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May 11, 2008


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Good lord, I'm not sure what to say - but I must say that was some freakin' weekend. Hope everyone heals quickly.

i'm impressed you're only popping tylenols. i would have needed something WAY stronger! hahaha!

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the crap-festival and your baby's head! At least the visit to the ER was short, but still... What a way to spend a weekend.

I love when kids realize how important their dad is and seeing how much they love him. Dads are very important in the life of a kid.

I hope you both feel much better soon!

Hey Kristen,
It seems as though your Mother's Day went off the same as mine. First my 3 1/2 year old decided to touch the hot stove burner after his sister was finished cooking her lunch ( She is 12)Nice 2nd degree burns and then I ate something, either the cake or the chocolate that laid me out for the rest of the day.
Happy Mother's day to all of us!

One mother's day when I was a kid, we were at the mall and my mom's liscense plate was paged over the intercom. She thought maybe she had won something. When she got to the office they told her that her car had caught fire! The car next to hers exploded and hers was pretty much a blackened heap of broken glass and melted plastic. While there were no injuries, I've always thought that was the worst Mother's Day I know of.

Okay, SO JEALOUS of the IPhone.... and sorry about little Drew's head (I'm sure that caused quite a huge mommy-heart-attack.)

The Huz's mom refused to come to Mother's Day dinner at our house as planned because she actually left Huz's dad a few days before that. She didn't want to come husband-less and have to explain where His Dad was..... Drama, Drama. Why can't any holiday just go off without a hitch?!?

This is the way our family holidays always went too...I am glad everyone is more or less ok.

Terrible. At least you're both rebounding, and you have a new iPhone. Let's hope Father's Day is a little less eventful.

Poor Drew! I assume he's OK now though, right?

(btw: same thing happened to my sister when she was little, and she turned into a university prof... just sayin')

It's a glamorous life we lead! I'm sorry for all of the craziness, but glad you're all ok. Happy day, K.

Woah, that sucks. Sorry your Mother's Day was even worse than mine. (I wasn't throwing up-- my kid was. And there were no trips to the ER. Although a storm did blow part of my gutter off.)

Maybe we should declare a do-over next week.

Sorry to hear about Drew's head! I hope the bump goes away soon!

And, Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to you! :)

Sorry about the injury, but at least you only had a thirty minute trip to the ER.

Yikes! Hope you are both feeling better now - and you're right, that was one speedy trip to the ER.

Have a good day anyway!

Yikes! And I thought explosive diarrhea from the preschooler all weekend was bad.

Poor little guy. He's really shaping up to be the one who finds new and exciting ways to give you a heart attack, isn't he?

That's the fastest ER visit EVER. When the boys go, we end up camped out for a few hours each time. Hope you both feel better soon!

I think you need to retell that story differently.

Like about your RAGING drug-filled night (dude, there was puking!) that ended with a house full of broken furniture and a trip to the ER

Come on, you can do better next time.

Wow, you really know how to party! There's always next year, right?

I just came here to wish you a Happy Mothers Day and then I read this. Ouch! Poor Baby, Poor Mama!

Oh, dear Lord, I hope he's OK. You poor thing. Happy Mother's Day?

Glad he's ok, and sorry you're sick. You just described 5 out of our last 7 New Year's Days. We've quit drinking on New Year's Eve for fear of a 2am ER trip. Hope next year Mother's Day is less eventful for you.

Oh geez. I'm glad he is alright! I'd kiss that noggin for him if I could.

Does that mean you get new furniture?

Well, at least you can only go 'up' from there! Sorry about little Drew's head and your belly ailment. Hope you have a decent day after all.

Oh honey that sounds terrible! Glad you're all on the mend! Happy belated birthday too btw!

Oy vey. We were at the ER Tuesday at 2 am. NO FUN.

Hoping your day gets better. Happy mother's day, friend!

I tipped myself over and knocked myself out in crappy table and chairs when I was four and didn't want to eat Brussels sprouts. No ER visit back then, my parents were fairly hands off. lol
My advice for the day would be for you to find the softest most soothing room you have and stay put!
Happy Mother's Day!

Well, I guess it's what being a mom is all about, huh? My 6-year-old is throwing up too so unfortunately we're housebound as well. You put it in perspective for me though---at least we're alive and together! Happy Mother's Day to you!

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