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December 18, 2007


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I know this is uber late, but damn those are just beautiful like their momma.

wow, Q's drawing skills are amazing!

Your kids are just adorable. The shirts are too :)

Yeah, I'd totally buy them, seeing as regular Christmas stuff kinda makes me wanna puke.


Too adorable for words. And the shirts aren't bad either. ;) Love them!

In the top photo, Q has almost the same expression that you to in your "publicity" photo. It's really striking.

those are so cool and original, I'd wear one.

OMG so cute! and the shirts are a BLAST! (*almost makes me want to have another - just not quite though.) =D

Holy crap those are cute! You shoule totally pump out more and sell them! Girl you struck (or rather birthed) gold!

Mommiebear2 -

You gotta email me an address... Otherwise, I can't send :)

What a neat idea! I won something from ya a little while back, cant remember now what it was tho..... Anyways, do you think you will be shipping it soon?

So cute! Deb rocks!

You are GENIUS. Genius, I say.

I cannot WAIT!

I love those!! They're adorable and kitty rocks!

very cute (the shirts and the kids). That is such a great idea...granted when you have such an amazing little artist it helps. GREAT GIFT IDEA!!! Hello baby sitter have a shirt designed by my daughter, hi mom....here's a shirt by your grandaughter...oh and sin-laws....eat your heart out!


I can't wait, em effer!

(P.S. I love me some Deb-slash-fadiddle!)

Jess, you're a doll for crediting me with the idea, but I deserveth credit not. Kristen, Kristen's your man. She's a genius. Always feeding me new brilliance. This one is no exception. Credit where it's due. I had SUCH a blast with it, too. And now I'm gonna offer it on fadiddle.

Kristen rules.

(And those kids are so obviously hers. Beautiful *and* brilliant. Watch. out. world.)

That is one adorable kitty! I love all of them - she's so talented, and it's a great idea for gifts. I'd like tickets to her first art exhibition, OK?

Can you make them in adult sizes and give them to the sin-laws?

That Deb. Always with the best ideas...

YES! Deb is the bomb.

Or is it "da bomb?"

I love her little chipmunk cheeks!

Those are awesonme!

Wait...you mean that Deb took your daughter's art and made it into those shirts?

Using My Words

Those are adorable!

I love the first one, those are all so cute.

What a terrific idea!

Those are great!

Those are awesome!

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