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January 06, 2008


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Oh duh! Glad I checked back. Guess I am stoopid!

Probably it's so hard to find a little rock in LR is that all the tourists took them home with them.

You got some paws on you, girl. I can say that cuz I do too. Having to wear men's gloves ain't no picnic. They're bulky, and the fingers are too wide. But the women's gloves are made for midgets (anyone under 5'10" in my book) ;-).

I am actually jealous of shorter people for many reasons, but mostly because they don't get that "are you about to give me a rectal?" look when people see their hands.

That's one funny-colored turd. What do they eat there in LR? Possom? What, no corn?

But you sure do have some purty hands.

"Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling, I'm coming back to you one fine day..." :)

When I first looked at the picture, I thought, "Little shit? What have the kids done?"

Go somewhere Bill Clinton slept and lick it. I would.

Dig, I did not understand what you were getting at until I clicked comments. I am quick like that. My husband and my father grew up in Arkansas, and Little Rock is like as good as it gets in Arkansas. Except maybe West Memphis. I'm proud of you for following your husband, though. I hope your time passes quickly and effortlessly.

Ah! I thought you were a holding Danny Bonaduce weiner. GaH!

Got it now! Little Rock. Can't be as bad as the six months we spent in the Ozarks. Hello, confederate flags! Hello KKK.

It was shocking for a California native who went to Berkeley. I hope Li'l Rock is a bit more open-minded.

Took me a sec to get it. I'll admit it. Then the caffeine kicked in and I realized you weren't holding a shit in your hand or anything else creepy (like Marilyn Manson's foreskin which he supposedly keeps in a jar...ewwww).

Litte Rock. Welcome to your temporary home. Good luck...


Dude. I can't see your house. I'm squinting and everything.

Glad you're safe and sound with sense of humor intact.



Ironically, it was very hard to find a little rock in Little Rock.

What's that all about? Shouldn't they be, like, everywhere?

ha ha! You're funny! :D

You're there already? :)

Hardeeharhar. Like I've never heard THAT one before! ;)

Little Rock, people. Little Rock, Arkansas, little rock in her hand.

Do I get a prize or something? :)

I was gonna say I didn't get it, but now I think I might get it, and maybe you aren't in Kansas anymore? Or Georgia, as the case may be?

Very clever. It looked like a turd at first and then I realized what it really was.

I raise my hand and admit that I don't get it.

ok, I guess I'll have to check back later. I need more coffee or I'm just stoopid lol.

I'm thinking that's a rock, and not something really yucky. If it is a rock then Hahahaha. If it's not a rock then I just hoped you washed your hands.

What a dud!

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