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January 23, 2008


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When I originally commented I clicked the "Notify me when new comments are added" checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Appreciate it!

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Little Rock I hear has charm to it.

I just moved from SF Bay Area to the Houston, Texas area. This is about as Honkytonk as I've ever been, but then, it's also really nice. I can't complain, but I do, just because it's different and sometimes different is weird and when things are weird people tend to think it's you that's weird, not them. Isn't that weird?

Forgive me for being a bit stupid, but when you say your town is DRY I gather you don't mean that you just never get any rain right? You mean there IS NO ALCOHOL. Please tell me this is not true. I didn't believe that anywhere in the whole wide world had a law not permitting alcohol. I so COULD NOT live there (slurping on vodka and coke)!


My son is very intrigued by your shirt. Or maybe it's your boobs. Hard to say :)

Classic. Although it looks like the Kristin Chase store could use some Kristen Chase style tips. (Are those white tapered pants I see to your right?)

I love the t-shirt and surely you look thinner ;)

Btw, the pose in front of "your store" was awesome! lol

I love that t-shirt and I'm extremely jealous of the flip-flops, which I won't be able to wear for three or four months, yet.

I've done every job in the world it seems, raising kids is by far the most difficult. Add a move to the agenda and most men I know would turn into 7-year olds themselves, crying out for their mommies.

I am awaiting divorce stuff and soon moving into a 400sf apartment. I choose that over hefty real estate with half-gallon scotch a day drinkin' man.

I've done alot, look good at 50, and with wisdom from experience, I still believe raising childs is tuffer than it all.

There is a good side though. My 28 year old kid is a darn-cute walking widget of a woman and I know her stories cuz' I helped make them.

Pat yourself on the back, this is the best and hardest job in the world being you, bein' the mommy.

So Cal Girl New To Albuquerque

Skkkiiiiiinnnyyy! In a good way. Wow! You are looking great! So Little Rock must agree with you somewhat...

Ah Jesus. You can complain all you want. Hell, it's not like you have to go begging for food in the streets or start giving handjobs to trannies for rent money to have something to complain about. We all got problems. We understand. Now if you were complaining that you couldn't get your bodyguard to bring you a Venti soy latte instead of a grande latte, then we would point and laugh and tell you to get some perspective.

You know what's funny about dry towns? They sell fucking vanilla fucking 35% alcohol extract in their supermarkets. Dumb hicks.

And they usually have "cooking wine" on the shelves. Now the "really pious" will get their twats in a wad about that and start throwing their bibles at Walmart about it, and it gets removed.

Sounds like a charming town, dear.

Wait, you're surviving all that in a DRY TOWN.

What are the sainthood qualifications again? And still can you get it if you steal ducks?

I can't believe there is a store with your name (or very, very close at least.) That's so cool!

Why, you make it sound so ... so charming!

Gotta love that a store has your name!

Am still laughing -- LOVE the KC photo -- I didn't even think about the name thing!

Kyran's right. I moved to Arkansas in 1999. Moved back to Texas in 2004-2005. Moved here AGAIN in the fall of 2005.

My husband has suggested buying a house in that dry county. After I laughed myself into a stupor, I told him if he wants to keep me, there will be no more talk of that.

As for that spa -- they've seen my feet. Anyone else's would look spectacular by comparison.

HA. I suppose it's all relative.

keep in mind I'm very tall. so the extra 15lbs I'm still carrying are spread out.

but still there.

but thanks. it's nice to hear. particularly after some relative of mine joked about cutting my stomach fat off.

and no I'm not talking about my inlaws.

I think what impresses me most about these pictures is how skinny you are after 2 kids! you always make yourself out to be much bigger than that. :-)

Did I not tell you how svelte you look?!

But what's this about a dry county? And I thought it was a sacrifice to go without draft beer when I was TDY to Maxwell/Gunter. Hats off to you.

Forget Little Rock, let's talk about you and how totally smokin' hot you look! Rawr!


Bud Lite neon lights in a chain restaurant located in a dry county. They can advertise, but not actually SELL me anything. Don't tease me. (Business trip to KY in '01)

A dry county? Oh, you poor thing. That part of living in LR would suck.

But apparently it's treating you pretty well, because damn you look hot! You're making me want to get off the couch and do an exercise video out of envy.

Gurl, you are looking HOT!! Go ON with your gym using self!!

look at me, all righteous about spelling and my comment chock full of mistakes! Me not so smart this morning ;)

OK, so they spelled your name wrong but really now, what did you expect. Thank goodness they now how to honor talent when it comes to town.

(and dry? DRY? I spent two months in a dry area of Texas and I thought my head was going to blow off).

That is great!! I love that you got a shot in front of KC! :)

Yeah. The Dry Counties suck. I don't miss that part at all.

And no, most folks from central AR do NOT "hear Huckabee". I even worked for the man (gov's office) and I don't Heart him.

(I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suzi's book, btw!)

I was recruited for a really cool-sounding job in NW Arkansas (aka Walmartland) and my husband and I considered it for about 3 hours before we remembered we're Jewish.

Are you aware of what is going on in Darfur? You have implied that Mississippi is just as bad- that Darfur might actually be better due to the landscape? I know you were just trying to be funny... and I'm probably just being oversensitive... heck, maybe I misunderstood what you were saying... but genocide just doesn't seem like a very humorous thing to me.

Sorry to be snarky, I can imagine the move is difficult, but the comment just rubbed me the wrong way and I had to say it.

You're making me homesick. :(


I looooove the pose in front of the store, dude.


Give us five more months, and hubs'll be heading back to Atlanta without you. :-)

I said I'd give Little Rock six weeks. That was 1996. It's the Hotel Freakin California.


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