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March 17, 2008


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Could he be lactose intolerant? That may explain liking the soy versions and disliking the dairy versions of things.

We do soy milk here, and my kids will take feta cheese over anything else. We're pretty meat lite here as well. Shannon

Cordy will only eat meat if it is in the chicken nugget form, and preferably not the frozen kind. She does like some cheese, but it has to be in the right shape and consistency.

Mira is proving to be a meat lover, though. She wants my hamburgers, salmon, shrimp, chicken, etc. I'm sure she'll be discovering steak any day now.

My daughter also had (and has) food issues. Hers stems from Sensory Integration Disorder, it takes time (particularly as far as textures are concerned), but I wouldn't draw any wholesale conclusions yet, as his time and tastes (and acceptance of certain things) will change.

Side Note: Also throw me into the pile of people that can not deal with American Cheese either. I don't like it, but especially those single slice THINGS they try to pass off as cheese.

The only vegetable my children will touch is corn, preferably on the cob. Yes, I know it's really a starch in veg clothing.

Basically, they eat the four food groups: chicken fingers, mac and cheese, pizza, and hot dogs.

(so not the mommy I thought I'd be)

My kids eat three kinds of meat: hot dogs, bacon, and Ahi tuna. Go figure.

Have you tried hard, sharply flavored cheeses? Like parmesan or asiago? I know that sounds weird that a picky eater would prefer those kinds of cheese, but my own son will take parmesan over American any day.

Your boy might not like the texture of American cheese. I know I don't like the texture of American cheese, unless it's melted.

Also, you can get calcium-fortified tofu.

And I really wouldn't worry about soy killing people. Come on, now. The Japanese are some of the longest-lived, healthiest people in the world, and they eat a TON of soy.

My dd is the same way!! Of course she LOVES chicken nuggets!!!! We just discovered Oscar Meyer ham, she seems to love it,even though I've cooked it tons of times to have her spit it out. Too bad fun fruits aren't a food group.

My daughter didn't eat meat at Drew's age and only really starting eating it in any quantity relatively recently. I know there is recommended times to introduce foods and I can't remember what it is for eggs, but I did ignore it and she lived on scrambled eggs and dairy products for most of year after she turned on. Oh and carbs like bread. She hasn't really ever been any better in the fruit and veggie department, but for a time she drank carrot/orange juice. Now that she can "think" for herself she won't drink it.

I also agree with the comment on soy, if it is so awful entire countries would be dead. I say go for it. Happy children are worth it.

My son is pretty much vegetarian also. and, he went through a no dairy phase (he now eats cheese strings). If your worried about calcium, try broccoli. My son LOVES it. And it has calcium.
And, also chick peas. I forget what they are good for, but Matt eats tons of hummus and vegetables.

My 2-yr-old refuses chicken... unless there is dip. Any dip. Ketchup, soy sauce, bbq, anything. But plain chicken? Never. Oh, and she loves all "fake" meats, too. Go figure.

Oh, this made me laugh. My little guy loves his veggies but I think he will eat anything I put in front of him.

What I'm having a problem with is allergies. I can't figure out exactly what it is. He just mysteriosly breaks out. What I wouldn't give to feed him freely.

Research Whey. A stranger told me in the health food store that it was better than soy. Why would I believe a complete stranger? That's how I get my "signs". I put 'Show Me The Whey' protein powder in their cereal. It balances it out. Good luck.

I remember the bread comment, some people have way too much time on their hands.

Mine took a long time to like meat, and still don't eat much, but my picky eater could live on cheese, milk and drinkable yogurt, which I've stopped buying as he'll polish off 6 bottles in an hour. They do say milk protein works the same as others in kids, which made me feel better, since he might go severaly days subsisting only on chocolate milk. What about beans?

Meant to add.....do you have any crunchy-granola grocery stores nearby (e.g., Whole Paycheck - I mean! Whole Foods) - Ian's is a brand that does wonderful things with meat and faux meat products. Look for 'em.

Have you tried Kefir?

Boog likes these. Might be worth a shot. He's not a big meat eater either although he will eat some. I think for him it's more of a texture issue. We do the fake chicken nuggets though and he loves these spinach artichoke veggie bites by Morningstar Farms.

My daughter doesn't eat meat either - in any form. She will, though, eat soy "chicken" nuggets, garden burgers and soy hot dogs. She also hates American cheese, but loves the sliced mozzarella that I get from the deli instead. Good luck!

