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January 29, 2007


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Greetings from Idaho! I'm bored to tears at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the information you provide here and can't wait to take a look when I get home. I'm amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I'm not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, wonderful blog!

Our second daughter taught me forgiveness. I am never going to be the mom who writes down every last detail. I tried with the first. I panicked with the second. I have a notebook, I jot down things, differences, words, moments etc. I am protecting the memories I want and what I anticipate them wanting. The beauty of a second is that everything is different- except of course the debilitating pain and fear that you are going to mess up another kid. Kidding, but your ability to adore and worship is multiplied. You are going to sort out special time for each of your kids. I don't think anyone should deny, there will always be times when you feel like you aren't measuring up (that's our specialty as moms, right?). And that's ok, you have enough love (and lap.) Good luck.

One thing I have done, besides starting a blog is putting the camera and video camera in the kitchen. They are right there to take pictures. I am really lazy I guess, because I hated to walk down the hall to get them, before. I actually have more video of my second than my first.

I didnt buy a baby book for number 2, because I didnt finish number 1's. Just not my thing. I did keep the date on my camera when I took pictures of him. At least, I could say hey you were sitting up on such and such a date. However, my hubby has talked me into taking the date off(it bugs him. why, I dont know.), so it is back to guessing when things happen.

My number 2 is turning a year old this weekend and it has gotten so much easier. I remember those beginning days and it was hell. It was easier, because my daughter was in pre-school from 8am-3pm 5 days a week. However, as Sammy as gotten older and plays more big sis is a big help at keeping him busy. This is real handy when getting dinner ready. I am no longer yelling, "Stay away from the baby, I just got him to sleep!". Instead, I yell, "Go see what your brother is doing? And bring him into the living room."

Good Luck and remember baby equipment, like swings, are your friend. Sam would only sleep in his swing for about 6 months. At least, I knew he wasnt going to get tortured by his sister or eaten by the dog.

My two little ones are two years and four months apart. It was hard in the beginning. The best thing for my daughter was putting her back in her daycare two days a week even though I wasn't back at work yet. It got her back to her normal routine, allowed her to interact with her little friends, and let me have a bit of a rest (if I could get the baby to sleep). She came home happy. I also made sure to spend some alone time just with her no matter how exhausted I was and even if it was just watching a Noggin show. We loved Little Bear and Miss Spider. Once my son got a little older I just piled him into his carseat and took him everywhere. He did pretty well on most outings and if he didn't I was more relaxed with the second one not to stress. We did a lot of local outings: the park, mall, Target, bookstore and some bigger ones too: children's museum and the zoo. Our Barnes and Noble has a storytime twice a week and most libraries do too. My daughter enjoyed that and my son, again, was usually pretty happy to hang out. It was definately a big production to go anywhere with the "stretch" double stroller and sometimes I'd have to start getting ready the night before, but it was all worth it and believe me, it does get easier. Now, if only there was a secret on keeping up on the laundry. Does that ever get easier?

Blogging has been the way I keep track of milestones. I have had no issues keeping up with taking pictures. We have a digital camera so I am already used to whipping it out whenever and taking a ton of pictures. My toddler is so easy that he is thrilled just to go ti the park with mommy.

That is what the blog is for!!! :-) As for keeping up with the milestones we have the opposite problem!!

My two younger kids are adopted and we have an open arrangement w/ their families. I send pictures and letters EVERY MONTH!! It stinks and I can barely find time to do it but I am glad to have the record....My older (and only bio child) is bitter that there is NOTHING for her. SHe reguarly laments that she wishes "she had a birth mother".... go figure...

It is hard to keep up and when number three came along I didn't leave the house for months.. the last two were only 19 months apart..and that had more to do with it than the number of kids. Having a baby and a toddler is tricky. I recommend the toy aisle at Target. Q can play and you can pick up the stuff you need and when it is time to go, you don't even have to clean up!

Hi I have three currently & & when our second came along we created a yearly calendar with 12 pictures from the prior year one for each month walgreens, snapfish etc. We gave them as christmas gifts to the grandparents who loved it & kept one for our family schedule calendar. We save each years in a box but put all the big or little things on the boxes when they happened first steps, first word fifth word, dr's ht & wt percentages, teeth lost etc. this has worked great since I never even started my first ones baby book but I do remember to take pictures. I have more of the younger two than the oldest he moves so fast (11 yrs).
The other suggestion would be one of those memory boxes like they sell at bombay company to put the special things in like fiirst haircut etc. My MIL told me they didn't even do baby books back when my husband (40) was born that it is a fairly new thing relatively speaking. Good luck with your choices & worse case do like my mom admitted ( make it up when you fill in the blanks a few years down the road) grin!
Dawn in Illinois

Since you have so many blogs going, one more (just for Drew) really just might make your head explode, but I've found it's a great way to keep track of developments. I haven't gotten around to putting my boy's photos together, but I do know when the important stuff happened(first fall off the bed! first blowout! first tooth!) since I wrote about all that on his blog.--And if you wanted to keep it private, you don't have to write long, articulate entries, just whatever you can in what time you can spare, to remember for later.

The nice thing is that there are some companies that'll make a physical copy of your blog for you. Tada! Instant baby book.

Can't help with stuff you can do with Q, since I'm just on my first kid and don't have to think about juggling the relationship with a newborn in the picture for a long time. Am sure your local library has a toddler story time that Drew can also come to so he can nurse?

Hang in there & congratulations again!

Its been awhile... (my second turns 4 in a few weeks! sniff, sniff...), but I used one of those cutesy "My First Year" calendars with him. I hung it within arms reach of the changing table, and since I was always there changing diapers, would jot down the little stuff. I think I kept better track with that than with #1!
For Q, get her involved as the big sister! Praise her for little stuff ("what a kind big sister for bringing mommy D's burp cloth!") so that she feels involved in your new all-consuming adventure. Then when D is sleeping, let her call some shots.
I'm sure you're already doing much of that!
Its hard now, but as time goes along, its amazing to watch the bond between siblings! It may not feel like it now (or during adolescence, for that matter) but you two have really given them a gift in each other!
Oh, and preschool time? That ROCKS!

Preschool saved us after our second was born. Even just two mornings a week makes all the difference.

It gets easier. Promise.

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