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January 04, 2008


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Moving sucks. I had to leave my home state a couple years ago to move to a land of cheaper real estate. I still don't like it here, but you gotta do what you gotta do. {hugs} I hope you come to like your new home eventually.

I'd be freaking out too. We just finished our move and I'm exhausted. We were in the last house for seven years, so I can't imagine the feeling of moving twice within a year. Good luck!

Ohhh, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with this. ((hugs))

I missed whether you would be coming back to the house or if you sold it. Either way, it SUCKS ASS to have to move. And it SUCKS DIRTY CRUSTY ASS after all the crap you've had to go through. The in-laws experience alone would have put me on elephant tranquilizers, but you've pulled through and earned yourself a nice pair of giant girl-balls.

You've made memories in that house, and it's gonna suck to have to start making new ones somewhere else, even for a short time, but it'll happen soon. We'll all be here for every complaint about the new place. Whether it's crawling with roaches or smells like wet dog, you'll have our full support and permission to set it on fire--Or just fantasize about it day and night.

Good luck to ya!

Maybe you could hitch a ride with Bossy for her upcoming road trip? Road trips always cheered me up ...

Moving sucks. We all agree. But there are some REALLY cool Arkansas bloggers and now you have an opportunity to hang out with them. How bad can Little Rock be in winter, anyhow? At least it's not summer. But I feel for you. It will all end soon enough. But it still sucks.

What? Now I missed something. You decided to go?

It is because you are going to miss me SO MUCH. Heh.

Just keep stuffing all that military cash under the mattress, but don't forget to take it with you when you leave LR.

(((HUGS))). If I had to leave my newly remodeled kitchen I would cry, too. So go ahead. Keeping your family & marriage together is hard, but worth it.

And a note to Catherine: ((((HUGS))). I admire your strength. Godspeed to your husband.

I apologize for my bitchy comment, but I go sort of nuts when I see people complain about only seeing their husbands a few nights a week, or only on weekends or whatever. I have a 14 month old and his daddy left when he was 10 months old. He missed his first words, his first steps, his first birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Every single one of my friends here (at Ft. Riley) is on her own because her husband is gone. I know it sucks moving when you just got a house and I know it sucks that you don't get to see your husband as much as you like. I guess I just hope that you can remember when you're feeling your worst that at least he's safe and close to you.

When "My Move To Arkansas" Is chapter 14 in the book that becomes the movie that becomes the trilogy, you won't be so sad.

Yes Catherine. You are right. I'll think about him on my long drive today.

No More Cryin' LMFAO. Thanks Deb. I needed that. One of my FAVES....

That stove top of yours is niiiice, I'm sure. I'd be sad to leave it too, if I were you.

Can you think of it as a three month vacation?

Away from your big, beautiful, new house?

In Little Rock?

Okay. Never mind.

Have a safe, safe, trip, K. Call me from the road.

My goodness, you guys area always on the move. I don't know how you do it. Moving is hard. You have a right to cry.

kristen- I have been an in and out blog friend of yours of for a long time now- and admittedly, I am pretty of date with you- but woman- from what I know of you and your life- you are not too dramatic at all- you seem to be a woman with staunch family values, committed to keeping your family and marriage together and solid , in spite of the many challenges it presents- and I admire you for your strength.

Conchords. I'm Not Cryin'.

*my eyes are just a little sweaty today*

I read your blog all the time, but still can't figure out where you really live? Or where you are going? I totally sympathize, I have moved so many times in my son's short (1.5 yr) life. It sucks to have to set everything up all over again... Really sucks. I always think, this is going to be good, and I always think it's for the better?! Is it? I can't say.

What a hard thing to do. I would be weepy too.

You already deserve a big dramatic sainthood for all you have been through.

Could be worse, my husband's in Iraq. For the second time.

After finally getting a really nice house, and away from the in-laws, and then having to leave it all behind for a little bit, you have every right to cry about it.

It's only a few months, right?

You have every right to cry.

I want to say something supportive and girlfriend like, but I suck at that.

I'm sorry you have to leave your house and Atlanta. And I'm sorry Raleigh isn't on the way to Little Rock.

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