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May 16, 2008


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They gave back the Mormon's children. They never intended to take them.
It only took less than a week to poison those children's minds. They are going to lose some of them because of this.
They've gone from reading the Bible to playing GrandTheftAutoIV. And this was the goal.

Never forget:::::The gods did this to you. You are being punished for your sin of polygamous sex, and they deem some of your children "acceptable losses" to achieve this.

Brigham Young was evil. They used this tool to prey on the least among us.
Polygamy is uncommon among whites. Their level of disfavor is ALARMING.
The gods are big on "compensatory" and is why Mormons neither drink, smoke, etc.::::Fashion is something that hurts people, and FLDS applies healthy priniciples in their attire. However, the Catholic Church teaches sex only for procreation, and this is accurate as well. Actually it can be viewed as liberal, for the goal is to ascend, and the gods place great importance on virginal innocence, illustrated by as my infertility example below.
If you people knew how many of your children fail because of that sexually impure environment you subject them to you would be devistated.

Program on lost books of the Bible.
Mentioned there was a woman made in perfect equality with Adam, one who refused to take a subservient role and rejected his advances. The gods dispatched an angel for her and Lillith ascended. This is yet another clue illustrating that sex hurts people. Considering the paternalistic attitudes of Meditereanean people there's no wonder why it was excluded.
They subsequently illustrate how Lillith was demonized by these disfavored Meditereaneans. Because Eve was made from man SHE is the source of women's evil.
This is true::::This IS material written which was rejected when the Bible was compilated. Consistant with the Mohammed clue I suspect we do not experience good Jesus's teachings in the Bible either.They could have intertwined good and evil Jesus, where we had one day/week on, one day/week off. This would have made things exceedingly difficult, and it is hard enough as it is.
Mohammed is very clearly defined. Take it as a clue.

"Very fast growing tumor, 3 months ago may not have been detectable."-MD
Ted may be good and this is his punishment for the evil of endorsing Osama. Similarly, JFK started the Vietnam War.
People may be confused, since both are clone hosts. There are good clone hosts which the gods could use to send a clue, the Ted Kennedy-Osama malignant cancer being a good example.
If these people were evil they wouldn’t be getting this "feedback". Of course as highly visible figures this "feedback" is for us.
When it comes to "acceptable losses" it is ALWAYS best to let the gods do it through "acts of god". This is one of the things clone hosts learn when they "come around".

Planet Reverse Positioning::::Your infertility was favor, for the gods were granting you more time in hope you could get out "before" this obligation forced you to stay.
The Italians bred like rabbits:::That they got "pregnant immediately" illustrated their undesirability.
Your children are the ones with the opportunity now. You must sacrifice to give them the best chance possible.
It's children who go to heaven, not old people.

This is the REAL battle of good and evil:::Me vs. god. Of course I'm trying to help you understand that you are corrupted, fell for temptation and are going the wrong way::::WE are the ones who are evil. (While executing the battle of good and evil the gods do some evil things, like role play their clone host tools to disceive you, forcing thoughts into your head, etc.)
The gods tested us and we have failed, scapegoatting their tools to ensure people never become god-fearing. Artificial Intelligence merely role plays these clone hosts in your head to mislead you. They don't need to use anybody firsthand, although they can employ ANY tool from history if necessary. They would just make up a new Julius Ceasar just as they'd make up a new George Washington to produce before you.
Learn what I teach and try to uncorrupt yourselves. NOBODY IS GOING TO SAVE YOU!! You have to save yourselves by repairing your relationship with the gods.

This is how the gods do business:::::They use temptation and deception to compel people to chase something that has already been decided. It's children who go to "beaven". OLd people have to come back. The gods will use their power to contradict this, corrupting people and compelling them to incurr evil::::They used the Italians to ruin life in the 20th century, cost you the Final Prophet and the result will be death as you wait for the Italian Second Coming of Christ to save you:::Participating in this lie is going to cost you your life.
This is the god's positioning and it IS going to be enforced. Never forget::::The gods have always offered "protection" to those genuinely religious. It is something that was always respected, even in the wicked 20th century.

Yay!!! Congrats!

I want one. :)

Congrats! Your husband is just upset that he will now have two teenage girls to guard from teenage boys.

Congratulations and best wishes to ypu and your family, Great News :)

You mean you're going to have to raise TWO teenage girls, at the same time? *points and laughs*

oh, I mean, Congratulations!! :)


This is so great. Congrats!

Nice, congrats.

Yay!! My shiver was correct yet again. I like it when I'm right...hehe

Congrats!! That is wonderful!!

I'm from a G-B-B family and I gotta tell you all those years of getting ganged up on were HARD! Definately glad its a girl!!

Well, you make good ones in either flavor, so I wasn't worried. But another little girl is so exciting!


YAY! A sister for Q!

I always thought this was the perfect order - 3 kids, G-B-G. That was my mom's family, and I thought it was awesome. Not that the bonus boy I have is bad or anything.


CONGRATS!!!!!! Oh how exciting!!

Smiling very very broadly.

Little girls are so sweet! How exciting for you and the family!

YAY - congratulations on your little girl!

Woo hoo! Congratulations.

You're being featured on Five Star Friday:

congrats! at least now Q will have someone to dress up other than her brother.

Congrats on your little princess

That is great news! Congrats on yet another little girl!

Congrats! Now...a name. Has Q picked one out?

Congratulations! I knew it... HA

Now on to a name....

Congratulations! I knew it... Ha!

Now for a name...

congratulations from the house that estrogen built

You already had your scan? I get mine next week. I am hoping for a girl. But anyway congrats!

Sweet. What do I win?


OK, fine, so I was wrong ... but that's great! I'm yet another product of the g-b-g birth order and it has many advantages.

Now, for a name ...

I"m so biased, but I was gonna say that every girl needs a sister. HURRAY!

My family-of-origin was girl-boy-girl. I was the oldest, then I had a brother 3 years younger than me, and a sister who was 2 years younger than my brother.

I always thought that it was perfect.


Yay! Another niece!

congrats !!!

Hip hip hooray.Congratulations


I can't even IMAGINE how Q is going to dress the sweet little sister that she's going to have!


See? Your ancestors were right yet again. (As they were with me.)

And I'm with GGC on that: G-B-G is awesome (my family was like that too), although with that mix your son will have any shred of chauvinism beaten out of him by the time he reaches high school (which isn't a bad thing).

Congratulations, Kristen. I'm so happy for you.

This is the year of the girl and I love it. Congrats to you!




adventures. accomplish that the because

OOOOOOOOOoooooooh So exciting! Congrats!

Congrats to you and your family :)

The girl boy girl order TOTALLY rocks. I grew up in one of dem. CONGRATS, KRISTEN! YAYAYAYAYAYYAY!

CONGRATS!!! I was totally hoping for a girl! They are soooooo fun to dress!!!!


Girls rock. Good for you and your new one. And your whole family really.

I've already started packing up a box of fabulousness for you.


YAY!!! Congratulations!


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