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February 12, 2008


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I followed one of your "What You Missed Links" and then a couple more and ended up here. You're fucking pregnant and I didn't even know! Guess it's time to get my head out of my ass and start reading blogs again, huh?


Is there some web virus going around?... ;-)

Who'll be next?

A late congrats! :)

Congrats hon, that's awesome. I swear it's something in the water lately, lots of women are coming up pregnant. I'm glad for you, I've still got 2 years more of my b/c before I can think about #2. =D

Well I'll be. So you are. Wow.

And many many congratulations!

You make beautiful babies :)

Oh man. Just catching up and WOW!

Good Lord! Congratulations!


Crazy...but magic! Congratulations!!!!!

Yeah, shut up! And congratulations.

Nature is amazing. I still can't believe how this works. One day you are a normal sexually active woman and before you know it, you are a mother of three. Congratulations!

OMG. Congrats. I think. ;)

Just so's I can get my name on the record here as being SOOOOO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!!!

Good work!

Good work!

Congrats!!! Holy moly, it's an epidemic! But a beautiful one. :-)


Too much kissing leads to babies. I think Ben Franklin said that.


Congratulations! Yay!


WOW! Congratulations, Kristen!

Sonofagun! Congrats!

Holy Crap! This what happens when I'm stuck in training hell at work and can't read blogs a whole day.

Maybe those weird being pregnant dreams are about my blog friends rather than myself. None the less, something it definitely in the water.


Oh crap.

The vasectomy can't come soon enough in my house. Can you say Aprl 4th Wehew!!

dood, you should've seen my eyes bug out when i saw that picture.

i'd worry about upping my birth control so as not to join the bandwagon but, well, i haven't had sex in a long time. and i know that you and anyone else who might be reading totally wanted to know that.

Wow... I am just a few weeks away from delivering #4. I will have three children under three (the 3 and 1 yr old are adopted, so it was even MORE of a surpise).

I feel you but GOOD luck!!! Congrats.

Hey!. Great news......
And love ur blog
A former Delurker(probably going back to one again :) )

Wow! Congrats!

You're getting your folate, right? I did the nursing/pregnant thing with #2 and #3. It was cool. Some of them decide to quit when it turns to pickle juice, and some don't.

You guys need a color TV in your bedroom!

dip dang do. holy shit, indeed!

learned a few things this fine day including your fantastic news - like the definition of 'delurker' and that apparently I am one.

Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it.

I'm such a new reader, that I don't even know if this was expected or what. Now I'll have to back read.

But yeah for you! How awesome.


!!!! I guess it wasn't the stomach bug. Congrats!!

Wha-wha-wha! That's so exciting! Congratulations for the 100th time!


Damn...already been said.

Congratulations, mamacita!


two months or so ago i dove into the blog world and have been reading you every day since.

we're debating a third, so i'll be reading your news/blog with great anticipation

Congratulations - you are a great Mom, this is wonderful news!

Welcome to the 2008 baby club! I'm expecting twins in July!

conratulations! i think i want a number three...someday. right now 1 and 2 are kicking my a**! But we couldn't live without those little faces could we?
p.s. i read here every day, even if i don't comment much.

Hee,hee! Awesome news! Congrats! My last two are 18 months apart and they are almost like twins now. Too cute.

Seriously, all these pregger bloggers are totally making me wanna get knocked up again.

(Sort of...)


So the shitting/puking thing makes more sense now, huh? TOTALLY didn't see that one coming!

Congratulations to all! Drew's gonna be a big brother - mind numbing?

I think mamatulip says it best. So I'll just say Congrats!!! It is still February and not April 1st right?

Guess you won't need that Diva Cup now.

Congratulations,hope your feeling well. Wow what a shock.Picture is class!

dude. no shit, huh? congrats.

Oh, hahahahaha, welcome, my friend. Welcome to.....the club. Wow.

Congratulations are in order. And condolences.

I kid. It's a blast. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

WOW. I'm in the throes of figuring out how to raise two. So, WOW. And, congratulations!

I'm guessing the coitus-interruptus by the father-in-law-us didn't happen that time... ;)
As someone who has been in the exact same boat as you presently are (ages, kiddos into everything and sleep issues) I wish you luck. Cause the "third baby is always the best behaved" didn't happen here, that's for sure. Our third is the cutest though, so that makes up for a lot of trouble here in shallow mom-land.

There are going to be like 300 blog babies this year. Seriously!


