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May 05, 2007


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the butter cracks me up. What is it with kids and butter. About a year ago I found Tessa building a Jenga like tower with unwrapped half chewed sticks of butter.

Well thank goodness it wasn't margarine. At least she has good taste.

That picture is too funny!

I sneak sugar cubes, but didn't realize that butter cubes are the new trend.

Ok, in reading these comments? The butter & sugar / imaginary cat one is my favorite. And dang - that sounds good. I could totally eat butter and sugar and blame the cat. Right?

My youngest son did this with cheese, cake, apples (one bite out of each apple) and bananas (skin still on). My oldest son stuck to cake.

Mm. Cake.

I remember my oldest getting up in the middle of the night, sneaking into the fridgem and eat whole packs of lunchmeat when she was around 3.

Better than Country Crock.

I had one that did that... she also liked to drink gravy.. we had to put a stop to that.

My newly 4 yr old loves the tub stuff too ... but she'll grab whatever she can... It's scary... but funny... but ew.

I like butter, too...just not in stick form so much.

Yowsa! Pink eye?! Hope it clears soon!

Duuuuuude! I totally used to do that. I was "sneaky" about it, though - I would chomp some under the table, so nobody could see me.

I also used to dip it in the sugar bowl.

Then I started just eating sugar straight.

Then sugar went one cereal. Then coffee. Now I have a full-blown caffeine addiction.

Butter is totally the gateway drug.

I'd love to know what your mother-in-law had to say about that! LOL, that is great.

My mom used to say if you couldn't see your teeth marks in the butter, there wasn't enough on.

I think her and Q would have gotten along smashingly.

Sorry about the pinkeye, dude. That sucks.

OMG to cute, my cousins little guys use to cry for buuuuutter!

Just wait 'til she discovers Port Salut and smoked Gouda ...

LOL! Mine takes a chunk and dips it in the sugar... then blames it on her imaginary cat!

Ahhh, toddlers.
I caught my son standing in front of the fridge, drinking ketchup out of the squeeze bottle when he was a toddler.

And sorry about the pink eye. Ugh.


That made me bust out lauging out loud! Thanks, I needed that!

The teeth marks your daughter left in the butter reminds me of the time my daughter left her teethmarks in....my deodorant. Yuck!

Mmm, butter.

Hey, if I could get away with biting off chunks of butter, I totally would. I just fear the 350 pounds I would weigh.

My dog, though, yes she did. A whole cube off the counter. But dang was her coat nice and shiny.

My dogs do that. Not that I'm comparing your kid to a dog, but I know how to stop my dogs from doing that. I wouldn't begin to know how to stop my kid from eating the butter. I guess it's better than a chocolate bar, right?

My 2 yr old is also a butter eater, but he prefers the soft kind in the tub, I came out of the bathroom one day to see him sitting on the kitchen floor eating tub butter with a tiny fork, he was so happy with himself, I nearly died laughing at his pleased, satisfied expression.

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