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November 10, 2008


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Hello there! This blog post couldn't be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I'll forward this information to him. Fairly certain he'll have a great read. Thanks for sharing!

Incredible story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

Where should their loyalty lie and what should be the consequences of their actions ?

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I'm glad you're more comfortable accepting your accomplishment. I remember the first few years this time came around you were all "I'm not important at all, but..."

Thats hilarious lol, my 4 year old Jayden was breastfed for almost a year and now that baby sister is here her fav thing is to talk about how sissy gets "boobie milk" and "its not fair" and "she wants a taste" so i pumped some in a bottle and gave it to her in a cup (as i could not bare her clumsy ass and a mouth full of teeth heading for my breast) so anyways she spit it out and hated it, at least that stopped the "i wanna taste" comments lol!

I can just picture a teenaged boy leering at some girl's chest and saying, "Me eat?" Too funny.


Lillian is now 3, and has been weaned for 18 months. From time to time, she still asks for the boob, though it's mostly for laughs. She gets a big kick out of me saying, "You drank it all up!"

I weaned my son at eight months so I could return to work. It was pretty easy for us, thankfully. BUT I do think my 3y.o. had a boobie obsession. He likes to tell me that my boobies are pretty (in Wal-Mart no less), not to worry that they'll get small like his and daddies one day (pat pat pat on the back and a sympathetic nod from him as well),and try to touch them when we have visitors. I'm hoping this boobmania ends soon. It's just a little embarrassing.

Oh, that made me snort! Just wait until he's three and starts pawing the boobs for no good reason.

Oh man, that was the funniest thing ever. You made my day.

Absolutely hilarious!!! Maybe Drew wait til a little bit past high school too? Hah.

Glad to hear Margot is enjoying her solo-boobdom. Yay!

SO hilarious!

LOL! That was great!

I'm so curious how my 2 and 1/2 year old will react when the new baby comes next spring. She weaned herself gradually around 15 months (just seamed to lose interest) so it's been a while since she really associated my breasts with food or comfort.

But she's currently very interested in hearing endless (bo-RING) stories about when she was a baby, talks a lot about this new baby, and yesterday stared at my bare boobs and asked sadly "new baby going to get milk from 'dos?".

When I said "Yes, honey, just like you did." she said "NO" and ran away. Not sure what that means but hopefully it will work itself out before the baby comes!


that...is hilarious. my 21-month-old daughter hasn't been breastfed since she was 4 months old. so when i'm feeding my 3-month-old, i'm not sure she realizes she has done it too. she does point to my boobs, whether or not grayson is eating, and say, "eat." like, all the time. it's awesome.

Both of my daughters weaned themselves from me. The first decided it was easier to watch the cats' antics if she didn't have to look past my boob. After the second would take a bottle and realized she could finish her meal in less than two minutes then get back to cruising, she was so done with me.

Nursed my son till he was about 32 months...Now he turned four in September, but I'm pregnant again, and I have to repeatedly tell him to keep his hands to himself. The weaning itself was fairly smooth (by that time, it was just a "we can still be friends" kind of thing) but since he's learned there's going to be a re-opening of the bar (so to speak), he has become VERY interested.
I know he'll ask when the baby nurses, if he can, and there is NO WAY that I am comfortable with that!
BTW, I nursed him so long mostly due to him having trouble breathing at night--unless he was nursing. I know, strange, it turned out he had ginormous tonsils and adenoids--and once they were out, he finally slept through the night and was weaned. There were definite pluses to nursing him so long, but man was it a relief to wean finally!

Oh dear! Lucky for me, my 19 month old breastfed child hasn't pointed and screamed... yet! She has been known to pat them and proudly say "Bo-Bo." :)

My girls weaned themselves at around 8 months but now my 16-month-old boy shows no signs of ever wanting to stop eating boobie. He growls and laughs maniacally whenever the nipple shows itself. I swore I wouldn't be the kind of mom who caved when her kid insisted, but I guess at kid # 3, as long as he's quiet and content for two minutes, I'll take it....but I'm hoping by like age 2, we can be done! I guess we'll see....

Oh but probably not even then will he sound less like a caveman...

I just can't get the picture of some letter-jacket jock leering at girls' boobs, going "Me eat?"

Jasi -- I nursed Quinlan until she was 21 months who was also very "reactive" to everything. No comments on the bras though. That is hilarious.

And yes, Barbara, it seems as though Chocolate milk heals all.

I could breast feed for longer than about a month with each of mine because I just didn't make enough to feed them (never even got engorged).I fed them and pumped and nothing. But the other ones never asked to try it out when feeding the baby. Toot did want to try formula and I let her, she never asked for that again and was very happy with her milk.

Both of our girls wanted to return to nursing after the new one was born. That was the introduction of chocolate milk in their lives. I would say, "Here, you can have this, but the baby can't!" It seemed to do the trick.

I nursed my toddler until she was 20 m/o. She was my first, had tons of food allergies and really, I just didn't know how to stop her. I just cut her off when we got pregnant again. She was okay with it.

But still, when we pass any lingerie department at a big box or the mall, "Mommy! Those are for nips!" Oh well.

I have to laugh at this. High school...caveman...oh my! I am glad that the bfing is going well and that the other children are not having a hard time letting go. I hope it gets easier from here!

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