather than just toss them over the wire of the hanger...


Oh my ~ that is truly weird.

Holy shit on a shingle.

I'm sorry, K. But I am still laughing as I type. Mostly at how fugly their kitchen is.

SOO wrong and so creepy!! What does your MIL say about this strange obsession that your FIL has with your bras? Do hers hang in the kitchen, too, or just yours?

Can you lock your bedroom at night? Or at least put large obstacles in front of the door or does Q need to be able to come and go?

In the KITCHEN? Holy cannoli.

Wookie, I vote malicious AND weird.

You can totally live with me after I buy a house. Of course it will be a three bedroom house with three people living in it already. And also it will be in St. Louis. But I promise all lingerie will be hung to dry on a real clothes-drying rack in the basement laundry room, where it belongs.

Can you just hide your dirty laundry under the bed so they can't do it?

In a combination of laughter and horror I start to think: Isn't it the dad who does that kind of stuff? Or was it her mother in law? Q? (just kidding on that last one.)

Either way - PECULIAR.

Pack your things. You are officially coming to live with me, where no one in this house would be so rude to you. Oh my God.

Aaacckk! That is horrible. Really, REALLY funny, but horrible.

oh my gosh. how very, very odd.

that is just so, so, so wrong.

Don't they know you hang them to dry in the bathroom? and, um, you do it yourself. seriously.

That just isn't fair. You should not make me laugh that hard before 6 a.m.

I can't even imagine. Just... oh Gods!! You have my sympathy, truly!

Was it meant to be mean...or was she doing you "a favor"?

OMG! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I really do feel for you though...

My in-laws are CRAZY too!

Wow. Are these in-laws malicious or just really really weird?

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