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November 18, 2007


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Glad to see an update of this blog, after so long.

How cute!!! and Kudos to sis for providing the wardrobe!

My son has good taste in purses, too!! Everytime we go to T.J. Maxx, he grabs purses from the rack and it's always the nice expensive ones that I want.

At least I know when he's older and shopping for a purse for mommy (because eventually he'll know that mommy has an obsession with expensive purses), that I won't be let down!!

That is absolutely adorable!!

So cute! Big sis has fabulous taste!

LoL, he accesorizes better than I do!

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

And on a different note, I just received my first Meme "tag" and wanted to share! I lurk here often (and comment some), and thought you might want to participate. Head over to my site to see what it's about, if you feel like playing. :)

Too funny! I have a related picture on my blog of my son and his hairdo, thanks to big sister. It will be great blackmail material later in life... :-)

What purse??? All I see is an adorable standing boy.

Save that picture for Q, she'll love it one day. My favorite picture of my brother is when he was two and I'd dressed him as a girl. Yellow dress, bows in hair, tights...the whole thing. I renamed him, Crystaline, my sister.

The pose is what really brings the whole look together. Happy ten months!

Did big sister or mama dress him? He's too cute!

Oh just wait until big sister decides to paint "her baby's" nails and give him a haircut! Or put makeup on him. You'll know it's happening when they're both REALLY QUIET!!!

You may have a lot of fun when he is a teenager and you threaten him with showing this photograph to prospective girlfriends and/or team mates.
Only if you are evil like me.

So cute - and I'm so glad that my little boy isn't the only who accessorizes better than his older sister!

The purse is cute, but the scarf is to die for! Too precious.

Forget the purse!

Get a load that SCARF!

And those CHEEKS that I want to nibble!

Call Tim Gunn! ;) Project Runway, Season 5!!

Dress up is the best

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