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January 31, 2008


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I remember when my now-13-year-old was 15 months old, and she would put up her arms and say, "I hold you". She had the sweetest little chirpy bird voice, and it was funny how she turned it around instead of saying "hold me".

Now she just blows giant farts that are so bad that they can peel paint. What a little princess she is.

No advice, other than try to break him of the habit before he becomes a 40+ lb. 3 year old who still asks to be carried.

Trust me and my aching back on this one.

Hey, my three-and-a-half-year-old is 26 lbs too!

We parents of alarmingly skinny children should all start a club

Anywho, my son went though a phase like this at around this age, too (although, being severely medically underweight, he WAS easier to carry). I found that I was able to sloooooowly detach him by encouraging him to sit NEXT to me rather than be held by me. Like, I would encourage him to sit next to me on the sofa while I would fold laundry or clip coupons or type on the laptop. I guess it was sort of like sleep training (which didn't actually work at all with my kid, but, similar concept). I would get him to sit next to me rather than being held for five minutes. Then ten minutes. Then twenty minutes. Etc.

So he could get the closeness he craved, and I could rest my back and actually GET STUFF DONE.

He still hasn't grown out of the sitting next to me thing, actually. He's sitting next to me right now, practically glued to my hip. But I don't mind. (It IS getting trickier to blog now that he knows how to read, though. Sometimes he critiques my comments. And I have to watch the profanity.)

Our dishwasher is a trampoline too. My son especially likes it when their are still knifes protruding everywhere while he jumps. I let my one-year-old destroy the house yesterday while I watch cartoons.

i thought i was the only one..u have no idea wen u share stories like this how it helps others..! truly i cant even go to the loo or bath without someone whining or crying to be let in.!!!!

The title of this post brought me straight back to my waitressing days when the god-like bartender rocked out, painfully casually, to Offspring, over and over. Wicked.

Wish I had some kind of helpful contribution on the clinginess, but de nada.

Mine won't LET me hold him. If I pick him up, it is about 2.4 seconds before he is leaning all the way over to be put back down. I steal the hugs though, I do.

klingon mommy here too. not much gets done around my house. i feel for you!

I have a 26 lb 2.5 year-old who also wants to be held all the time. I would say that's not quite as bad, except that she is able to whine, "carry meeeeeee!" too.

no wonder you're not picking up your phone...

I loved my slings, but found alternating with a good backpack made the load easier to bear.

And that's why I just bought a second sling... Granted Lucie is only 16lbs, but she still lives to be on my hip. I'm loving having my hands back. Not sure I could do it at 26lbs.
Eihn. Let him destroy the house. Aren't you guys there just temporarily? ;-)

Mine is currently ducking under my arm about to climb onto my lap AGAIN. He'll be 3 in April (30-ish lbs) and lives to be with me. If he's not attached to me, he's destroying something. Take your pick.

Mrs Chicken's Sister and I share a life: I bought four for a dollar plastic picnicware that RC will eat off until he stops throwing the real stuff (age 20?).

Huh, Huh, your said utterly....twice!!!

I have been a lurker for awhile now but LB's comment

"No advice, just more nicknames:
Velcro Baby is good... but how about Klingon?"

made me chuckle and inspired me to post because it's what we too call our little ones when they get stuck to our hips! Velcro & Klingon! Glad to know I'm not alone out there...!

My boy is nearly two (and also 27 pounds) and I call him the cling-monster. I don't really have any advice, except that Tiger Balm feels really good on sore backs.

We got an aquadoodle wall thingy for Christmas.... I put it on the wall over the dog water dish and thought I was pretty clever.... then I walked in and saw the 3.5 yr old teaching the 18 month old how to LICK the aquadoodle.

Our little velcro baby is happy if she's sitting on the kitchen counter.... so in spite of those parenting books... on the counter she goes....

Ladies, be careful with your backs. I had scoliosis as a teen that did not have to be treated. Well, as luck would have it, all of the child bearing (and hormones that make your pelvis let a head shoot through it) and child-packing-around made my curvy back just get worse. I ended up having to endure an excruciating surgery to straighten things up a bit and to put me back at 6'1" when I was 33. Imagine "Shrinking down" to 5'11"!!!