Congrats and welcome to the pregnancy #3 oh shit club. I had my oh shit in December then found out it is TWINS.

Holy effin hell. For a minute I assumed this was a congratulatory link to Becca Woolf's near-identical photograph from over the weekend.

Oh boy. Emergency park meet up as soon as everyone's well and the sun shines.

Congrats!! H&H 9 months to you.

Now around here that would have been the International symbol for "suing the freaking gyno since he obviously botched my Esure procedure".


I mean, *cough* Congratulations . . .

Holy shit!!! Congrats!

Well congrats!

Again? Didn't we just DO this? Holy crap, congratulations! You sure do make adorable kiddos.

Wow! Congratulations. I am just now thinking I am ready for #3, and my boys are 13 & almost 10.

I'm coming out of the lurking closet! Congrats!!!

Had to de-lurk to say Congrats!...and to let you know that my #3 ended up being a #3 and #4 (twins?!). You never know!

Cheers to your productivity!



This is great - years of new blog material. Congratulations.

The Internation Symbol for knocked up again! Yay! *passing the saltines*

Congrats. I wish you the best and lots of new material to blog about.

Holy shit! Congratulations (and GOOD LUCK) from another lurker!

Congrats! I guess your diva cup will come in handy to celebrate with a drink!

OMG! Congratulations! I wish i had the nerve to have a third baby. I really want one but I dunno, do fetuses like zoloft?

With all the people wondering if it is contagious, all I can say is I hope so. :) Congratulations!

Congrats and Holy Shit!

Holy shit! Totally surprised me on that one! It's not April Fool's Day yet, is it? Congrats - I think it's a girl. :)

De-lurking to join the chorus of "holy shit, congratulations!"

I totally did that "oh dear Christ" face last week for the same reason. Hehe

Wow, didn't see that coming!

Congrats, I hope? And if this pregnancy bug is spreading through the internet, I may need to double up my birth control.

Yet another delurker -

That was the best scroll down I've seen - I was totally surprised me . . are you surprised as well?

Congrats! Can't wait to hear "the rest of the story".


(Facial hair not so mysterious after all, right?)

Holy crap, Kristin! Congratulations. I guess you found something to keep you occupied in Arkansas!

HOORAY! Congrats!

Holy Sh*t!!!

You even got me to delurk again on this one!!
Congrats there momma...

Holy Sh*t!!!

WHOA. You are braver than I, congratulations!

Well congratulations!

Welcome to the world of those of us who have to play Zone Defense instead of Man-to-Man coverage.


Whoa! I take it this wasn't planned.


no more Yeungling for you! our third is 6 weeks old and she's a blessing. don't wonder how you are going to do it, you just do. don't forget to eat...keeps the pukies away.

Now the fun really begins!

Wow. The things some bloggers do for content...

Seriously though, Congrats!

Holy cow! what in the world!? well now you know why you were so sick last week...

My kids are going to be really close together, also. I found out I was preggo with number 2 one day after my daughter's first birthday...you'll be fine. Q will help out and it will be great.

Congratulations! My mother always said that after 2 kids, they start to raise themselves.

Wow! congratulations :o)

For shizzle????

Wowwee! Congrats! Are you freaking out?

Congrats!!! I am scared to even try for number three. I am not sure we want to be outnumbered.

Oh my gosh! Congrats!!! I have a feeling that we are in for some hella funny prego posts. Two little ones and one on the way? Watch out. Congratulations again and best wishes!

It's not contagious is it???

Delurking to say WOW!! Congrats!! Will let you know in 36 days (not that I am counting down or anything) what 3 is like...

OMG! Thats awesome Kristen!! Congrats!

Congratulations Kristen! You are officially living my biggest fear. That's how I got my beautiful #2 (only 2 months before we would have tried for her, but still...) and I'm terrified it's going to happen again before I can get back to work and make some money to afford to say home for another year. I'm very happy for you! You're good at it so one more won't hurt! Much. ;-)

Delurking to say congrats! Very exciting. Seems like everyone is pregnant these days.

Oh! Yay another gorgeous child. You do make 'em good. Congrats!

Bah ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry, but really I'm laughing WITH you! Congratulations my dear. You Fertile Myrtle you. ;)

*thinking* Maybe I just need to move to Little Rock to get PG...hmmm.


This stuff IS catching...bwahhaaahaaahhaa to you (very few) non-pregnant bloggers out there. Be vewy vewy careful!

Congrats! I'll let you know how the third one is once mine arrives in May!

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