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May 09, 2008


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Fantastic web site. A lot of useful information here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you on your effort!

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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Wering baby in a mei tai is best. And instead of buying a fancy shirt for outings, I just get a designer mei tai!

Hee! I went to a wedding when my new baby was 3 weeks old. It was awesome: I think I could have worn a bathrobe and no one would have seen it, they were so busy looking at the baby.

I will gladly lend Bossy my own baby who I will be schlepping to BlogHer 08.

So if babies are the hot thing to wear this year, were we the trend setters last year?

With all of the new babies and pregnant bellies, I'm going to feel left out this year.

Not sure whether I'll be bringing the baby to BlogHer 08, but if I do, it'll be in the Rockin Baby Pouch that you kindly recommended.

By the way, you sounded smart and professional on TV. I had a few silly thoughts on the segment overall:


Ha! I love that photo of you and is it just me or will everyone this year be either pregnant or carrying babies on their chests this year at Blogher? So much for sneaking ciggies and "spiked" cookies. Sigh...

Where can Bossy buy a faux baby?

You did look incredible on the Today Show! I'm looking forward to Blogher with a babe in arms...I'll check this book out for my friends soon to be joining in the mom club.

Thanks for telling us about the book. I'm sure my new mommy friends will love it. I used to shower while the little one was strapped in the car seat, pointed at the TV, watching Baby Einstein.

well i could bring my very first grandchild...she is due next month and is the reason why i won't be at blogher. i promised my daughter i would be helping her. maybe she won't notice if we sneak off to the city for a day trip. but then again she might.

You might have just pushed me over the edge to come to BlogHer. I mean, if bringing the baby will make me cool, then I'm all in. Because Lord knows I've got no other chance to be cool. It's a sad life I lead.

You did look awesome on TV. Send the names.
And yes -- love the sling... it's the only way to travel with baby.

I think I'm going to wear a doll in a sling at BlogHer. It looked so cute when you and Christina did it last year. Dawson offered up his Tyrone stuffed doll thing. You think anyone would call me crazy? ;)

You outed me. I'm bringing Oliver to BlogHer '08 because I want to be JUST LIKE YOU.

I second the book even if you don't think you need it. We're all rookie moms at heart, even with the second (and third) babies.

And wow does that old website scare me.

I laughed aloud at the thought of me being given a list of babysitters upon hospital check out. So smart, but would I have wanted that more than more vicodin? Or more of the topical painkiller you can spray on your cooch? Plus, I would have lost the list. And actually, what I would have rather been given instead of that newborn baby was probably a five month old baby. They are so much more friendly without those scary wobbly heads.

My kid came to me at age 6 (stepson) and a couple of nights before my wedding I realized that I needed underwear - actually blue underwear because I didn't have a blue thing. Since my husband needed a few things he couldn't discuss with me either, we jetted out to the mall and I somehow got stuck with the kid (not a bad thing unless you are shopping for underwear). We headed over to VS. I stood in the doorway trying to figure out if I could just leave him out there - I couldn't. Too worried someone would take this incredibly cool kid soon-to-be mine. So I put my hand over his eyes and told him to not peek. It became a game of who could stop laughing the fastest because that is all we did the whole time. Giggled. I finally decided just to flag down a girl and have her find me some panties - any blue panties that were somewhat wedding night-ish and shove them in a bag. As we walked out, my stepson turned to me and said, "I peeked." I asked him what he saw. He giggled and said "Boobies." Great my future husband would know I was the one to christen the kid with seeing boobies for the very first time ever. Thankfully they weren't mine, but rather a manikin.

FOUR days after having the second child, I went to Gymboree with my daughter (the baby boy was in a sling and asleep the ENTIRE time - and I wouldn't let anyone *touch* him!)

but I carried #1 regularly in the sling right up until #2 was born though.

The Duggars just announced baby number 18 is due Jan 1st.

Wait, I'm going to BlogHer to escape my children and now you say bring one? HERESY! HERESY!!!

Reliable babysitters are better than diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sex. And even better than Cadbury Carmello.

I'd wear my baby to BlogHer but 1) She isn't that great at sleeping during the days and 2) She's damn near 40 lbs.

Actually, the RMs say DO NOT shower while the baby sleeps. You can actually do it quite well when they are awake. Save their sleep for yours!

Thanks for the book tip. I've got 2 myself now, but our babysitter (ACK! I have to find a new one) and a really good friend are both having their first and due soon. Ahhhh how I remember the days where it was an accomplishment worthy of the 6pm news if I got dressed and brushed my teeth. And a shower - well that was only dreamed about becuase let's face it, as a new parent faced with the choice of sleep or shower while the baby sleeps, we choose sleep almost every time.

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