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March 21, 2008


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SUCKS...WHY? the Weather, The PEOPLE, the JOBS,TAXES,DUMB ASSES...ETC.....................FOREVER

I'm sad that so many people are angry about seeing the crucifixion on display. How do you think Catholics became catholics? they were born into the religion through baptism by their parents at a christening. Then they are taken to church regularly as they grow up and when such questions come up, they answer them with the knowledge they learned from church. I grew up Catholic and didn't go after my communion because my single mother didn't take me. When I became an adult I started taking my kids to a church that happened to be Baptist and I became a believer based on the belief that I am a sinner and Jesus died as the atonement of my sins. By doing so, he took away the sins of the world and had mercy on us. You know, Lamb of God? That is Jesus. The bible says we should go out and tell the good news that Jesus died and rose again 3 days later. Which is why we celebrate Easter. The candy and eggs are not the thing we celebrate.
I am surprised that so many people think religion is being "shoved" down their throat, when in fact, they have the same right to just look the other way. If you are going to stop, look, and THEN be offended..that is your doing, not the people who put the display on.
Being a Catholic or Baptist or any other religion isn't about what YOU get from it, it is about YOU do for the KINGDOM of God and ways to further it. That is what I believe and if I saw that display, I would be reminded of what Jesus did for me on the cross and I would worship Him and thank Him for how much He loved me, even though I didn't deserve it. I wouldn't think it was scary of offensive.
And I have 4 children, whom from the age of 4 have seen images of Jesus on the cross and when they ask me why he is up there, I tell them about it in terms they can understand. They haven't once been frightened.

Well, one person almost said it, but I will be the one to actually say it.

These types of Christians, especially those that try that "reason for the season" are too dense a clueless to care what you have to explain to your kids, because they are too suck in that they are now cult members.

Eggs and bunnies have to do with the Pagan holidays that the Christians ripped off in an effort to convert others. Even the whole myth of Jesus rising from the dead is nothing more than another story of "rebirth" as is the celebration of spring.

I have no problems with people using whatever mythology gets 'em through the day, but the fact that they so need to suck others into their cult is frightening.

(I should for clarification point out that I was born and raised Catholic, my wife still is Christian by faith, my daughter attends a Christian school. This is because the 'philosy' of peace that the Christian Church is SUPPOSED to be about, I believe is good and worth it, it is just the execution (so to speak) in today's version that is so sadly lacking)

Heathers is one of my favorite movies. And I love Reese's Eggs.

Re-enactments of the crucifixion...eh, not so much.

I'm sure the next major natural disaster will be blamed on not enough people stopping to see their "performance." I get really irritated with people who feel the need to cram religion down others' throats. Hence why you'll find me worshipping my Sunday paper with coupons and the empty grocery store on most Sunday mornings. I believe He wants me to go grcoery shopping in peace LMAO

I know a lady who filled her children's plastic Easter eggs with nails and thorns to remind them what Easter was about.

I could not live in a place like that. I have a hard enough time with the crosses that have been appearing on front lawns about lately. Very unusual for where I live.

I'm a Heather. And a heathen. But only when my husband asks me to be.

Compliments of Bill Hicks. Comedian.

“A lot of Christians wear crosses around their necks. You think when Jesus comes back he ever wants to see a fucking cross? It's like going up to Jackie Onassis wearing a rifle pendant.”

Offensive? Maybe. But he does have a point...

IMO the whole point of the crucifixion is that it DID NOT MATTER. The point is that they could do whatever to Jesus and he STILL triumphed. The actual pain and suffering and execution were the same kinds of pain that people suffer on earth every single day.

But try explaining that to some people and the veins pop out of their heads.

As a Catholic, Holy Week is very important to the significance of sacrifice and why we have salvation - because someone else died for our sins. Putting on a live performance such as this in a public viewing area is uncalled for. I would not want my own 5 year old son to view such a display. I have never been one for evangelizing faith by shoving it down someone's throat. We lead by example and this does not set a good example for our children.


Three dead Easter Bunnies on crosses?

I am so so sad. What has Easter come to????

It's people and groups like that that make me rather reluctant to admit to being Christian (Catholic, actually), although of the "married to a non-catholic" Heathen variety. They assume they know me and what I believe, when they don't have a clue. I believe Christ taught us to have a quiet faith, a sure faith, not an ostentatious faith. I'm sorry you, and your kids, had to see that.

What the F*CK?

So you DID move here! Congrats...I guess...:)

Welcome to the bible beltness of Arkansas. It ain't the kind you wear, it's the kind they beat you with when you get out of line.

