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July 06, 2008


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Funny, I found this page because I was googling what kind of injuries internally my 14 month old son could possibly be suffering due to his father walking him right in to the ceiling fan about an hour ago! No blood, just a bump! Of course it made me wonder if there could be some brain swelling (yes, I am a major HYPOCHONDRIAC!) Glad she is ok, makes me feel better about the whole situation! I should probably go apologize to my husband for my crazy reaction......

The Miles, etc. family had a ceiling fan accident a couple years back. Practically an epidemic among bloggers.

oh yes and she had a baby four days ago. so cute. http://www.milesetc.blogspot.com/

Hope she's feeling better!

Ah, that'll knock some sense into her.

We all have to GROW UP SOMETIME.

OUCH! I hate to say it, but I giggled too. Poor girl!
Glad she was okay!

There must be something in the water this week. Kids around here are being especially crazy and getting hurt right and left. I think it's high time they settle down for the week and give us Mommys a break!

I sympathize... when Ryerson was 2, I accidently shut his foot in the van door... he had bare feet.
My oldest, Gage, told me, "Gee, Mom, you need to work on your parenting skills."
I cried for a week.
I'm glad to hear she's okay!

I bet that darling crown covers her wounds quite well.

You scared me reading it.
I am glad she is all right.
No matter how hard we try, things happen. I know the feeling well.

Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon!

Those little head wounds bleed disproportionally to the injury, don't you think? K. hurt her head once and we thought "holy shit! She's gonna die!" by the amount of blood she was pumping out.

It was a scratch.

Glad she's ok.....and she's a cutie.

All three of my boys have been walked into ceiling fans, luckily with no bloody mess involved. Crap happens and so does the guilt that goes alone with it!

And why do men never learn...

Dude. Holy fuck.

Give her extra cake for that. You have some too. In lieu of liquor.

(happy happy b-day to Q!!!!)

OK, am trying not to laugh. It's not that I think Q's injury is funny but b/c Hollis told me the other day that he doesn't want to grow up & be tall like Daddy. When I asked him why he said he's afraid he'll run into the ceiling fan. Now knowing Hollis, if I told him about Q, he'd be crawling around on all fours in our house until he's 18.
Hope she's doing better!

I lived for a year in a house with an infant and a living room with a low ceiling fan. It stressed me out every time I was in that room.

I'm glad everyone's okay!

Tell your husband she should have seen the fan and ducked, therefore it's not his fault at all. Then, when he feels a little better, hang it over his head (hehe) for the next 20 years.

When my 5yo was about 18 months he slipped on the bathroom tiles and busted his lip on the toilet. Not only was I a little freaked about all the blood, I was worried about the germs from the toilet.

I also had plenty of guilt about it because the floor was wet from my shower, *and* I was standing right there when it happened.


What a happy princess birthday picture. We all have parent trauma...our personal best was actually an uncle, thank god. He held our three year old upside down by his boots, and Yep, you guessed it, the feet came out of the boots. Ouch. Hope the flesh wounds clear up soon, and say Hi to Lucy the elephant if you hit Margate.

Dang. That's scary.

Happy birthday, Q. Hope you had a blast on the shore!

Head wounds always bleed like crazy, don't they? Glad she's OK, even if she now has a fear of growing up.

Cordy was wearing my hat last week and took off running towards our car. The hat slipped down over her eyes and her face hit the car at top running speed. Left a huge bruise and a black eye. Her only response was she didn't want to wear grown-up hats anymore.

Your daughter is absolutly adorable! I remember when my baby had her first fall.. I felt so guilty I would have thrown myself in prison if possible.. lol We took her to get her picture taken, and she was about 8 months old. She was sitting on the chair, and the idiot taking the picture asked me to move away a bit. In a split second, my daughters shoe fell off, and as always she plunged after it so that she can pop it into her mouth. She fell face flat, and buster her upper lip. I felt like I had died! I cried, and held her close to me, and called my mom, and was ready to take her to the hospital. My mom laughed at me, and said my dear... this is the first of many falls to come.. take it easy.. and get some ice on her lip.. she will survive!

BTW... great blog! Truly enjoyed it!

Glad she's O.K.
Happy Birthday Quinlan, from your Adoring Fans.

My son has two scars on his head from my husband's cousin lifting him up into a ceiling fan (which broke!). Lots of blood, but no need for stitches. We still joke about it eight years later.

The reason I think this is too funny is because Tucker did the exact same thing to Cara. She had a HUGE goose egg come up on her head in about five seconds.

Why is it that it's always the dads in these stories? :)

My hubby did that to the toddler little sister of a girl he was dating during high school.

It didn't go over too well but we saw the "victim" at a picnic and were talking about it and her parents were joking that it had caused years of memory loss and she had no doubt lost dozens of IQ points.

That's the best thing about trauma like that, usually it's good for a laugh later.

My 8 month old took a topple off of my bed a couple weeks ago and was left with a huge purple goose egg on his head from our hard wood floors. DH was pissed but last week (all in one day) he allowed our son to fall of the couch and then pinched his leg in the car seat buckle. I feel bad for my baby but at least my husband now knows how shitty I fell and how easy it is for that crap to happen. Hope Q gets well soon and isn't too traumatized.

My husband dropped my son in the pond and now my little guy says, "daddy dropped me" whenever he sees a body of water. So, yeah, those scars run deep (but, still kind of funny cuz it wasn't me doing the dropping).

Glad she's ok!

I love how little kids rationalize stuff like not wanting to be tall because you'll hit your head on ceiling fans.

The same thing happened to my daughter when she was little on my husband's shoulders. Although, he didn't walk her into a ceiling fan, but rather a doorway in a book store. She had a pretty good bump on her forhead.

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