March 30, 2006

Svanity Fair

As a Svan superfan I was all but throwing a party when I heard the news that Scandinavian Child was introducing its newest Svan product, a chic-as-chit bouncy seat! I know, I know. Exciting stuff, right?

The seat comes in four color combos and will be ready to purchase this May, 2006. For more info, check out SCI child.

Combining style and safety with practicability and minimalism (No neon dinosaur prints here, people) the Svan bouncy seat is thoughtfully designed for the active baby and design conscious parent. Woooohooo! I'll take one in blue, please. Thankyouverymuch.


March 28, 2006

Come On, Swaddle Me

Swaddler_1Did you listen to the OB nurse when she explained the perfect swaddling technique? I don't know about you, but I was way too busy worrying about attaching the baby to my boob to think about tightly wrapping my child in a crappy hospital blanket. But when I got home, I realized that I probably should have listened; it's a well-known fact that the swaddle is one of the most amazing techniques to get a restless, unhappy baby to relax, eat, and sleep. So, knowing that moms have a thousand other things to worry about in those first few months with a newborn, Alison and Patty created the SweetRoll Swaddler, a wonderfully soft and cozy onesie that features an upper body wrap for swaddling ease.

These amazing little life-savers come in two sizes (small for 0-2 months, and large for 6 weeks or 10lbs and up), and a variety of colors. You can use them in carseats and babycarriers, and they are great for those nursing sessions where flailing arms seem to distract your baby from a much needed feeding. And seriously, what's sweeter than a happy, quiet, sleeping baby?

Order 2 or more and get a free mini cuddle baby blankie...perfect for little hands. Make sure to mention "coolmompicks."


March 18, 2006

Even If You Have to Work, They Can Still Play On The Drum All Day

DrumIt is common knowledge that the toy drum is the arch nemesis of all mothers. No self-loving mom would ever give another mother any type of musical instrument, let alone an awful drum and mallet combo - those are the mother-in-law or friends-sans-kids kind of gifts. But with all the research out there about how great music is for even the littlest of babes, I feel as though mothers feel some sense of obligation to suck it up, buy a drum, and and let their kids have at it. Well moms, suck it up no more. This amazing drum (the red tymptone drum) is perfect for your budding musician and your sanity as it is virtually SILENT. Yes, that's correct. I have used these drums in all my Music Together classes and even with 12 little children beating the crap out of them, they make very little audible sound. And that, my friends, is music to any mom's ears.

March 13, 2006

Put Some Funk in Your Junk...

Giddyupozlo ...Your kid's junk, that is. This funky rocker, called the Giddyup Ozlo, blows away those tired old wooden rocking horses that come in such exciting shades as tan and brown *yawn*. Sure earth tones are stylish and popular right now but we're talking kid gear, peeps. Given a choice between some dull brown rocking horse and the brightly colored Giddyup Ozlo, which one do you think YOUR kid is going to gravitate towards? In addition to being wickedly cool to look at, this baby is solid wood. No ugly, tacky, primary-colored plastic here. Save that LTikes crap for the backyard and corral this hip ride in the house.


March 12, 2006

Just Because You Freeze Your Butt Off Running Outside Doesn't Mean Your Kid Has To...

SnugbugbagI have to say the one thing that stops me from running outside in the winter is that I worry about my little one getting too cold. Ha. Who the heck am I kidding? I can think of plenty more reasons not to run outside. But if I did, I'd make sure I had a SnugBugBag, the patented blanket bag of sorts that can be used in your stroller, jogger, car-seat, and baby carrier. Not only are they extremely handy and easy-to-use, but they come in a variety of cute patterns and sizes. Oh how I would have loved one of these at my baby shower. And, even better, if you get one side extra dirty, no need to worry - they are reversible. While I can't say the SnugBugBag is going to make me take up running, I will say I'm now thinking a little harder about it. And just doing that makes me feel like I lost a couple of pounds. That in itself is enough for me to want to buy it. I'm pretty sure my daughter will thank me as well.

Get a free hat ($8 value) with you order. Make sure to mention Cool Mom Picks.

~ Kristen

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February 25, 2006

Pads Can Be Cool

The patemm pad is so cool it doesn’t even need capital letters.  When my 3 year old was a newborn we planned a trip to Europe and before I could say Auf Viedersehn, my brain pictured all the filthy traveling potties we would encounter while changing her diaper.  A friend of mine suggested buying some puppy training pads from our pet store to place on the diaper changers in the public restrooms.  My friends are brilliant.  But the patemm pad makers are more brilliant.

These round pads come in various sizes and although the site suggests using them for your Mommy and Baby Yoga Class, I know Cool Mom Shit readers don’t actually take their kid to Yoga because Patemmpad2 Cool Mom’s know Yoga is about the Q-U-I-E-T.  But, on a public restroom changing table in Germany, a play mat at a particular not-such-a-good-vacuumer friends house, or a trip to the park, is a perfect place to whip out the patemm pad.

My favorite thing about this product is the color choices.  The patterns are great.  Way cuter than the traditional puppy training pad blue.

~ Lisa

February 22, 2006

The Kind of Softy You'll Thank Me For Later

Softie1Don't get any sick ideas, dear readers. We've all seen our share of those softies and we certainly don't need a stuffed one of THOSE laying around the house. Heather over at MilesEtc started making these fabulous little creatures for her little one, and as you might imagine, a few people got a hold of them and she's decided to sell them to the masses. They run about $10-$20 depending on size and pattern - and she'll use felt or buttons depending on the age of your kiddo. And for more money, she'll do a custom softy based on your specifications OR based on a picture/description, which as a certified artsy-fartsy, I love that idea. Plus, she's willing to barter - and the boss lady likes old school vintage mamas like that. Click here for more info.

~Boss Lady