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June 09, 2007


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Why do we care?! I feel for Brit's kids. Hey, all those gals need to get a real life! As we revel in ours, Pert Plus and all!

"Let's talk about kids... and life"

Q cracks me up. Where does she get this stuff? ;)

Mine is Bringing Karma Back. And we're screwed.

Well Princess Paris doesn't...neither does Britney or Lindsey either. Good point.

I have a WORST Father's Day contest of sorts going on this week...come check it out!!


Maybe princesses don't wear underpants, but you can tell her empresses do. Aim higher. ;)

Uh Oh.
What else do "princesses" NOT do?
So, according to Q, they don't wear sweaters and undies?

What's next? Steal ducks?

No more ETV! for her.

Damn, Wendy stole my line.


Atleast she is young and there is time to save her ;-)

Oh, this can be fixed. Just get some underwear with princesses on them.

They wear dental floss or nothing at all!

Around my house neither do princes. LOL

No, they wear thongs.

OH my! LMAO!

HAHAHAHAHAHA...oh my. She's getting really good...

No they wear chastity belts. Duh!!!

Oh, shit, we're screwed then. LiLo, Paris, the Britster...all like to frolic the globe sans undergarments.

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