But there are many other heathens here, living in the shadows, terrified of what their neighbors will do when they find out they haven't claimed Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior. For people bent on saving souls, the Christians around here can be a scary bunch.


Considering the fact the "reason for the season" is, you know, the equinox (the literal SEASON)... Hell, I don't even know where I was going with that but it pisses me off.

Dang. I was in LR/NLR yesterday and I missed that lovely art installation! My hubs and I could have used a good laugh.

Cadbury Eggs. Yummmmmm. Mom had a basket full of them in our room. Little piece of heaven right there!

After being disowned by by family and my church (Christian) for marrying someone who wasn't Christian enough, I left all that behind.

In fact I'm wary of organized religion of any kind, to be honest.
I don't need a church to believe something.

...and those guys on the crosses is WAAAAAY overboard. Yikes!

BTW - Cadbury Schmadbury - have you tried those Reses Eggs?

Chocolate Peanut Butter BLISS, I tell you.

Hey - God never said I couldn't enjoy a chocolate egg once in awhile.

I am all for remembering the reason and symbolism for any religious holiday... but that's not what those "artists" were doing. They were sensationalizing and painting with a violent brush all over what is not meant to be that way at all. How can the most Super-Christiany Christians of all have forgotten that Christ's sacrifice was the ultimate in love and peace, not a bloody horror show designed to sell box office tickets? Now, I will put away my soap box and dig into my candy stash, which of course I was hiding from myself but will now have to replace before Sunday so there can be more than 5 black jellybeans left for my kids' baskets (I consider sharing candy my own personal act of love and peace).

Mmmmm...Cadbury Eggs...

I'm a christian, or, to explain that vague term more accurately, I believe that I am a sinner, and God sent his one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to die on the cross for my sins, sins that I would never be able to pay for myself, except through hell. (That's the very basic gist of it.) That said, I'm not a fan of those, ahem, "performance art pieces" myself. I personally don't like anything that portrays Jesus, as I don't like anything that could be considered an image of Christ (catholics would not like me, lol). But I guess to each his own. Maybe some people need the imagery of it to really understand it. I don't know. But I figure the Bible paints a pretty vivid image for me. I know what Easter is about. I don't need someone to paint the picture for me again. It's already been done.

I was sharing with my secretary this morning how moving my church's Tennenbrae service was last night. We're a very traditional Methodist church and not one for a lot of dramatics. The fact that all the lights were off by the end of the service was about as dramatic as we get. She encouraged me to ride by her church this evening to see their live reenactment of the crucifixion. She was bragging about how realistic it is--complete with "guts hanging out."

I do not get it.

This angers me. Not what YOU said - but what THEY did.

I am Christian - practicing. K goes to a Christian school.

I would absolutely NOT tolerate a bloody public display such as this. It totally unnecessary. Tell the story - fine. As your children get OLDER - answer their questions.

Good Friday is an opportunity for quiet relfection, not to stick violence in your face. The whole point of the Holy Week is coming up on SUNDAY.

Poor Q. I'm sorry.

well said . . . i personally have yet to see the passion of the christ because i don't want to see such a graphic depiction. to have it hurled in your face while driving down the street is just awful.

I was raised Christian (though am now not) and one of the things that I most detest about modern Christianity is how far from actual teachings it is. He taught that your prayer shouldn't be a public display, for one.

You know, I'm very partial to this season of Lent and Easter. I really like that there are visual reminders of Christ's passion and death. I feel like I need that in my life because chaos makes me forget why Easter was so amazing.

BUT: Why make the little ones see this? Why can't we keep our passion plays inside? Some kids, like my nephew, love the bloodletting parts of the bible. But my daughters? Well I've found the two older ones kissing Jesus' boo-boos on the most vanilla crucifix. They just have that natural compassion. And if they think "poor Jesus" at a really mild crucifix, I can only imagine what a live rendition of the crucifixion would do.

ugh. I'm so glad I missed that one. Those billboards piss me off so badly, and I'm a christian (if half-assed). It's such fucked up theology. It makes me feel not very loving toward my neighbors.

HAHA. Heathers.


Ha ha ha! Heathers can be pretty bad...I didn't realize HOW bad though.

Were the kids with you? Atlanta may be IN the south, but it isn't OF the south. Hurry back soon.

I think you meant to say that you're a HEATHEN.

I mean, I know that all *Heathers* are, well, CLOSE to Heathens but, uh, we're not all ACTUALLY HEATHENS.

I'm just saying.

Now, where are my fooking Cadbury Eggs??

how did you explain the bloody mess to a 4yr old?

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