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May 12, 2008


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Hope Drew in feeling better! When my now-five-year-old son was only 2, I remember an interesting trip to the bathroom. While waiting for him, there was a mom by the sink who was changing her baby's diapers. No changing table in sight, she had to make due, and changed his diaper while they were both standing up. I remember being completely in awe, and now three years later and on our second kid, I still don't know how she did it.

Oh, friend. SO SORRY that your weekend sucked, and that there is suckage, and that sucky things suck.

Which is why I hear you on the lollipops. Too bad that preggos can't indulge in, like vodka lollipops or something. Cuz that would help.

We're like celebrities, us moms -- we're always suffering from "exhaustion." Only ours is DEFINITELY exhaustion induced.... I get that exhaustion flu all the time! My little guy has kept me from sleeping for 7 months!!So, no wonder.

I wish your husband could be home more often.... (hugs)

Poor Drew...and poor you. Sounds like quite a few days, but I'm picking up on a lot of love between the lines.

It sounds like the Huz is doing a bit of the growing up that you did with your first child (or earlier, for all I know). That's excellent news.

I really like the map idea, and maybe he can send postcards when Q gets a little older. There is nothing more exciting to a little kid than getting mail.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

I think I have the tired mom flu too. I am so run down. And yes, lollipops make the world a better place!

This post made me really happy. The "not just because I need an extra hand . . ." made me happy for you.

Sorry to hear about Drew's injury. Hope he's doing much better!

When insane behavior becomes endearing again you know your marriage is in a good place.

My neighbor stopped by to tell me she caught her husband cheating on Mother's Day. She has two kids under three.

Oh goodness. What a load of stress you've got going on there. I hope you are getting some kind of a babysitting break during the week.

I think I must have had Tired Mom Flu last night due to being fed up with the world. Today was sunny and better. Hope everyone is doing better at your house, too.

Glad you're feeling better. Sorry poor baby got a bump on the head. Someday you'll laugh about this.

Oh, I hear you. You made me all teary eyed today. Big hugs, Kristen!

This is one of the most loving posts I have ever read. Truly. I far prefer this to some of the smoochy, lovey ones I have read about other bloggers *perfect* husbands. They just give me a bad case of the "tired mom flu".

Both of my sisters (also both mothers of four) have done the single parent M-F thing when husbands moved for new jobs and they stayed behind to sell the house and let the kids finish school. I think it aged both of them 5 years, even though each experience was only 3-4 months long. It is hard, hard, HARD work, and being able to grow your feelings for the Huz amid all of it is huge.

Q's quote? That's a tearjerker. Pass the tissues, please.

I hate it when J. is gone, too. We bicker about dumb stuff sometimes, but really - he's a vital and KEY component to the whole 'we're a family' thing.

(((HUGS))) for you and the kids. He'll be home soon.

I get really sick to my stomach too when I'm upset about, well... anything. Anxiety really takes a toll on my GI system, to say the least.
And regarding those standing-up diaper changes. I learned how to do it from watching how they do it at my son's preschool - he holds the tabs in the back while I get the front set and I take one tab at a time from him. It gives him a job and he stands still while concentrating on holding both sides. Hope it helps.
My husband is so funny about how he has to be in a particular orientation for diaper changes, but I've actually come to prefer the standing changes cause we can do that anywhere. No more yucky bathroom tables. ;)
Hope you continue to feel better!!!

Glad that your family life is on the upswing and that you're recovering from being sick.

Both my husband and I were sick this weekend, with cold that had entirely different symptoms. Huh?

He's got some long days/nights away for work coming up, and I know how much we'll miss him and his help. I feel for how tough it must be to have your husband on the road (in the air?) every single week.

I've been reading for a while but never commented. Just wanted to say that my husband is an airline pilot as well and I feel your pain with the weekly absences. We're in the process of trying to get pregnant and I'm equally excited (you know for all the regular reasons) and terrified (knowing that I'll be alone for large chunks of the child rearing fun!) Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad you said that about the asshole moments. I must be reading too many blogs about perfect marriages lately. It makes a girl wonder what is wrong with hers.

My husband travels every week too. It is hard, and I try so hard to be sweet when he gets home. I try to save all the "fun" stuff, like going out for ice cream, for when he gets home. I feel sorry for him b/c he's missed every single one of our youngest's milestones.

I try to do things to make his time at home awesome, but I do get crabby about it a lot. He's got to think I'm schizo.

For the kids I bought a map of the U.S. and we put a pin for "Where is Daddy this week." It helps a bit.

Is Drew big enough for pull-ups yet? It doesn't make the poopy diapers much easier but it drastically improves the run-of-the-mill standing diaper change. I just switched for my 2 1/2 year old (Who is not even close to potty trained) because I was tired of getting kicked in the jaw while changing and it's the best money I've ever wasted!

Happy birthday and mother's day. Sounds like you are having a good week, considering all your current challenges!

Here's to you *getting the message* from your body.

I love this post and I can't even imagine what it's like when he's gone...for all of you.

My husband travels a lot for his job and I feel a hole in my heart when he is gone. Not that when he is home, I necessarily appreciate him, but when he is gone I do feel sort of lost.

It's hard.

Revoery meaning when you voe, once again

For a sick lady that's a whole heckuva upbeat thing to say. I'm glad to hear that home, Drew, and you are all on the road to revoery.

I'm glad things seem to be turning around a bit.

I think we all put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. It's a matter of being able to let go of them....I have a hard time with that!

I hope the Huz sees how much his not being there is affecting the family and tries to stay home more often as the kids get older. Honestly, I don't know how you do it!

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