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October 16, 2007


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Have some ideas ready during the interview. You should be able to immediately tell your interviewer what you can bring to the company and what you would do immediately upon your hire. Help the interviewer to see you in the position by painting a nice picture of what that would be like.

I'm a (transplanted) 'Jersey Girl' (moved from PA a year-and-half ago), and I have to agree with a lot of what you said! LOL! But I do love it here (most of the time!)! :-)

ahh. south jersey.
gotta love it. getting hoagies at wawa. i basically go there like 3 times a week. to get a hoagie or sandwich. goinn down the shore every summer. no betterr place.

love you some south, I see.

I miss the WaWau coffee....:)

Glad to see you are at least an equal opportunity offender ;)

What youse tawkin about?

We got some Yuenglings in the basement fridge, and a WaWa around the corner. Ahhh...the wonders of PA.

I've gotta tell you that the "Yous and Youse" are very Polish, not just Jersian.

My Polish, Chicago relatives (Chicago is the Polish capitol of the US!) would often say, "Yous three kids go outside and play now, eh?"

I thought it was the most unusual thing a person had ever said to me.

Yuengling? Girl, let's take a trip to the town where my parents live in Pa. -- they've got Yuengling Black & Tan on tap!

We have family just outside of Philly and I know every WaWa between Richmond and Glen Mills.

Oh, the English Toffee Cappuccino!! aka "Tears of the Sweet Baby Jesus in a Cup".

Youse did a good job being diplomatic! AND, I appreciate that you spelled y'all correctly. Sometimes people who did not grow up writing y'all seem to think it's spelled ya'll. SO not true.

What town did you grow up in?

I love Wawa and Yuengling, but they both originate in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey.

What town did you grow up in?

I love Wawa and Yuengling, but they both originate in Pennsylvania, not New Jersey.

Yuengling!! I live in SC and we have it here and it is fabulous.

Oohh so true. I grew up in South Jersey and left after high school. Now, the accent I never noticed before is extremely annoying. We did make the trek "down the shore" this year. I'm still recovering.

There's nothing like going home no matter what joys accompany it. Even if it involves an ignorant uncle named Joe Bob.


What you got against black-eyed pea powered farts?

It's the source behind the farts of my blog, thank you.

I might could be offended by you hatin' on my black-eyed peas (don't forget the cornbread!) but my lower intelligence can't comprehend the insult.

Ooh! I gotta run and holler at Bubba to stop playing with that there possum! :-P

Oh, Yuengling!

I'm not a Jersey girl, and definitely not a Prada wearing New Yorker, but my husband is a proud Pennsylvanian. Once we moved west of the Mississippi this became a delicacy we could only indulge in when we headed back East to civilization!

Wait, are you in Jersey right now? If you are I'd love to see you!

I am truly offended....not about the South Jersey dig but that you didn't call me....some friend you are....

sadly, i had to look up both wawa and yuengling via the links.

anyhow, your post made me snicker a bit 'cause i went to college with some girls from south jersey, and you know what?! they talked JUST like that. (*i'm not sure who had more fun teasing: me or them 'cause i'm korean with a texan drawwwwl, ya'll.

Oh, and I don't think I've ever added an unecessary "s" to things. I do, however, say "ya'll", but then again, I was born in Texas! :)

Hey, I love South Jersey! The people I know here don't live up to the typical jersey accent - jersey style that most think of though. And I live in a great part of it, close to everything. And the malls are being renovated, woohoo! Jersey's not so bad, and it's cheaper than New York. But I guess I'm biased. I've lived here for most of my life. To each his own, I suppose. :)

OMFG, I'm DYING here:

"most of what they say sounds like something that in most places would start a fight."

I seriously cannot stop laughing.

Northern NJ has its peculiarities too, but South Jersey is in a class by itself. And when we lived in Dover (DE, not NJ), we talked about "Slower Lower Delaware". Something about the southern parts of states that makes them just a bit cuckoo...

Most of my neighbours are proud users of "yous guys". It makes me shudder every time, I can't help it.

Yo Kristen! Your post makes me feel like I'm down the shore. Ah, memories of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge when it was a nickel to cross, abound.

I'd visit just for the Yuengling.

WAWAs! Now THAT is a name I haven't heard in years!

ahhh - I miss Jersey.
Have a hoagie and some pizza for me!

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