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January 11, 2007


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have you looked at Princess Bubble as an option for your girls? that is my fav!

That's funny!

My kid isn't there yet, we're into Elmo right now. If he becomes a princess, then it's all over...

I, too, have a princess. (She twirls around the house wearing everything fance she can, then tries to get me to to 'the prince.') I try to balance all her talk of beauty with notions of bravery and responsibility. Let's hope it can get in past all the sequins.

PS. The book Fancy Nancy is very cute for the girly-girls of the world.

I'm just curious. Does string bikini Barbie wear a thong?

I really didn't want my daughter to be "pink". I declared there was no way I was going to sing cutesy rhymes to her, dress her in pink or spend days covered in glitter and dressing her up with crowns and wands.

She is three. I spend my days watching Cinderella or Little Mermaid. She dresses up as Ariel, Dorthy Wizard of Oz or a variety of fairies. The house is covered in glitter and she has a pink bedroom. When she gets dressed she is only happy if at least two items of clothing are pink. I manage to make one of those her knickers so at least she is not totally pink!

See - they get their own way in the end.

I'm at the same exact point with my girlier-than-thou two-year-old.

I hate the color pink, and I'd be a-okay to have a princessless home. But the Peanut would have none of that. Everything she wants is pink, her snowflake pajamas have become her "Snow White" pajamas, and heaven help us if I ask her to eat her dinner with a fork rather than her princess spoon. An my mother, The Enabler, isn't helping matters.

And girly though she may be, I still love her more than life itself. I swear it's some bizzare form of karma.

Fucking Barbie.

They grow out of the princess barbie stuff....and move on to deeper and weirder stuff. So cute she wants to marry daddy. My girls always want to marry me.

Yeah, I'm all about marrying up.

And I'm doing my darnedest to encourage the bad-ass behavior, but the princess keeps sneaking back in there.

We should exchange some toys. My son loves rains, cars, trucks, etc. but I want him to also play with dolls and princesses. He's just not interested in that right now regardless of what I try.

Hopefully our 5 month old daughter will play more with boy toys because of all teh boy-toys in the house.

Nice weekend


I was a little worried that my son (almost 2) was getting to be a little too boyish, (he keeps yelling cars, cars, truck,) until he started bringing me his baby and giving him/her (we haven't decided until he gets a name) hugs and kisses and a bottle. I guess all is well for now. Have fun witht he princess thing. Maybe you should get a copy a Robert Munsch's "The Paper Bag Princess." It is a really good gender bending princess book.

We are sooooo about Barbie and the princesses. Thank Grandma for starting the Barbie shit. But, I was happy to have a girl with all the Princess stuff. Now I have an excuse to buy and play with it. I have heard people decry the Princesses saying they are weak and rely on men to save them. That's not what I read into the stories at all. I think they display bravery, strength, intelligence and courage. If they get their Prince Charming in the end, what's the problem? If we teach our daughters to rely on themselves first and foremost, there is no reason they can't have their Happily Ever After with their Prince. Sorry to hijack the comments, I just recently came across something that addressed this very "problem"

BTW, my 2 yr old son is also obsessed with "Bawbie" and "Pincess" because his 4 yr old sister loves them.

Sorry that should say:

but if his Hockey Playing, Super Jock Daddy knew he might be a little concerned.

Look at least she's a girl obessed with Barbie, my 2-1/2 old son Matt's favourite show on T.V. these days is Angelina Ballerina. No biggie to me, but his Hockey Playing, Super Jock Daddy knew he might be a little concerned.

What BFF said... mwaah ha ha ha ha ha.

All of my best anti-princess intentions have gone to shit, and WB is only one year old.

Have no fear, all you princess-angst riddled mommies. My daughter was the princess of the North, who believed it was her birth right to wear a tiara, even while bathing and sleeping.

She is now ten, and has moved on to bigger and better things.

She wants to be just like Brittany Spears.


But think of the money I'll save not having to buy any underwear!

I have a princess-obsessed two-year-old. I kind of like it, because it doesn't matter how crappy/cheap the toy is, put a Disney princess on it and it's her favorite toy EVER! I'm now buying up every Disney princess book I can find, because I figure if this is what it takes for her to learn to read, so be it.

So what you're saying is that this is what lies ahead for me, right? Baby dolls, fine. But can't I draw the line at princess shoes? Although, I bet Q. is ridiculously cute in them.

Ahhh, girly girls! R. was/is one, too, but this phase too is passing. Still loves the Disney princesses, but she is also just as happy to play on the playground zip line, kick the soccer ball and prove that she can run faster than the boys!

The road to hell is paved with anti-princess intentions.

I love that they all express their own little desires, despite our best [teeth sucking] efforts.

I say to Q: Rock on with your candy-eatin', pink wearing, flashy-princess-ballerina-shoe sportin' self! xoxoxo

hmm. yes. my son is becoming very gender-minded. he declared yesterday that he was going to marry a girl in his class. when this occurs, he informed us, it would be ok for us (mommy and daddy) to DIE.


I swore no daughter of mine would have Barbies or Disney Princess crap. Of course I cursed myself, because I have the girliest girl ever. And you know where we're headed this week -- sigh.

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