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April 21, 2008


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For your own piece of mind, speak with your physician before taking a supplement for your depression. Then remove the string of the tea bag and put the mixture in a cheese cloth. Meditation lowers stress chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline, both of which increase pain, anxiety and depression.

Beautiful, Kristen.

I have a question that is only slightly related to your current post. HOW do you go about finding midwives and doulas in your area.

I am in the NJ Metro area and considering a water birth. I have no idea how to go about it. Clearly I am going to do research adn read up on it all to find out if this is even an option. However, I feel clueless when it comes to finding out who, what, and where? Any suggestions.

YOU ROCK and love your post.

It's not a mommyblog but Violeteclipse.blogspot.com always makes me smile and reminds me to appreciate what we've got!

Jen at One Plus Two (droolstreet.blogspot.com). So amazing.

What I love about all the blogs that you mentioned is that the authors are mothers and writers and wives first - and the stories they tell, the trials that they face, they do so right in stride with the rest of real life.

I love Kate's imagery. I love NG's sense of humor. I love Susan, well, because she's Susan.

We all have our struggles. I think sharing them by blogging helps the silver linings shine through.

It's a great sentiment, K.

This post is a great reminder to focus on the silver linings that are everywhere.

And the 'well, just don't let them off their leashes'?


Good thing there's no snow in ATL right now.

There's a silver lining for ya.

In February, I lost my identical twin boys at nineteen weeks. I had never felt so much joy and happiness in my life than I did when I was pregnant with them, I could not wait to add them to our family of four.

My own loss and devastation, along with other bloggers and their real life struggles and heartbreak, lets me see the very bright and shiny silver lining that exists right in front of us - it's just a matter of allowing ourselves to see it.

Even with my broken heart, the brightness in my life is so bright it's blinding, I always knew I had it good, but it took the death of my sons to realize just how good my life truly is.

@mom101 -- thanks for catching that.
They're pretty leashes, though. With crystals and the like.

I'm with caramama, any other story, blog or not blog, helps keep things in perspective.

But let's focus on what's important in this post - you've finally embraced leashes for your children.

I just love B at Relaxed Alert http://relaxedalert.blogspot.com/ . She has amazing strength but still is completely honest about all the hard stuff she goes through after losing her husband.

It's still early for you to be feeling the baby--try not to panic...I totally get that it is hard not to!!!


She just amazes me with her story, and her courage to tell it!

I think all the blogs I read give me a silver lining in one way or another (including this one!!!). But here are two that always make me feel better.

Jen at Amazing Trips, because... damn... triplets!!! Plus a baby who is less than a year: http://amazingtrips.blogspot.com/

Karen at The Rocking Pony, who's youngest (of four) has downs syndrome, and who has such a great attitude about life: http://therockingpony.blogspot.com/

You might think this self-centered, but the blog that challenges me to see the silver lining is the one I set up for my daughter:


She reminds me everyday what can be overcome. Despite being born deaf in one ear, minus an ear canal and outer ear, and having had two major scary surgeries before she was 5 years old, she wakes up every morning happy, singing, playful, and ready for the day. She's open, friendly, social, and doesn't give a stitch about what's "wrong" with her. She's the ray of sunshine in my life.

Alexa from


I have been thinking of this a lot lately as I lay mired in the first trimester yucks. I don't have a blog with a silver lining but maybe I need to find one or make one of my own. Maybe the Mummy Chronicles should just be a tad less um... about me.

Bon, from Crib Chronicles.


She has experienced the pre-term birth and subsequent death of her son, Finn, and a miscarriage. And she has a beautiful son named Oscar and she's currently pregnant again and on bedrest, and I just think her writing is so intensely gorgeous, she snaps me out of my pathetic funks and makes me look at things in a different light.

Love Lindsay and Kristin -- Looking forward to checking out the others!


This lady is a step *eek* mother to two teeange *eek* girls and has a four and a one year old. She deals with the stigma of being the younger second wife and a mom of two little ones. Her blog is so POSITIVE. She totally recognizes the challenges in her life, but she grateful for each one because her life is what she chose.


She really makes me appreciate my husband, sharing parenting, having a settled home life...just everything. I remember going through a lot of the feelings she describes and it makes me happy to have found the love of my life. Being a single mother was very difficult, I don't ever want to do it again. Ever. Also, she's pretty.

My silver lining blog is http://xbox4nappyrash.blogspot.com/

I'm the mom of a 10 month old and am 2 months into a surpise pregnancy. It reminds me that even though this pregnancy was a shock we are so lucky to have gotten pregnant not once, but twice with little or no thought and complete ease when so many people struggle with fertility.

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