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May 14, 2007


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

LMAO!! Thank you so much for the laugh!!! I'm 100% with you on all of it. ;)

Ok -this is absolutely what I needed to see today! I really needed to laugh that hard! Thank you! I am miserable thanks to no sleep 'cause the baby is getting 6 teeth at once.
It is just like you said...be careful what you wish for...more teeth to chew with...and potty training so you don't need to buy new diapers....oh why rush things!

I thikn my son thinks i am an idiot for sitting in front of my computer screen and laughing my ass off.

and don't worry - i already flashed the postman so you have company

it s so funny here is a link useful for both mother and child.

$45 for a shirt? ok nevermind. :)

Haha! This is the funniest post I've read in a while. It's funny to me because I'm that anal about ME using a public restroom. I don't actually have any kids yet but I'm due to have a boy in a month or so and I am so glad that he's not a girl. I can't even imagine. I'm definitely linking back to this.

Laughin my waddlin arse off over here.

Good to know I'm not the only person with enough ocd to carry around disinfectant cleaning supplies like that. In my trunk, next to my winter stranded box and summer stranded box I have a small stash of "gotta clean that" items that have come in quite handy over the years.

That's Mother of the Year medal material there.. Tommy would have been saved and she'd have, or I'd have, lost a sock to the wiping.

Boys are so much better to take to public restooms because ideally they can pee without ever touching anything. The only down fall is when they are little and bend over to pull up their pants and their little head is about 3" from the toilet and mommy flushes it too soon because aren't we ALWAYS in a hurry. Toilet splash to our angels face. you'll need to use 409 on that little mug before anymore kisses!
Even after they were potty trained I kept the larges huggies in the car. It is so much easier to hold a huggies around their butt and have them pee in that. Better than pull ups because you dont have to remove the jeans. Especially when you have an infant to lug out of the car to a public bathroom.

My daughter, even after being potty trained for months and months, as soon as we enter any public bathroom, will say "and don't touch ANYTHING, right Mommy?" LOL

I sort of engrained it at the very earliest.

Public toilets and potty trained girls are NOT a good mix.

You'll be SO glad you had a boy this time LOL

Now THAT is a real moms story for the ages.

You have got to be kidding me! hahahahahahaha. I have never been THERE yet, but believe me, I probably would have done the same thing. I am just about to reach the potty training stage and you give me great hope for the future!

Kristen - this is so like that joke... A guy is in a bathroom stall with no paper products and so asks the guy in the next stall if there is any toilet paper where he is. "Nope," the guy answers.

"How 'bout some kleenex?" he asks.

"A napkin? Paper towel?" he pleads

"Got five ones for a five?"

and that is why I let my daughter pee in the sink

oh dont freak out. I wash it out with soap (if it's there) when we are done

oh and the shirt wipe - fabulous idea.. I cant wear nursing tanks as my only support though so I have used me SOCK to wipe my kid. I figure the cuff is still pretty clean

Most excellent story. Well told.

And people wonder why I keep napkins in my purse.

And people wonder why I keep napkins in my purse.

OMG — I've had to issue the exact same orders regarding the "cute little metal box."

Why must they place them at Little-People eye level?

Hilarious post!

If there is any 'mom' moment deserving of a medal, this is it.

You're a much better woman than me. I would have let my daughter drip dry. :)

i'm sure tommy hilfiger would be proud to have been so useful. :-P

So funny!!! Only because I've been there too. When my son walk into a public bathroom he automatically starts saying, "This is disgusting!" Yea. I agree!

Wow...even _I_ can't go pee in a gas station bathroom. And I'm a GUY!

You're definitely my hero. Can you come potty train my daughter next?

Oh c'mon. It's never too early to learn to drip dry. ;)

Potty training was the worst! I hated it. HATED IT! Plus, being military ourselves, we travel a lot. I always carry around an extra pull-up. If my five or three year old BOYS have to pee and the toilet is too discusting and there isn't a bush nearby and I am convinced that dude that went into the john right before is convicted child molester, I just slip that bad boy on them and command "Let'er rip!"

You are wonder woman!!

You are wonder woman!!

Happy Mother's Day!

I hover. I use the foot to flush. I use the anti-bac like it's going out of style.

Potty-training is the one issue I am failing miserably at. I'm not pushing Dawson, but I'm sick of buying diapers. And then I read this and wonder if I'll be able to handle it! How do you do it K?

And this is why I'm not rushing potty training with Cordy. Everyone keeps pushing me to get her to use the potty quickly, but I'd rather have the ability to let her go in her diaper for the moment.

But I think this story is prompting me to keep a spare potty chair in the trunk now.

Now THAT my friend, is good motherhood in a nutshell ... poor poor Tommy. Poor Kristen

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm laughing, but at the same time, hoping this NEVER happens to me. Although, come to think of it, I already carry toilet seat covers and a tiny roll of toilet paper with me. And tissues. And I don't have kids yet.

Something tells me you can can be as prepared as can be, and something will always take you by surpise. Murphy's law.

I applaud your quick thinking and selflessness! On Mother's Day no less!

Been there and still doing it. It strikes fear into every mom when a small child screams that they have to go potty, "Right now!". My daughter will be 5 yrs old in June and still cant anticipate when she might have to go to the bathroom. Hell, she is like a dog and doesnt do her business all in one spot.

I am considering buying a portable potty for the back of the SUV. I mean I have the room and instant privacy at a moment's notice. I did buy a foldable potty seat for my diaper bag when Amber was potty training. It fits onto any toilet and I am sure you can wash it in the dishwasher. I havent, but I did clean it with the hottest water possible and bleach after every trip. Really only the bottom is getting yucky and the top stays clean.

We often yell to Amber to not touch anything in the public restroom. For some reason, it is a place that fascinates her. I would dunk her in the hottest water possible if I didnt think it would burn her skin off.

Thank you Lord it was only Pee!!! tommy Hilfiger should not be shit upon.

Oh my Christ. Desperate times, eh?

Brilliant! I haven't made it to this dilema yet. As germophobic as I am, I am making a mental note: Keep a potty chair stashed in the trunk of car at all times.

I'm sure we looked pretty crazy walking into a restaurant yesterday and our 2 yr. old was carrying a big bottle of germzapper!

You are my hero.

It was a birthday gift :)

I'm torn between laughing my ass off and going "Omg, people spend $45 on ONE shirt??". That may actually top the 409 in my book ;)

Holy hell--
After reading this:

"Oh Jesus do not TOUCH anything including that cute little metal box that you think is for coins."

and this:

...and small bottle of 409 I keep in an antibacterial bottle so no one except God knows I'm nuts

I have to pee.

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