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September 13, 2008


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You actually have a point there, I have never thought about it like it like that before. You make it sound so provocative. I am going to have to read up on this more!

Should make for quite an interesting post! I bet she demands they leave right after dinner.

Let her read your sex column first. That should break the ice.

Have a pool on how long it takes her to herd everyone out the door yelling, "Goodbye."

Bets? No. Desire to hear about it? Yes.

To make sure you can get a good post out of it, be sure to keep mentioning that the best part about being pregnant is you can't get re-pregnant, while winking at the guy.

I'm with Mom 101. Sit on his lap and make an offhand remark about how pregnancy makes women feel really sexual. I'm posting about this on my blog BTW. This chick is officially on WTM Spook Patrol. Details coming. Stay tuned. I'm back.

Maybe this time you really SHOULD shoot out the fiery farts.

Friends come from the most unexpected places. Maybe she will still suck...but there is always the possibility she won't!

From a former military brat who gets it:)

No, no. Flirt with HER. That's the ticket.


Have fun, and keep us updated! And for God's sake, try not to look too pretty when they come over. She'll be more comfortable around you if you have a big volcanic zit on your chin.

Good luck. Sounds like a really interesting night:-)

I think you should sit on HER lap just to piss her off.

If the conversation grows stale or gets contentious in its topics covered, I'd tell your husband to politely excuse himself, go into y'all's room, and then come back wearing nothing but a single sock. He shouldn't smile or laugh, but should just act like nothing is different.

I did this when a group of unattractive girls wouldn't leave our condo during my highschool senior trip in Destin, FL. It worked like a charm.

LOL I'm with the sitting on his lap, but maybe she's lost the bitchiness out of desperation for an adult to talk to when her husband is gone. I'll bet with that sort of attitude she doesn't have many friends either. And with 4 kids she's gotta be going nuts (I would be anyway).

I want you to sit on his lap.

Just for the hell of it.

Yikes. Here's to hoping things go well. :) Can't wait to read the dirty details!

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