DS2 only eats chicken in breaded & fried nugget or 'finger' form. Though I often slip it past him by shredding it up and covering it in a shower of shredded mozzarella on pizza. All sorts of things slip by when put on a pizza crust and then covered in cheese. He will also eat meatloaf, but not burgers.

He is my little cheese eater. He'll sample everything at the Whole Foods cheese counter & then proceed to tell me what he wants that day. He prefers Irish farm cheeses & is not too fond of blues. But he also likes sliced provolone and yellow american from the deli counter.

DS1 was the same way, not eating meat, but the past 6 months or so, he has been venturing out, trying the pork roast, nibbling at the turkey breast. He actually ordered the riblet basket at the BBQ place sunday. He turned 5 6 months ago, maybe it is an age thing?

We are still swimming in Gardenburgers here in the NW. If Boy Child could have a Gardenbuger every day, he would. I have trouble keeping up with demand. He has onion breath most of the time.

Then again - he eats just about everything. Hence why at 16 months he weighs 27 pounds.

oy. picky eaters! my almost 1 year old can't have wheat (eczema). and dairy irritates it too. and she's too little for peanut butter. so...chicken & rice around here. alot. oh and one dried apricot every 3 days. except now she takes a bite of chicken & then right back out it comes. so it's rice. and if her daddy is eating it, seaweed. she is 1/2 asian. but seriously...can they really live off of seaweed & rice? cause i'm about at the end of my rope!

Fake meat is the only meat in our house too. Chicken nuggets, lunch meat, hot dogs, processed fish sticks, anything that comes from a package or box my 6yo will devour. If it's a steak, pork chop, or actual piece of chicken I breaded and made - forget it. It may as well be crap on his plate. As for soy killing you, everything will kill you nowadays, so I say feed them what they'll actually eat and be happy theyr'e eating until the next wierd food phase sets in.

My eldest has an extremely varied diet of peanut butter, peanut butter, and oh, did I mention, peanut butter?

Good luck. And if soy were really that bad for you, wouldn't all of China and Japan be infertile by now? Yeesh... who can keep up with all the bad stuff?

the greek yogert (Fage) also has a lot more protein in it, which is an added bonus. I throw it in a blender with a banana and crushed ice and make a really good smoothie.
And I just found out brocolli has more absorbable calcium than spinach. So maybe load him up on that?

what is it about meat and kids??? Both of my kids are basically vegetarians (if you don't count hot dogs. sigh)

You might try Greek Yogurt. I like the Fage brand. It is still dairy, but it is sinfully good and once you try it you won't want the normal american yogurt anymore.

Seriously, no one likes American cheese?

Sigh. I guess I'll have to try the fancy stuff.

LOL (we have actually tried gouda and various cheddars to no avail.

Try Dannon LeCreme yogurt. It comes in a blue four-pack. The Poo won't even look at dairy unless it comes in the form of fried processed cheese, but she eats that yogurt like there's no tomorrow.

No wonder - it is made from whole milk and cream. Tastes a lot like strawberry Ben And Jerry's.

I dunno about the cheese thing, I have one that digs cheddar and cottage cheese, but have you tried smart dogs? cheap and easy for lunch. Also beans- I am pretty sure that they have good calcium too.

I'd rather eat a Rhodesian cockroach than American "cheese" so I don't blame him!

I'm so glad my kids have cheap taste buds.

you could try other cheeeses (like Mom101 suggested). my older one, AM, won't eat scrambled eggs with cheese, but will eat quiche . . . WTF?! i dunno.

as for the calcium. i think some veggies have it - like broccoli. or try calcium enriched juices.

good luck!

My middlest won't eat meat most of the time. But he won't eat much of anything most of the time! LOL

Try cheese cubes (cheddar or something) and give him a toothpick to eat them with. It works for mine!

I have a vegetarian, but she'll do milk. She will not do processed cheese, and only wants the good cheeses; feta, goats milk, Gorgonzola.

You may want to try goats milk dairy for your son. I've heard it's closest to human milk than any other mammal. Where did I hear that? I have no friggin' clue. So I could be completely wrong.

Between he and Thalia they could lick a vegetarian platter clean. Like Jack Sprat and what's her name, the chubby one. Oh right, "His Wife." Nursery rhyme writers, definitely not feminist.

(Have you tried other cheese by the way? American is nasty. Maybe he just has a sophisticated palate.)

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