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September 28, 2007


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You crack me up!

I'm totally going to invite myself over next time!

You cracker me up, lady.

Laughing my ass off at this post. Found you through Blogflux.

Damn! I'm so jealous I can't see straight!

Good times!


I knew I lived in the wrong damn part on the continent.

I could have totally kicked your collective arses with my redneck ways....

You guys are made for each other. Look forward to many more gatherings.

Clearly, you're having no fun at all. We all need more pink satin skirts in our lives.

Sounds like an awful time.

kristen---you clearly have points up on me. jess didn't dress up like that when she met me at the zoo. and all she was doing was feeding Roo some huge hunks of salami. and trying to act all healthy like with tofu at your house. honestly.

You girls know how to partay!

Hmmmm. I could swear I just read a completely different nicer version of how your afternoon together went down...


Too funny.

that jess...pfffft. all controlling and bossy.

i mean, really.

There is NO one in Raleigh. Nada. Not one. I am the Lone Blogger, I'm afraid.

I am possibly more jealous of your Wii though.

What a yawner. Only thing that would've made it worse is beer. Lots and lots of nasty ass beer.

Sounds horrible. I know my first impression of Jessica when I met her in Chicago was "Eh, what's the big deal? Why does everyone love her so much?"

Glad you were all able to struggle through.

I am so freaking jealous. You AND Jessica. I am so missing out by living in this crapass town.

Ah, yes. The dull family joy.

So happy to bore you with our MAD Wii SKILLZ. Mwa ha ha!!!!

THAT is indeed a baby cage.

It works wonders.

For kids and dogs.

Cute cuties.
All a y'all.

ohmygawd, I'm seeing green! Green!

Someone turned down an invitation to hang with you two? Impossible. Because I'd drive the 5 hours to do it.

Though I do have to say I do have some fun blogger hang out time myself down here. It was almost a cardinal sin that I had to miss the latest get together this week due to my CRAPtastic diet. Sigh

Tofu salad AND she did your dishes. Not fair.

Looks like everyone had fun! Lucky You.

Just remembered Plain Jane Mom is in Northern CA. Damn. What blogger lives in Southern CA, and wants to hang out and do my dishes? Anyone?

Count me as jealous. :) And she did dishes too?!?! Time to organize some SoCal blogger get togethers. Do you think Erika, from Plain Jane Mom, does dishes?

I'd be jealous, but I got a few words for ya..

Queen of Shake-Shake
Playgroups Are No Place for Children
Velveteen Mind

Mobile, AL is the best kept secret in blogging ;)

Sounds horrendous.

But how'd you get her to do your dishes? Bribery? Blackmail? A cookie?

:O I'm so jealous! Those of us in DC really need a wild get together like this one!

Sniff. Toronto is pretty jam-packed, but I have yet to find another blogger in Bowmanville.

Looks like you had fun, though! (Is that a cage in your living room?)

Ya. I'm a bit jealous. But I am up here in Toronto C.A.N.A.D.A and we have quite a hotbed of bloggers up here.

But damn that looks like fun.

These posts crack me the hell up.

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