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April 02, 2008


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Ooh, I love the Baby Dragon set! So cute!

I love the mom and dad tattoo tees.

My kids are older, so I don't think they fit most of the clothes, but I loved the grasshopper return address labels, they are so unique!

love the jewerly

the jewelry, I would love the jewelry

Can I enter? I am just visiting because Table For Five had a list of blogs she subscribes to. But I will come back! Anyway, I love all their stuff, but I really, really, covet the I Am a Mermaid dress for little girls. It is so cute, and on sale so I may have to go buy it anyway.


Seriously, what is there not to covet on this site! I have never been there before and have looked for things like this since I had my daughter...and that was 4 1/2 years ago. I am definitely one of those tree-hugging eco-chics and am often on the prowl for the out-of-the-ordinary and eco-friendly items that are stylish and don't come with the prerequisite of have a celeb salary.
My most coveted items would be the hand-dyed kimono (I love the asian theme!), the velvet gaucho pants, and the unique tee.
Thanks for the link to this store and your list of favorite things. I love the Blend Creations jewelry!

What a cool site!

I like (and I know my wife would love) the WeeSqueak Pink Daisy Mary Jane shoes. I think we'd both appreciate being able to keep tabs on my daughter when she's out of sight.
Here's the link:

Im loving the lucky dragon tank!

Love everything, but totally coveting the skull and crossbones pant and tee set.

I like the childhood memeory books.

i love the Smart Cookie Magic 8 ball!


I loved the I'm a Princess dress but they're all sold out!

I love the Ocean World Growth Chart. Adorable.

Glad to be turned on to this site... I am in love with Green Beatle bag, but the practical mom would go for the skull 2-piece set for my pending little boy.

I like the tatoo shirts, but I LOVE the baby skull and crossbones tee and pants set. It's badass.

The artwork (jellybean tree and pink tulip) is great... as are the weesqueak shoes! I could spend $50 very easily!

the tatoo shirts! would love to win!

count me in..

They have a lot of cute things there, and love the Asian inspired theme.

Coveting! My favorite pastime!! (at least I'm not alone). So, I'm coveting the Dogeared "Mom" jewelry, because I know I'm the only one who will think to get me such a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day.

Loved the tatoo shirts (mom and dad), and the brown and aqua kimono romper. But now I have to go back to look for the Gore bag....

enter me!

I like the Al Gore tote. Al is my homeboy.

What a great shopping site. I bookmarked it for childrens gifts. I covet the I am a Mermaid dress for my little grandaughter.


Everything is wonderful. Love the site. Definantly adding to my favorites.

I really like the Blue Dragon Bodysuit and the Black and Blue Peacock Shoes! I love the Asian inspired designs... far more fun than the typical Winnie the Pooh stuff you see every other baby wearing.
Thanks for a hip and trendy giveaway!
Marissa :)


I want it all

Loving the Oopsy-Daisy artwork. Especially the kite one and the jellybean tree. Adorable!!

I have 8 grandchildren and I am loving looking at all the great things that were not available when I had my own children. I loved the organic hand dyed kimonas! I also really like the little kid backpacks. I have one little grandson that carries his own "needs" in a backpack whenever they travel somewhere and will be gone several hours. As soon as he gets home again, he hangs it on a hook on his level in his room until his next adventure.

Hey everyone! My swear by is Stelatopia moisturizing cream (it's by Mustela). My son has very sensitive skin and some ezcema issues (bummer!) and this cream worked awesome to clear things up after trying about a million other things.

Love the Dear Mom jewelry from Itty Bitty Ladybug boutique!

Blend Creations for sure. How beautiful!

Love, love, love the Tomo & Edie Organic Hand Dyed Kimono in Logwood. It looks so comfy- I wish they had it in my size! The Blend Creations website is calling me, too...

Durn, I WANT the WWAGD tote. (What Would Al Gore Do). Freaking hilarious!!!!

I love the Princess and the Pea canvas! So cute!

DANTE BEATRIX - BIG KID DINO BACKPACK sooooo cute. My 3 year old would love that when he starts school.

These are a few of my favorite things...the ladybug tea set would tickle my daughter pink! I think I have found THE ONE she will be getting or her birthday! Also the growth charts are really so cute-no more marks on the wall!

Well I love everything as well, but keep going back to the Artwork! Love the petite prints by Lorena Siminovich - there are cute ones with owls and birds that are just adorable.

http://www.ittybittyladybug.com/catalog.php?category=13 And the price isn't bad either!

