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December 28, 2006


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I am really excited. Keep up the great work. Good resources here.


Oh my gosh. She's smarter than me! ;)

That kinda freaks me out. How the heck does a 2.5 year old know that? Or how to draw it?

Seriously, wow. She is some kind of Picasso prodigy. And as for her eerily correct in utero crayola masterpiece, maybe she remembers her stay in the womb...hmmm.

I keep thinking of you...you are so close to delivery! Have you demanded that your Doc start that epidural yet? I always thought I should have been allowed to start that mother-drug in the 8th month. They have those little IV mobile roller-thingies, they ought to be able to figure something out for mommies who are dangerously close to breaking some water and need some relief with a little spinal block!!

Wow! She's quite an artist. I am impressed.

Wow that's pretty impressive. My son is almost 2 1/2 and does nothing but scribble.

Sign of a deeper problem... or a sign of genius? Hmm...


Be veddy careful releasing info to this child; clearly she belongs on the Need To Know Program.

damn! that's certainly better than I can draw, and probably more accurate, too.

Wow...truely excellent artwork. Amazing what comes out of children. Maybe she is an old soul.
Thanks for posting her picture, and frame it up somewhere!

WOW amazing!! Maybe she'll be the next Georgia O'keefe?? that kinda reminds me of Spongebob all squished up in there :)

I took a bath with my 3 yr old a few weeks ago--I am a 2 time C section mom--and I pointed out to Miss Bookey this is the scar where Bobo came out and this is the scar where the doctor took you out of Mommy's tummy
She brightened and looked up at me with those blue eyes. Cos you godda BABYSIDDA in dere! she said.
I guess that's one way to think of the uterus...

Now that's talent.

She's just experimenting with her skills as a future ultra-sound tech artist - you know, like a sketch artist in the courtroom? It will certainly be all the rave in about 20 years: artists' renderings of ultra-sound pictures!

Wow! Maybe you left some maternity book lying around? I'm really impressed - at 2.5 such perception is amazing. She's way beyond her years in intellect.

Wild - maybe she still has memories of being in there?

I hope she isn't disappointed when her little brother is born looking like a baby and not like a worm.

Spooky. Maybe she, um, remembers?

Well, sometimes your husband does act like a worm so I can't say I'm entirely surprised

Okay, great picture, but let's just hope the baby doesn't really look like a worm in a cocoon, k? LOL

She came from YOU (thank God).

Fine motor skills to beat the band and SMARTS, man.

We'll forget the *ahem* neatness and sensitivity to sound that she may have inherited from elsewhere...

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