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April 01, 2008


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Orville is a great name!
But you're talking to someone who wanted to name her son Harvey.

If I was to have more kids, I'd go for simple. I know way too many kids with "different" names that not only can nobody pronounce, but spell either.

Girl: Anna (it actually is my great grandmother's name)

Boy: Zack

(**gotta add, I work in a high school and a kid named October would just be...um..shoved into lockers!)

How about for a boy: Nicholas,
Zachary or Christopher.

For a girl: Samantha, Isabella,
Sarah or Madison.

What do you think?

Nameing a baby is hard to do. You dont want a common name but you also dont want to go off the deep end and give them a name no one can say or spell.
I think before nameing a child you should think long and hard and ask freidns and family what they think. If you get the reaction of WTF?? Then maybe that name wouldnt be the best choice.

this is an april fool's joke, right?

I love Cassius for a boy .. and Isaura or Clementine for a girl

Totally agree that it's best not to tell the name until the baby's born and it's a done deal. Only ones that will dare to criticise then are Mother & MIL. Mine said "and do you think he'll like that name when he grows up..."

I liking Sadie or Dashiell right now as "different" names.

The (not so) different names I'm loving right now are Sadie and Maeve, or Dashiell and Quinn.

My preference is not Orville or October, but the others are all good. But s/he won't be my kid. I say, go for it, whatever it is, and everyone else can be damned.

God, naming is hard - my mother kept offering helpful suggestions, even after I told her I was not interested in input or opinions, thank you. She'd leave these phone message with names like Hortense. It was AWFUL. But maybe this time I should come up with a gag name to tell people and throw them right off.

I like Gerta and Orville the best.

Picking names is SO hard. We also came up with our 2nd son's name at the last minute. The nurse kept giving me ultamatums like, "If you don't name this child right now, then he will have no name!" Jeez louise. I finally named him just to get her off my back.

I just came across the name Mavis last night which made me laugh a bit. We named our daughter (now 3) Maren and I jokingly said we should have named her Mavis - she thought that was "fun."

Hey! My only boy is a Drew. Still love it.

Of the names you posted, I like Arkie and Gerta best, although I know I would immediately shorten Gerta to Gertie. I have an irrational need to shorten my kid's given names.

I'm running out of time to come up with a name for the micro dude. Ahhhhh. Good luck with yours!

Jokes aside I actually really like Emeril and October. I'm one of those pathetic people who have the kid named in the first month... Archer was an early pick and babe #2? Named.

You like unique names!

Maybe you'll like "Daein". That's my husband's name. And no he's not Korean.

I named my daughter Sena Hudsyn.

I like your names choices! Mozart is awesome and I like Electra too. So neat!

Son has become quite adept at bestowing Pirate Names. You may be saddened to know that the following are already taken:

Sir John Pirate Badguy Racecar
Lady Duckling Transformer
Sir Lightening Submarine
Lady Captain Megasea

However, for very little encouragement, I am sure he would be willing to name your up-and-coming pirate with something equally charming. Just say the word...

I like all of them...but then this is coming from the girl who desperately wanted to name her son Diogenes and/or her daughter BriarRose Darling.

We had one boys' name and one girls' name picked out, and after having DS1, we couldn't ever think of another boys' name. We used to use the nickname "Dizzy" for our hypothetical 2nd son (not sure where this nickname came from). If we had a girl, she was going to be Lia. When I was pregnant the 2nd time, I was stressing about another boys' name almost through the whole pregnancy -- I was worried about ending up with a baby in my arms, with no name. My husband kept saying, unhelpfully, "Why stress about it... it will probably end up being a girl anyway." We were living in a part of England where the hospital's policy was to not tell the gender, but from certain comments the nurse made, I guessed it would be a boy.

I wanted an Indian (from India) name that would also sound nice in Japanese and English... I used to spend time at my in-laws' place watching the credits at the end of Bollywood movies, writing down likely-looking names... but came up with nothing :(

Finally, not long before his birth, I found R's name in a baby names book (an English one that included Indian names). I liked it, MIL liked it, and it seemed okay in Japanese (we thought we might be moving back to Japan). What a relief to finally have a name! And by coincidence, when DS2 was around 2 or 3 years old, he couldn't pronounce his own name yet, and the way he said it sounded very much like "Dizzy"! :)

Girl- Lucky Penny
Boy- William Clinton- if you like the Arkansas theme....
My little boy named our unborn child Dippity, so that's what we told everyone who asked. They were so confused! Whatever you decide, be sure to use some fanciful spelling. That helps.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, we used to tell people we were going to name her "Tangerine Manitoba." I was usually able to tell them that with a straight face, too, so they were never sure until later that we were joking. My MIL was quite worried. It was delicious.

