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June 28, 2007


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ICK! I don't live far, I hate flying out of there, I do Lehigh when I can!

What adorable, gorgeous children you have!!

Dad used to work for USAirways when I was growing up. (And my brother.) When everything went bankrupt after 9/11, flying standby became 100% impossible with flight options being scaled back and hubs (Pittsburgh) scaling down in general.

That said, now that I pay to fly, I STILL HATE flying out of Philly. We were at the airport at 5:40AM last month and it was STILL RIDICULOUS.

What a day, at least the kids behaved . Sorry oyu didt get to go though (i would so expect perks being the wife of an employee)

Yikes - Bossy is sorry for your misfortune. Overbooked seems the norm these days. Nothing funny here.

Sorry for such a sucky time. Sounds like a looooong day.
But that picture you posted at the end? Killing me! Absolutely gorgeous!!

I think you know how I feel about the airlines. My label "suckitude" is almost entirely devoted to a single air carrier.

Dude. Benedryl. It can be a mommy's best friend.

I'm only saying.

Better luck next time.

I suppose it could have been worse -- a dildo?


Hey Alexandra:




Love the ones you are making -- I am not so skilled.

Oh no! You're a braver woman than me for sticking it out all day at the airport! Too bad it didn't get you anywhere. Better luck next time!

You know this is divine retribution for taking the duck, right?

You are kidding me!? You got no where!!! You are a trouper. PS, so are you kids :)

Oh my! That sounds like a really long & draining day... I've spent days at the airport before, not with two kids luckily, but none-the-less, it was never too fun.

By the way, I really love that kimono onsie the little one is wearing. :) Where did you find it?

Next time (yikes) you're stuck at PHL, there's the Please Touch Museum's airplane playspace/exhibit in the D terminal (Airtran's main wing). We did the Philly/Tampa flight with them a bunch in the past two years and my kids (8 and 4) still ask if we can go to the airport to play.

Yes they are gems - so sweet. Sorry you got such a crappy deal though. Waiting all day, for nothing just plain sucks.

Well that just sucks...I'm impressed your post isn't filled with copious amounts of profanity. Airports and flying induce excess profanity for me.

I feel for ya sista..Yesterday I spent 12 hours in the PAX terminal in Ramstein trying to get on a space A plane to the states. I didn't..Today I go back to try again.

Ohhh, I can definatly relate to your story. My husband is a pilot also, and god forbid you mention that to the gate agent. Everytime I fly on standby with my daughter my husband always feels the need to remind me to be patient and kind to the gate agents because they can report you to the airline and he can lose his priveledges. huh!? Kind and patient what is that about? Great story, I'm sorry you didn't get on. Hopefully it will work out next time!

Yeah. Thanks Amy. My understanding is that gate agents are a special breed unto their own.


My brother's a pilot and non-reving blows...I can't do it anymore.

And the Prep H thing made me pee my pants a bit. That was awesome.

They are so freaking adorable!!! =)

If your husband works for the airline I listed the last time you talked about his job (wink), there is a non-rev travel ban on the 29th and 30th. (you=non-rev) So if you were thinking of traveling tomorrow or Saturday, you may want to check on that. Also, those gate agents don't mess around. There is no special treatment for employees. It's wonderful. :-)

The last time I flew they went through a woman's bag and help up her vibrator for the world to see. I swear she died right there. I feel bad for you though.

Love the kids. So freaking cute.

Love the caption for that photo! Its perfect!

And sorry you didn't make it to Atlanta!

Your Preparation H applicator stopped the line? Oh lawd help, I can't stop laughing.

Until I read the part about the solider. So very sad.

Your kiddos are just too cute!

You KNOW it's bad when you're happy to be in your MIL's company!

Yes welcome to my nightmare. My wife has 20+years with a major carrier and we still spend days not going anywhere. We've learned if we need to be somewhere we use my frequent flyer miles to grab a seat. It was tougher when we had 5 teenagers and the seven of us trying to fly on dependent travel, some would go one direction others in another and somehow all end up where we needed to go. Good luck while he's earning B scale.

Sherry? Are you shitting me?

Flying standby sounds nearly as appealing as flying space-A. At least you didn't end up in the belly of a C130 bound for BFE West Virginia when your car was at Andrews...

That picture is so cute!!

Seriously? Apple juice!

They landed a plane over an apple juice tantrum? For real? Why does this shock me?

I was just sure that you were about to tell us that this was your kid:


Could've been worse!!

Love that picture. The baby looks so intrigued.

Oh, that is the cutest damn picture, with the little one looking on. Sorry you had to spend the day at the airport. I've never been to Philadelphia airport and we fly out of Newark, and the thought of spending the day there with my 14-month-old makes me want to pluck my eyelashes out.

Glad they were good for you!

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