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February 24, 2007


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The stuff that people end up discussing in the blogs.

Sounds like that having a hairy p**** is gross to even kids now. I however like it. I wish that the bush would make a comeback.

It could be worse... You could be Emily Mortimer in that scene in Lovely & Amazing... Apparently perfect strangers approached her after that movie to suggest that she needed to do something to "tame that bush"...

Once my son and I were in a stall together at a local Target store--LOTS of people in the room with us-- and he says, loud and clear, "Mom! You're hairy down there!"

after me son was born my 4 year old was in awe w/ his unbilical cord stup and after it finally fell off....she wanted to know when his penis would fall off and how old was she when her penis fell off.
none of my kids have ever asked me about my "fur", but my oldest had made comments about how my butt is jiggly like jello.
thats fun!

OMG, I am so laughing my you know what off at these comments!! Hairy butt? Classic!!

Ok, so on to my 2 1/2 year old daughter who once came into the bathroom while I was drying off from a shower. She's intently studying me and all of a sudden she yells. EWWW GROSS!! You've got hair on your GYNA!!!!!!!!!! That's nasty Mom!!! OMG, WHERE do they learn stuff like this? Her reaction and statement was so shocking that I busted out with laughter.

I have FORTUNATELY NOT had any of these conversations with any of my 4 kids. My daughter asked me one time after i had just had one of her brothers when i was going to mow my legs....yes, like the grass. And yes the hair was probably that long. I've also been in the bathroom after my last daughter was born and had my 2 year old son ask "you getting a diaper change?"

Yeah they don't come in the bathroom very often

Too funny! Oddly enough none of mine has ever asked or commented about the state of things down there, despite a fairly regular open door bathroom policy. We just get the announcements after the conversations about the difference between boys and girls "That's Uncle Joe, he has a penis!" "Do you have a vagina, Nana?" I introduce them to the priest after Mass, "Mommy, he has a penis, right?" Uh, yes, moving right along now...

Gotta love when my 2 yr old son said, "Mommy, you gotta a penis under there?" Ya, a Brazilian was scheduled soon after!

Gotta love when my 2 yr old son said, "Mommy, you gotta a penis under there?" Ya, a Brazilian was scheduled soon after!

lol - oh the things I get to look forward to...

My almost 6 yr old says to me "Mom, you've got a hairy butt!" I look behind me, "no I don't" "Did you look at if from the front????" Thank goodness it was in the privacy of our bedroom!

Oh, yeah. That realization came early for R. "Why don't I have any fur there, mommy?"

Been there, done that. Wait 'till the boy asks, "Mommy, how come you don't have a penis?", and your daughter wants to know when SHE gets to wear a bra.

Or you get: "Mommy not got a penis. Mommy got fur."

I RAN for the wax!

My daughter just said the same thing to me...while I was on the phone trying to *sneak* going to the bathroom, LOL!!!

So funny! My daughter (6) is in wonder about boobs. I don't know what to say about that.

A pointed question is still preferable to a "meow". Although, I might not feel that way when I'm in your position.

My daughter stated that "Mom is gross she has hair down there." in the middle of Target at the top of her lungs. I now wear a disguise to the Target.

Answer, "Because mommy told a lie and every time you tell a lie you get a little hairier until, eventually, you are covered up like a chewbacca."

My second daughter (who had just turned 3) once walked by my husband (who was about to enter the shower), grabbed his penis and said, 'what's this?'. Lovely. And, last night, my oldest (6) asked how babies are made. Fortunately, after I explained egg & sperm, she was happy. Thank GOD I didn't have to explain how the sperm gets to the egg. The thought of this convo makes my hands sweat.

Oh, boy.
Well, at least you see her scientific mind at work. lmao.

My one girlfriend's little girl used to call her private area her 'butt'...no matter how many times A told her the correct word.

One day, in front of company, her daughter announces, 'Mommy's got HAIR on HER butt!'

At least Q is discreet. For now.

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