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August 19, 2007


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With blogs like this around I don't even need website anymore. I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.

*gasps, clutches vainly at heart*

and to think he's also charming.

i adore that picture. The look on his face is PRICELESS!!

Wow!! Super cute... and I thought MY kid was the cutest in the world :O

Beautiful! Just Beautiful!

Totally totally cute. I can't wait for my little one to have facial expressions like this. And a neck.

what kind of cute ISN'T that?


Oh that is the most precious photo of your adoreable little man!

Amazing photo. The boy is gorgeous.

That is an absolutely beautiful photo.


omg. that baby is so yummy.

delurking to say "could he be more scrumptious?! - I Think not!"

Ohhh. Perfect.

Stop it! My ovaries are tickling me!

(Seriously, luscious shot there. That is one delightful babe you've got.)


Oh, that is ADORABLE!

Beautiful photo - He looks just like you!

I just felt myself start ovulating over this pic..


That baby is some kind of cute. Wow.

That picture makes me want to have another baby.


He's so cute and he looks just like his mama.

Simply stunning!

Beautiful. He's so cute. His expression looks so like Q that it cracks me up.

She did a wonderful job.

SO gorgeous!! Just like you.

Oh wow.

And he looks so much like his big sister.

My tubes may have just come untied too.



So precious!

It's easy to take great pictures when you have an adorable model!

So stinkin cute!

Oh he's precious! And what a wonderful picture! She's got mad photo skillz.

Look at those eyes!

Seven months already?

Jen, love the caption contest idea.

Wow, that's an amazing picture. And an amazing cutie...

I'm a puddle.

Yep... made me ovulate!

I could eat him! Too cute!!

Beautiful shot - But his expression is so funny that I think you should do a caption contest for this picture!

That is fantastic.

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