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August 11, 2008


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Both photos are adorable. My oldest has been spending 8 hours a day in camp for 2 weeks and I think I'm starting to understand why parents like sending their kids to school.

Oh man, how I dig those school pictures.

So adorable!

Check with me on September 2nd when I sent my "baby" off to kindergarten. I'm already tearing up.

Love it!

Just registered TD for preschool today. This day is going to be hard. I bought her lunch box and almost cried.

Congratulations and good luck, to the both of you!

This is such a bittersweet day. I have a lot of really tender memories about this year with my boys.

Holy crap she is so CUTE!

The devil child is too, btw.



Cutest schoolgirl ever!

So sweet! Today was my son's first day... of pre--pre K and I think it was far more worse for me. Ugh.
She is too adorable... congrats on keeping it together ;)

Sending the child off to school is so difficult, she looks eager enough, with my son the goal is to not let him know how lame school can be when you get older. Makes my heart ache, my boy goes to kindergarten this year, and he's so small.

Oh, look at her and that cute little backpack! I'm sure she'll have a great first day and hopefully you will too!

They're both adorable!

And think ahead to when that new baby is here to remind yourself why this is a good thing.

What a big day, she looks adorable. Best wishes to all of you.

Ohhh..she looks so cute! Hope she had a great first day!


The ankle socks got me going but then that last line sealed the deal. I'm weepy (and happy) for you.

She looks just like you!

She looks so grown-up - that backpack engulfs her!

So adorable!

Such a cute picture! What an exciting day. If you're like me you'll spend the first week of your child starting school waiting for the day to be over not getting anything done. You'll get into the routine of actually taking advantage of the 4 hours with one kid away next week.

Hey, as soon as she puts pigtails in a little girl's hair the first time, she'll understand that at least one always must disappear in under 30 minutes or it's free.

And congratulations-- I know I'll have similar mixed emotions when my son starts school. I hope she had a great first day!

Awww, such a sweet picture. Those 4 hours will turn into 4 minutes as the school year passes, and then you'll be counting down the days to when the 2nd one goes. Not that I'm doing that or anything.

What a cutie! Hang in there, Mama.

I WISH school was starting here. Until the week after Labor Day. Enjoy!!

Hope this day blasts by for you and that you have your little girl back home with you soon!

Dawson starts in less than three weeks and I'm sort of having a panic attack. How do we Moms stay calm during this moment? I can't handle it!

You'll get used to the change and then you'll start looking forward to the time with just one, then you'll start dreading summer vacation and then you'll be that mom standing outside the doors of the school a whole day early...just waiting for them to turn on the lights..not that I would ever do that!


Our toddler LOVES his alone time when his sister is in preschool.

Thought of you at Kohl's this weekend. There was a huge rack of school uniforms: blue bottoms and white tops, all on sale.

She's off to school already? Wow!

Congratulations on your big first day, Mama. {Oh, and, Hey! It's not Catholic school hell. My Catholic school rocked!}

These WILL be the longest 4 hours ever. But very soon, school days will feel like the SHORTEST 4 hours ever. At least, that's how it works around these parts; 4 hours feels like 40 minutes and then holy hell, I have to boot across town and pick them up again. Funny thing, time.

I SOOO remember that first day w/ PunditGirl. It was one of the hardest days up to that point. But we both did great.

Now, I can't wait to get her out of the house to school or camp! ;)

Awww, isn't she sweet? Did you cry? I would {will} cry!

How sweet! Yeah, Kristen, the first week or so is tough. When you see just how excited she is when she gets home from school, it'll be worth all the lonely hours you spend wondering if she's ok.Congrats to the "big girl", sorry it had to be catholic school "hell". If ya need pointers on how to get around the nuns, call me. I have eons of experience.

OMG...I so remember this day. The principal was handing out tissues as all of the moms left the building!

Oh, so precious!
My daughters are in 3rd and 5th grade this year, one would think I would be used to the back to school blues by now.
My 5th grader gets out at 11:30 today and I'm so glad! Tomorrow is a full day for both kids and it's going to be tough on me!

Aww, congratulations to your big girl! You'll be okay, those four hours will FLY by. Looking at her photo and your profile photo, I really see how much she looks like you! But geez, what happened to Drew? Wasn't he a BABY like last week? lol

Aww! Good luck on your first Kindergarten day! Our day is fast approaching too, my daughter starts the week after Labour day and I'm SO nervous already! She looks very cute, even if she is in boy shorts! :)

Awww, she looks so happy with herself!
She'll be just fine and so will you!
Kindergarten teachers are the best! (Shameless self-promotion) I'm sure she's in very good hands.

There is a lump in my throat and I'm not even kidding.

Awww... how cute. Enjoy the break.

awwwwww! too cute. i know the first couple of days it's hard . . . but in about a week you're going to LOVE the 4 hours of minus 1 kid, i promise. =)

dang school started early! we don't start until the 25th. just enough time for me to re-train the kids for waking up at 6:30 instead of 8 . . . yay =/

Adorable! School starts early there - here in SJ it doesn't start until after labor day. And kindergarten is only 2 1/2 hours - by the time you drop off you gotta run back and pick up!!!

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