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February 20, 2006


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

Thanks for sharing. I had 2 c-sections, one due to an emergency, the other by choice.

Thanks for sharing. I had 2 c-sections, one due to an emergency, the other by choice.


I just now read the bitchslap you got from italk2much. I feel proud because they made fun of me while making fun of you (see my first comment up there)!

They said:
Even her commenters “got contractions” just reading the first half of the post. Are you fucking kidding me?

HAHAHAH!! That kinda rocks.

i agree with all the above comments...you look beautiful in that pic.

but I LOVE...the one of you in the tub. that. is. awesome!

PS That photo is the most beautiful thing ever. You are stunning.

I love reading birth stories. I imagine I will be a lot like you when I get pregnant. Confident due to all of my research and preparation, when really it is probably not in my control at all.
Can't wait for part two!

And by the way, you have inspired me with your 80's meme. I've been gathering pictures for a photo retrospective.

i love birth stories!!! and i'm sad for you that you're not going to have a new little one as soon as you thought or hoped or longed for or wished. as queer as this can sometimes seem, i am sending you cyber hugs ((((((((((***))))))))

Childbirth Elitists!!!

That had me laughing. Cause we were too. And oh, our baby would never cry either. Cause clearly those other goofballs just didn't plan well enough...

I can't wait for the next installment

Thanks so much Izzy. It's starting to hit me about the nursing. I rocked her to sleep tonight and I cried a little.

As for the birth story, I watch that show too and especially after having her, I cry ALL THE TIME. I even watched my own video one day (my mom taped it) - and then I decided that was a bit too much and I didn't need to see that again... You are very kind and I'm glad to *know* you!

Regarding nursing, I cried like I was the baby when I weaned my first but I was on medication that necessitated it. I can appreciate your sadness at this turning point. Please know, from one mom to another, that this is just the beginning of many, many more to come. While they are bittersweet, watching your angel grow and change will amaze and awe you in ways I cannot describe. You have many good things ahead of you!

Oh my...this was as good as watching "A Baby Story" but without all the commercials. You should know that I watch it almost every morning after I take my daughter to school and settle down to nurse the baby to sleep (so I can get my morning nap as soon as possible!). And I cry during almost every episode. I love birth stories! I wrote the story of my first one, which kind of sucked, and haven't yet written the second one, which was, for lack of a better and less abused adjective, amazing. You've inspired me. I will share my first story, which I've always kept to myself because it's not that happy, and write my second one, which will inspire even people who don't want children to procreate! And I love your picture. Again, you inspire me :-)

Ooh, I love the birth stories. I've been meaning to write up mine -- I'll get to it one of these days.

I love the way you tell the story, so poetic and descriptive. Looking forward to part 2! And by the way, you were one hot pregnant mama!

I am so SCARED of labor. as my due date approaches, I am secretly hoping that I have to have a c-section (although I know the recovery is worse) because i have had such a horrible pregnancy experience. And no, I am NEVER doing this again! LOL.

Now we're talking - this ain't motherhood UNCENSORED for nothing, ducky.

:) right back atcha.

Fine. Fuck you.


7 weeks ago?! Ohmy - you do have a new baby. Believe me, I was wishing for it too -I indulged in a few too many margaritas - hoping that it would help lift my spirits AND get the baby to sleep. :)

Thanks for reading -- Jodes, I emailed you. Jaime - I know, right? and I had prepared myself for teh idea that I would probably go way late.

Mom101 - It will arrive in theaters (okay, just my blog, soon) and LOL - please - feel free to curse it up here. No * needed hahahahaa.

I wish I were as brave as you. I had the baby 7 weeks ago and I am STILL ASKING FOR PAIN MEDICATION (ugh - the crying making it stop.

WOW what a compelling read! First off, you look simply gorgemous in that b&w. (And to think I looked like Jabba the Hut.) I also admire your commitment to breastfeeding. I had a love/hate realtionship with it myself--loved the bonding, hated the triple-Ds.

You describe the mind of the pregnant mom to a tee and really brought back all of that message board bullsh*t. It's so easy to direct all your hormonal anxiety towards crib bedding and paint colors and whether or not you should get a bikini wax, instead of thinking about things that really matter.

I eagerly await the second installment.

Cant wait rto read more! I was 2 weeks over due as well---that was the LONGEST 13 days of my life!!! I love sharing borht stories!

great post. Thanks for sharing. I had 2 c-sections, one due to an emergency, the other by choice.

On another note, the link for Mother Duds goes back to yahoo....what did I do wrong?

Thanks Cori - and PS that "skirt" is a CURTAIN.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I figured out that it worked.


Thanks for the beautiful story. :) I can't wait until Part Deux. That first picture is incredible, BTW. You are brave to let yourself be photographed in anything other than a potato sack while pregnant! At least I think so.

I love that first pic! And, I can't wait for part 2. You're an excellent writer - had me feeling like I was right there.

My last daughter went breech and that event had me naked, with my butt elevated with 4 pillows and my husband with his head in my crotch shining a flashlight down there begging our daughter to come into the light. All "brilliant" advice I received from emails.

(and, just so you know - I totally blogrolled you! ;-)

That's tough about the weaning. I didn't end my nursing relationship with my firstborn until he turned three, and by then I was not at all sad to let it go. I know how incredibly uncomfortable it is to nurse while pregnant- I would only let him nurse for about 15 seconds at a time because that was all I could take. I can't remember now how I kept going, but boy was I glad when he was done. 20 months is a long time to nurse a child and your daughter will enjoy great health and a big, beautiful brain because of you! We did the hypnobirthing too...I ended up going the no drugs route and that was one long labor, but not the worst thing in the world. I couldn't sit right for 3 weeks, though. Second baby was breech and they strongly encouraged me to have a c-sec (because no one there could do a breech birth) and that didn't end up being so bad, it was just very different. The spinal made me puke afterward but at least I was able to sit on my butt without crying out in pain. And you know, a lot of people will tell you how "hard" it is to go from one child to two, but NOTHING is harder than the transition from none to one...Can't wait to hear the rest of the story. Don't keep us dangling too long...

Hey Ladies --

Thanks, Christina. Altough, I was hoping you would leave me a birth haiku :) It seems a few years apart will be just fine.

And thanks for the wicked nipple description, Carolyn. I can only imagine. I'm still enjoying engorgement (if you want to call it enjoy). I'm sure my delving into the world of AAA bras again will start quite soon.

Wow, that first pic of you is great! You look so beautiful and peaceful!

We did all of the prep as well, and trained as if for a marathon. My hospital suitcase was packed with everything needed to survive an intervention free birth.

However, I never got to experience a single contraction. Cordelia, stubborn from the start, was in a complete breech position, and my doctor determined it was far too risky for me to go into labor. So she was born via scheduled c-section.

I can't wait to hear part 2. Even though I never got to experience it, I love reading birth stories. And I say don't give up hope for #2 yet. They may not be in rapid succession, but even a few years apart isn't bad.

I think just reading that gave me contractions.

How any woman can give birth is beyond me - and a source of earned respect from me. I, myself, am sticking to my loud, obnoxious, smelly beagles. At least I didn't have to push them out of any hole in my body.

Sounds like you did a bang-up job, K. Can't wait to read more!

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