Also, my evil c*nt of an abusive adoptive mother was so embarassed to be seen with me when I had one of my children in a sling that she would stay at least 10 feet away when we went somewhere. She would also keep trying to hold my child so I wouldn't use the sling. Trust me when I say it had nothing to do with my back.

I guess my point is this: Be careful how you lift your kids (curvy backs or not). Imagine what would happen if you pulled muscles or something. I'm all about attachment parenting, but keep your bodies strong too!

No advice to give. I can barely get away from my youngest to use the bathroom and she's 4!

No advice, just more nicknames:
Velcro Baby is good... but how about Klingon?

A sling or a mei tai or an ergo or something. If he wants to be carried theres not much you can do- but your arms don't have to do the holding. Put him on your back and get on with your day- but put your hair up or it will get chewed on.

Yeah, mine's next tooth just broke the surface so that clingy-drive-Mommy-nuts-ness just stopped. Thank.Gods. I tend to hide a lot. We've got a babygate across our office door so I can hear them and they can wander past and whine at me but can't get to me and they realize that and keep wandering past to get something more amusing RIGHT NOW. A short attention span is a blessed thing at times.

Also? 3.5yr old = 27lbs, 13mo = 25lbs I don't really count that as different. I think they're planning, in secret, to try and throw Mommy's back out.

Yeah. I'm sure it's teething.

Considering that's the excuse I use until they're at least 2 or, until they have all their teeth (I'm a smart one, I know!)...


Could you hide more? ;)

I once had a woman come up to me at the grocery store when my son was about a year old. She told me how cute he was then proceeded to lecture me. Told me to read to him every time he asked and play with him whenever he wanted or else I'd wake up one morning and he'd be too busy to want everything to do with me and I'd end up regretting it for the rest of my life.

Soooooo..I guess unless you want to end up old and bitter and accosting younger women with babies at the grocery store you best hold him. All the time.

Nemo is doing that, too, to some degree - he's slightly older than Drew, and it happened when he started teething a whole mouthfull at once - like 6 teeth, including his molars. The good news is that it is short lived, and will be over soon. The bad news is that the only thing I found that worked to make things manageable is to backpack him, or use my Mei Tai with him tied on my back and then drink one for myself. I'm sorry.

My 9 month old just got over the clinging monkey stage. The one that lasted, um, 9 months. I'm so grateful b/c I know it will return at 12 mos, and I hope I get a lot of shit done these three months.

Forgot to mention what we call that around here - 'Velcro Baby.'

Backpack. That's what I resorted to Tuesday when I needed to start dinner and he wouldn't leave me alone - screaming, crying, banging his head on the floor.....

40 minutes and a scheduled appointment with the chiropractor later - he mellowed out.

I think it is so awesome that you are still breastfeeding. That's what I plan on doing and my ultra-conservative in-laws think I'm a freak. This new mom has no advice. I have sympathy for the lug you have to carry around though. My precious D is 14 weeks today and is almost at the 20 lb. mark. I used a gift certificate for a massage last night and the lady commented on all the knots in my neck and shoulders ...I wonder why!?

Off the subject, I got a kick ass package in the mail yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also LOVED your stationary.

Is he teething? Mine get clingy when they're teething, and I seem to remember some particularly nasty blunt topped molars that came in around 1 year.

Um. My 3.5 y/o probably isn't yet 30 lbs, which means my 2 children are almost the same weight.


Mrs. Chicken's Sister, I'm so glad to hear I don't have the only 27lb 3 year old girl. My 6 month old is wearing clothes my firstborn WALKED in.

Sorry for veering off topic.

Our 3 year old is still like that. Very clingy. Always wants Mommy. Get's pretty exhausting and you often feel like you don't have a break from it.

The thing I keep telling myself is that some day, she won't be so clingy and I'll miss it. I truly will. That is enough to keep my sanity during the really rough times.

All I could think of was the incredibly unhelpful thought that my 3.5 year old is 27 pounds.

A toy tool bench? For sanctioned banging? Teddy, the aforementioned 27-pounder, was just like that. Sadly, I have no advice. But we did end up those people: the people who have nothing out of value and trashed furniture b/c it's not actually true that we could teach him not to touch/climb/bang/beat on things.

You could serve my daughter her meals on Waterford with nary a scratch. Teddy will eat on plastic for the rest of his life.

Eek. he lived in a sling for the first 8 months of his life.

no more. :)

how about a sling? =) and a singapore sling for mommy . . .

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