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November 02, 2007


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A bad bad bad hair dye job and cut courtesy of the local salon.

I'd like to go lighter = let's bleach your hair into a dayglo orange/yellow straw concoction.

I'd like to have a cute little bob to my ears = shear and hack my hair away to an inch (literally) of its life.

All of this 3 days before attending a wedding. There are no photos left of those dark days...

NICE bangs! How about a little Dippety-Do? ;)

My first disco - organised by 'The Scouts' (UK) in the '80's. I crimped my hair, sprayed if with silver glitter, wore tiny blue shoes with heels (oh, so grown up!), a puffy skirt, bright pink lipstick and blue mascara. A boy told me I looked like a Christmas tree! I hid in the toilets for a little while, before getting my confidence back, grabbing a lemonade and dancing my heart out!

Perm, perm and more perms. Never again.
Thank goodness girlie has a bit of wave in hers. She hopefully will never go there.
Your baby looks just like you! So cute!

I have so many, you wouldn't believe me--however I will say that they've all come back into style since then. Which is the really scary thing.

I have a special place in my heart for the 80's eye shadow(s) [four colors on each lid] and the 90's [whole top eyelid covered in thick liner with practically white 'cover up' underneath the eye. lmao.

The 80's.

Oh, did you want something more specific?

Awww. She still looks cute. I think it's because you didn't put any dark mascara on her eyelashes or dressed her in a hypercolor t-shirt. :)

Hands down mine would have to be the spiral perm- when I was 26!!

There is a photo of me in my high school yearbook from freshman year, 1981. I have a short, tight, frizzy poodle perm and I have compounded that horror by first parting it straight down the middle and then teasing & spraying the sides over each ear back & out, so they stick out about 3 inches on either side of my head. So you get this flat, curly fuzz, frizz sticking way out, look framing my face. With bangs. Mercifully I had been prevented from teasing & spraying them straight up as well, though I have photos of me sporting that look as well, after the perm had gone less to curl and more to frizz

An entire decade of perms on my very fine, very straight hair. The 80's were not good to people with hair like mine.

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