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December 08, 2006


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Liz - or too much Depeche Mode.

"Dangerous" is the perfect objection. If you insist, she's all set up to argue the "isn't it your job to protect me?" angle, thereby playing on that motherly guilt.

I think she's been listening to too much Michael Jackson.

Love it! But don't worry, soon it will be replaced with another one [word, that is to say] that she'll plague you with - but you knew that anyway.

My little two year olds favourite right now is "giftig!" which means poisonous!
No idea where that came from.

She's funny. And clever ... this dangerous shtick could get her out of a lot of things she doesn't want to do!

Hmmm, I wonder if it will work for me. Actually working at work is Dangerous. Doing laundry is dangerous. Doing dishes is Dangerous. Ok fine it won't work for me. But it's dam inventive for a two year old.

What a cutie. She's saying "dangerous"...I don't think my son knows the word! :)

tis the season to "pay it forward" http://projectsahm.blogspot.com/
This mom is amazing!!

I love it when kids learn new words and use them at every opportunity. Kids rock.

For Caity it is 'Scayrweee'

Everything is scaywee.

Ha Ha! Pooping. Dangerous. I get the connection! LOL

That's a big word for a toddler! It's even funnier that she's using it in the correct context.

Then there's always the obvious retort about middle names... ;-)

Ha. She is also smart because that is the kind of excuse that may actually work. "Quinlan, put away your toys"


I think I'd let it slide with that kind of response. I mean, God, she could DROP a toy on her foot!

Dangerous is a much nicer word than "Damn, Mom, light a match".

Hmm, maybe she's been watching too many cop/spy shows. ;) You could tell her she lives for danger.

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