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October 27, 2007


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And then? This one time? At band camp?

THe first thought I had was of Skin flutes too!

Damn, skin flutes beat my "expired turkey" post cold!



tea now coming out of nose - I needed that giggle, thank you !

you're dirty.

i think that's why i like you so much.

I'm almost willing to get thrown off of Freecycle for this one.

But the comedy of the emails is addicting.

Oh, my. I think this person should just be glad they didn't post this on Craigslist.



Hahahahhahahha. That's all I've got. ;)

I think you should respond and see what they say back.

I'm not the first, but I have to say it too:

This one time? At band camp?

One time. At band camp.

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