Wolfgang is always popular with Van Halen/One Day at a Time fans. I would also suggest Prince, George Michael, or Michael Jackson.

We had the same "you're shitting me" discussions. Who knew that a beautiful name like Bridget would be, in my husband's opinion, "a slutty girl's name"?

I know you're kidding, but what about Archibald, nickname Archie? It was on our boy list.

And had I had a girl the second time, I would have named her Paisley Jane. Love that name!

We almost named our daugther Elayna, but chose Kayla instead. I love Elayna, so that is my vote for a girl. For a boy, I like Malcolm.

Oh dear god, for all that is holy do not use any name that will be mistaken for GERTRUDE for the rest of her life.

Because it will be.


Any female name with GER or GRE has this problem.

If you want a German name, I suggest Liesl



Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

(Sound familiar?)


Caris (prounounced CARE-US) for a girl. I'm not very creative with boy names. Sorry.

Great names! Happy April Fool's day!

Oh PLEASE post the list of 'acceptable names' from DEAREST MIL!!!!
Thank GOD I decided early on that there would be a NO TELL policy... My MIL would have done the EXACT same thing!

I hope I have a girl so I can name her Gerta! Sounds like she could grow up to be a massage therapist LOL

I think I kind of like Lavendar! My personal favorite for a girl's name is Felicity (and you may use it as long as I don't have any kids, lol). I also like Sydney for a girl. For a boy...I like the name Logan. I always have trouble with boy names. Michael is nice too. I think I tend to be more traditional for boys and more creative for girls. I don't know why.

Silas - boy
Evangeline - girl

They were my names should we have a 4th- we ain't - so you are welcome to them!

We're not telling anyone the name we've picked. It is fun though, to mess with people when they ask. We tell them "Mia if it's a girl, Peter if it's a boy." That might not seem to bad...until you consider that our last name is Payne. Of course, now that we know it's a boy, the "Mia Payne" joke doesn't work any more...

Wait, I love Augustus! But it wasn't on your list?!? Electra rocks but you should spell it Elekkkktra. And Arkie Lee would be a great name. The middle name Lee makes everything work. Mozart and Emeril... you must be joking. I love the name Iris for a girl, but it's a little precious. Oh yeah, and Rafe for a boy is kinda cool.

I actually kinda like Gerta. As for Mozart, doooooode. Too much pressure.

When we were thinking of names for our son, my MIL was a little worried because of the names we gave our cats. We told her that we were naming our child Slartibartfast. She thought we were seriously going to name our child after a character in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, only she had no idea where it came from. She figured she was going to have to call him Bart. :)Good thing when we told her we were joking that she has a good sense of humour.

We have dubbed our unborn Algernon Swineburne, after the reclusive-almost-unheard-of Victorian English poet. That way we can reply to all of those "do you have any names?" or "you have to call the baby X, due to family tradition" with "Don't you think Algernon would be charming for either gender?"

Well, considering that K. wanted to name R. "Andrew Balloon Sugar" we could offer her assistance on a consult basis. She's available on retainer.

We had the same problem in the hospital with R. We had a name all picked out, which we chose the night before (I was induced). He was born, and we took one look at him and decided that wasn't his name.

As for the names - I'm a fan of more tradtional stuff, so if you like those - more power to you. The one that I would avoid, though, is Arkie. People will ask him where he got his name, and he will have to explain that it's where his mom got knocked up with him. Eh.


Nice one ;)

C'mon folks. Look at your calendar and then re-read her post and the serious comments everyone is Making. "Is she joking?" Um, yeah.

We called our son "tadpole" in utero, but did consider Tad for after he was born.

Your current kids are Quinlan and Drew. Those names sound kind of preppy. Why not stick with that theme? And don't forget being in Arkansas, whatever you choose will have that redneck accent to it when spoken by the locals.

We spent 9 months telling our families we were going to name our baby Spartacus. Girl or boy.

They actually believed us (with much whispering behind our backs)

Try using that one on your inlaws!

How about "Seven"? Boy or girl!
Thanks , George!

We had some front runners in mind with our kids but didn't name the little suckers until we looked at them.

My MIL hated the name Emersyn for our last daughter. She would get a look on her face like she ate lemons when I talked about it.

She got over it. My SIL has 3 girls and named them all mainstream "appropriate" things, so can get the kudos....WHATEVER.

Your names are all funky and interesting and obviously mean something special to you. With our kiddos, the middle name is ALWAYS a family, then you keep somebody happy at least.

I'm spelling Lavendar with an A on purpose.



Ooh, pretty much universal hate for all these.

Lavender is spelled with a second e, but almost everyone gets it wrong.

Please tell me you are joking with those names.

Augustus was a big contender here back in the day.