I'd much rather know what real Moms like than what celebrity kids are wearing. Everything on Itty Bitty Ladybug is great, but I think my dau"ghter would look adorable in the I Am A Mermaid - Aqua Short Sleeved Dress!

I absolutely love the butterfly bodysuit! How adorable!!

How about ALL of the pieces in the Studio Avo Artwork-Asian Inspired section. I would love anyone of them, too bad it'll take more than a $50 cift card to get me one.

What a great site! I totally covet the Haiku Grab Bag. Me likey.

chocolate and aqua print kimono romper - very cute!

I love to know what other moms love & like you could care less about the celebs. I want to know about real people, lol. I love those chopsticks for kids, my kids always want them & never can use them. I also like that I'm a mermaid & I'm a princess dresses in the girls section. Very cute stuff!

An emphatic YES to Bumpstyle -- fit me when nothing else did!

I love the Baby Bjorn "Baby Sitter 1-2-3" bouncy seat:


I love the chopsticks and any of the Giddy Giddy hair accessories.

I am loving the green beatle Dante Beatrix haul tote - love it.

(sidenote - I am also plotting ways to acquire a Blend Creations necklace)

I totally covet with all my heart the China doll crib bedding...but my baby just moved to a big girl bed and adopting another child just isn't in the cards:(. Soooo, my more realistic covet is the adoption baby books. Fabulous idea!!

With summer & beach fun on the way, I love the colorful mermaid dress!

Bink-Ts - ingenius!

Such nice stuff! I have to say I love the little kids shark backpack, it's too adorable!

Glad to hear the names were a joke...you had me a little worried!

I love the little flower power hair clips! I've never seen anything like 'em! I'll be ordering some of those for my DD (who at 15 months is a little light in the hair department)!

The Lucky Dragon tank for mama I love!!!!

Geez. The Blend website is awesome. Thanks for sharing that!

Did I miss your article in the Dem Gaz? Dang.

LUV LUV LUV the Diaper Goop. Bought tons of it before I moved "up north". Can't find it anywhere here, just as I figured.

ooh - lots.

The boys' Koi fish t-shirt, the blue dragon bodysuit, the flower blossom tank (for me!), the Kimono Moon print, and definitely the Ladybug Apron for K.

Cool stuff!

I love the Dante Beatrix Ladybug Tote -- so cute! And I would be the "cool mom" at the library each week! I also love the Dear Mom necklaces, if I get to gush over more than one.

someone gave me a small tub of Butt Balm for my son and I LOVED it more than I can tell you. http://butt-balm.com/about.html
It worked better than anything I bought in the store. I haven't found it anywhere but online... its a local indiana thing.

The Glossy Metallic Weesqueak Sandals are the cutest baby shoes I've seen yet.

The Glossy Metalliz Weesqueak Sandals are the cutest baby shoes I've seen yet.

Oooo. I love the Kimono Rabbits artwork. We have an asian bunnyish theme in the nursery and that would be a perfect addition. Such cute stuff!

Too many things that I want. I like the Luky Dragon tank and the Baby Dragon Set. The chopstick kids are so cute and so needed at my house. My daughter would love the Daddy Tattoo Tee, she is such a Daddy's girl. My neice would love to get the Skull & Crossbones Set at her baby shower.

I love the Dear Mom Heart of Love necklace. All the stuff is cute.

I like the Confucious Big Brother tee and the long sleeve tee by wati designs.

I love the kids chopsticks and the heart mom tatto shirt - my son is such a momma's boy, he would LOVE that!!!

Loving the Chopstick Kids set...my Korean mother will get a kick out of watching my boys use them-rather than stabbing her bulgogi with angst!

All of her stuff is great, but I really love the Dante Beatrix Haul Tote in the Ladybug Pattern.

The shoes, baby! It's all about the shoes at our house. Those Bugaboo shoes are fabulous and Little Miss Queen would be thrilled to have a pair of bright, colorful shoes.

*and i am BTW, according to the asian zodiac (i can say that 'cause i'm korean) =)

I love the lucky dragon tank top!

(I think my ex-husband would agree that i am, indeed, a dragon . . . but i think we all know i'm lucky for divorcing the idiot.)

Love the Fortune Cookie shirts...too cute!

Ooh, I love everything! Do I have to choose one thing on which to focus my coveting? Hm... How about the Asian garden growth chart?

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