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March 06, 2008


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the kid is definitely 3.0, you mean. all digital n shit;-)

"Phew. The kid has leg stumps. I can rest easier tonight."

just did a spit-take to that one. am very pleased for you and your family!

I don't get a scan until I find out the baby's sex! Today I am 10 weeks so that makes my bean like a day OLDER THAN yOURS!!

We prolly have the same Old Navy jeans. The maternity ones? I wear mine EVERY SINGLE DAY, except for the days when I'm in K's pajama bottoms. You?

And? The pics are over-rated. WB has declared them scary, so we have to keep them tucked away anyway.

Your 4th should be sent to you via hologram.

Sheesh. Even I got pictures of my #3. But we're not all digital I guess. My mom keeps asking to see the pictures and I keep forgetting to bring them to show her. That's my 3rd child syndrome working.

Yup, sounds like Third Child Syndrome to me. ;)

That's great news. I'm so happy for all five of you.

Dude, you're going to be a family of five... woah.

So, they had no bathroom either for you to relieve your extremely full bladder? Bastards!

With my last pregnancy (which is the only one I can remember because it was ten whole years ago), I drank waaaaay too much water beforehand and we had to stop at two gas stations on the way and I still ran into the clinic sobbing that I was gonna pee my pants and "could you please for the love of jebus point me to the can! Now!!!"

Awww, leg stumps :)

Damn 3rd kid syndrome. My kid sister What'shernameagain, cries about it all the time. Next time you go to the 'Hood you should totally wear a vest. I wonder if Kevlar vest have a belly panel in them. I'll google it and see for you.

Awww - no picture? Maybe when the cd arrives? I was hoping to see what a Hathor-fetus looks like so I wouldn't have to ask what one is. But now I'm just too embarrassed.

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