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March 04, 2008


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It's been a while since my last pregnancy, but for my sinus headaches, I usually take sudafed and tylenol at the same time. I wonder if it's okay during pregnancy..... Does wonders for my sinus headaches.

Wishing you better, my friend.

hope you enjoyed every second of 10:18! and here's hoping today is filled with minutes full of bliss!

I hope your better this morning!

I also get terrible migraine like headaches when pregnant. I'm glad I read this because I guess it's normal. It's terrible, I don't know how to get them to go away other than wait it out. I'm planning on asking my dr about it this week. And the tylenol doesn't help here either.

I really really hope you feel completely headache free when you read this (crossing all fingers and toes for ya).

I swear by the neti pot for a sinus headache. It flushes the upper as well as the lower cavities, and brings relief. It's especially helpful when the weather changes.
Try it! Any old dollar store 2 cup teapot with a long snout will work as well.

oh, babe.

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