I also like Thor, but it would have been way comical with my last name.

I agree with Kelly that you need to consider how the nicknames would go.

I, personally, just never told anyone our name choices until after the baby was born and named. No one would dare say something rude when it a done deal. Of course, I was also one of those that spent the whole pregnancy and beyond trying to figure out the name.

I got all anal with the name of our daughter. I like vowel names, and have a nickname that's 3 letters. And that was my criteria. My husband came up with something neat that was pretty eclectic that I liked. The kid was 6 months old when I found out the name? Is from a video game. Guess I can't hate it now, right?


Who's to say that you can use that name? Inlaws suck and I would be inclined to like that name EVEN MORE just because they didn't list it as acceptable!

I'm loving October too!

We decided to name boy #2 Jules... ya know... like Jules Verne. It's not going over very well, to say the least. Smart people get it.... stupid people go "so, you're giving him a girl's name?"

How about Gabrielle or Gabriel? Gabby or Gabe for short? I like those names... but they didn't fit with our J theme.

We've decided for sure on names for ours, who's due in October: my other half is still sulking that he's not allowed to call the kid Darth if it's a boy. Or Anakin. Or Padme if it's a girl.

Oops that was me stealing my husband's identity. Sorry ;)

For most of my life I totally, seriously, planned to name any boy child of mine Wolfgang, after Mozart. Or Galileo. After Galileo.

That is until I married a man with an unusual last name that's spelled just like a first name, and then sanity slapped me in the face and I decided it would just be too much to saddle my child with an unusual first name too.

Speaking of musical names, I met a boy named Ellington at Isaac's music school recently. I thought that was a totally awesome name.

The on-going joke with our future spawn has been that he wants to name it "Winston Zedmore" after the Ghostbuster's character. I have vetoed, but it is now a staple in his daily activity to call my belly "Winston"...

Vylet for a girl

The on-going joke with our future spawn has been that he wants to name it "Winston Zedmore" after the Ghostbuster's character. I have vetoed, but it is now a staple in his daily activity to call my belly "Winston"...

april fool! although Arkie and Gertie do both have a certain charm.

I LOVE AUGUSTUS - I was once interviewed by a man named Augustus and I could not get over how KICK ASS his name was - plus he was super nice!

Boys - I love Adam Just love how it rolls out of your tounge.

Leonidis (?) Watched 300 SO MANY TIMES

Francis - boy or girl

For Girls - I do love your choice of October. Nick name TOBY.

Also consider Amadeus...

Good Luck

The on-going joke with our future spawn has been that he wants to name it "Winston Zedmore" after the Ghostbuster's character. I have vetoed, but it is now a staple in his daily activity to call my belly "Winston"...

We named our son so his initials would be "POW." Not like the detainee more like the comic book sounds. If you go that route something like Lawrence Ulysses or Daphne Uma. You could also go for something semi-obscene like Franklin Oliver, or Sydney Ursula.

All of those require a hard "C."

Orville and Gerta

Good luck! It's hard, isn't it?

Oh, I hope it's a girl because I really like Gerta - Gertie... that was one on my list until DH vehemently stated his dislike for it.

October is a great girl name. I'm also partial to Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm struggling w/ a boy name as well - due date in August. My husband is throwing suggestions to me like: Aristotle, Plato, Diogenes. I wouldn't worry about the nickname thing too much - I know quite a few people who will not accept nicknames for themselves or their kids and it works.

Hi! I've never posted a comment before but I have a thing with people naming their kids and not thinking of the nicknames they are creating. Would you be okay with people calling your child this?

Mozart = Mozie or Moze or Art

Emeril = Em or Emmie

Orville = Orv or Orvy (side not my great-grandpa was Orval and I like it)

Arkie = Ark

Electra = El or Ellie maybe?

Lavendar = Lav or Lavy

October = Oct or Octy or maybe even Toby?

Gerta = Gert or Gertie (which I like Gertie)

I only say this because I have two friends who didn't really think about the names until after the fact. My friend Ryan has a daughter named Rylee and when you call out "Ry" they both answer and my friend Matt has a daughter Madison who people call Mady and it's too close to Matt also.

Too many people would pronounce it mo-zart instead of moat-zart. And that dude is way famous.

I love October--my birth month too. Lavender is good too. Electra? Only if she has a twin brother that you plan to name Oedipus. I do like Mozart for a boy--or Amadeus. ROCK ME!

Since my wife has not-so-subtly informed me that the only way this name is being used in our family is if science figures out a way for me to carry a child, I'll offer my #1 name up for consideration:

Augustus. Think of a pudgy little boy you affectionately call Gus... come on, you know you love it.

As for girls names, I'm not telling... we're still negotiating those.

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