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January 07, 2008


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At least it's not summer. Is Huckabee still the governor or did he resign?

LOL - Cute pics.

Glad you survived the car ride!

oh, man.


Long car rides are never fun. We drove 5 hours with a fussy toddler...then the next day had to turn around and do it again. I feel your pain. Glad you made it there safe!

Aw, he's walking now!

Glad you made it there safe and sound, although a little worn out.

Haha, I basically grew up in that mall. I lived in Fulton (the tiny town you drove through about 17 miles before you hit Tupelo). Good times. I will NEVER live in that crappy town again (especially since my own hateful inlaws live there). Sorry you had to spend time there!

I want a big red bow in my hair!!

Glad you made the trip safe and sound and semi-sane.

Glad you made it safe. I hope that your stay there is pleasant. And not long. :-)

Glad you got there safe and sound! I need your address so I can catch up on christmas...

You are a brave woman. And I thought our trip from home to southern Arkansas to see the grandparents was tough. It's only 6 hours.

YES! That is the Tupelo Mall.

Thanks for sharing Q's huge smile. It made my day.

That's not the Tupelo mall, is it?

Welcome to the 501, baby. So glad that you had a mostly uneventful trip!

Wow! Can't say I envy you my dear.

Traveling, whether by train, car, or airplave with young 'uns is not fun, especially when you aren't exactly pleased as to the destination.

I'm hoping you find some great, non-confederate flag flying friends. And, it's generally in-law free. Pesky, those types are!

it's mini-you! WTF happened? one day you're posting photos of a boob-sucking baby boy (your son, not dad) and BAM! little man . . . too cute, the kids and you in the bow.

Aw, dude.

The kids look so big. Look at Drew hoofin' it around the mall, like a real-live mall-walker! Swinging arms and everything!

P.S. the house needs a paint-job there. And maybe some shutters. lol

Aw, she's wearing the cool crown! And we big girls always look cute with bows in our hair too.

Oh my gosh, your daughter is a little mini-Kristen! You're such a sport, always finding something funny in an otherwise rough day!

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