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March 11, 2006


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Wow, yr daughter is stunning! Well done :)

I'm not in shock over broken limbs; that happens to us all at some young age. What's got me floored is that it cost you four and a half grand to fix it (at least I'm guessing that's what the first number is).

I'm in Australia, where this sort of stuff gets picked up on the Federal Government's tab. How on earth is a young family supposed to cope with unexpected bills like that?

So, my heart goes out to you, and I hope universal health care is around the next corner.

Oh no! You know this is not your fault, right? Oh, I'm so sorry.

I've been so busy cleaning up barf that I totally missed this post. Ahhh. I bet you were a wreck. So sorry to hear about this. It is NOT your fault! So don't beat yourself up over it.

You poor thing. I'm so sorry. I hope both of you feel better soon. (Don't let the mommy guilt get you.)


these sort of things happen all the time -- one of my friends fell off the swingset when she was four and broke her arm in such a way that it was hanging all backwards - and her mother was standing right there!!

those crazy kids -- they will bruise, sprain and break things no matter what we do!!!

i hope that she is feeling better and I hope that you are taking it easy on yourself!!

I am so sorry

I remember how bad we felt over the years when various injuries or broken bones happened ...

the guilt takes longer to fade than their wounds

so sorry! that was really the most depressing mastercard commercial ever.

here's to a speedy recovery!

It's tough to abandon the mommy guilt. Especially when there is a broken limb, unhappy baby and a nurse with more chin hairs than your husband involved. If you ever need a good giggle and one of those moments where you think, "Oh my God! And I thought I was a horrible parent." Let me know. My story involves my 7 week old daughter, a cat and a deadly staircase.

Hope your girl is filled with giggles today!

I suppose if she wasn't so miserable or would sleep for A MINUTE then I'd feel better.

And PS DYM ~ She's the first born. I'm pretty certain the following siblings will be catapulted into bed from across the house.

That is rough. My cousin broke his leg on a trampoline when he was three. My aunt was a wreck about it, but he got used to the cast really fast. Last night I failed to stop my father from lifting Miles into the fan. Looks like we are all bad parents.

Awww...dont let the Mommy guilt get you! Why do ou think we call these little people "toddlers"---they toddle and get bumps, bruises, and broken limbs! Give her extra hugs and kisses and take a ton of pics!

Hope she is feeling ok and hope you are ok too!

That.Sucks. Glad you are starting to come to terms with it and not beating yourself up. I feel for you.

OH MY GOD!! I am so , so sorry. Ugh my heart is breaking. Poor things.. the both of you.

wishing quick healing for her and for you. sweetie, it happens to all of us.

Ooooh. Don't be sad. There is no way you could have foreseen that. Seriously. Poor babies, both of you. I can't believe you stand by the crib and watch her fall asleep. You must be the nicest mom ever.

Okay, the only thing cuter than your daughter is your daughter pouting with a cast on. Hope she's doing better.

I'm so sorry. PLEASE don't beat yourself up over it.

Oh my goodness- I totally feel for you! The little girl I was taking care of fell down some stairs while I was watching her- and to make a long story short- she broke her arm. I felt horrible, watching kids for 15 years, never broke one of them.
Of course, she's fine now, but the funny thing is, if she hurts herself, -a cut, or a bump- she will ask for a cast. Thank goodness I can laugh about it now...

Oh wow, that is a BIG cast! How long will she be in it?

Poor baby - lots of extra popsicles and Muppets for her!

Poor thing - and poor you! Don't blame yourself - these things happen...hope you are all doing okay ...

Oh you poor kids!! I'm glad everyone's feeling better and nursing things along with Muppets and popsicles. I mean what, realistically, can Muppets and popsicles NOT fix??

Feel-good vibes coming your way!

Yikes! She looks absolutely unfazed and adorable though.

Hmmm...this sounds very familiar.
I just posted about my son's (20mo's) first visit to the ER for broken bones. We wre there all day Wednesday.
We must be strong in the face of mommy guilt.

Oh that would suck!

Sometimes being a parent is just way too hard isn't it?

Oh my gosh. Kristen, I am so sorry that happened. You can't be everywhere at once, though. This was not your fault.

You remind me of when I fell on my front walkway two weeks ago while holding my toddler. I kept my grip on her, but couldn't keep her head from hitting the pavement. I was hurt worse than she was- she didn't even cry or seem even slightly fazed by it- but I will NEVER forget seeing her head hit the ground.

I'll take pics when she's feeling better. And Chag ~ it felt like WAYYYYYYY longer - especially with everyone coughing and hacking all over the place.

Oh jeeezzzz...I'm sorry. Is it too much of a cliche to say that this is hurting you more than her? Well...at least I'm SURE that you'll remember this longer than she will.

Poor mommy and baby.

Yes, yes...time for all kinds of goodies, for both of you. Don't forget to buy yourself some chocolate.

Poor thing! These things happen, it's all part of life - I know the mommy guilt is terrible, but try to remember that it was an accident.

Do we get to see pics of the cast? Can we all sign it virtually?

Oh no!! So sorry that happened, but I am glad she's relatively OK. And please do not blame yourself for the accident. No Mommy Guilt!

I hope that she's feeling better from all the pampering (popsicles and muppets ALWAYS help with injury!) -- take care of her and of YOU and let us know if there's anything you need.

I hope you and your daughter are OK. I'm in shock- babies REALLY do do thes things? I have so much to learn.

Hope you & your daughter are feeling better. I'm impressed you only spent 4 hours in the ER.

Oh no! I'm so sorry, that must have been scary and it sucks. I hope you and her are doing okay :)

Hey there ~

Seems like the baby motrin finally kicked in and she's getting some much needed rest. Daddy is coming home early from his trip ~ she's more frustrated with the cast than anything else. I'm okay ~ I know it's not my fault ~ just feel bad for the poor kiddo...

So, I'm spoiling her rotten on popsicles and the muppets...

Thanks for the kind words...

Oh no! Poor kid (and poor you).

I know she'll be fine (they always are); it's you I'm worried about. Things happen with kids,the most we can ask for is that they happen less often. Hang in there.

No Mommy guilt should be within your body. Children do these things. YOU did these things too, I imagine.

And these things happen even when you are holding their hand and walking next to them. (I'll tell the Child eats a mushroom while I am holding her hand and walking story at some other point)

Get some rest! And here is a Big "Good Mama" hug!

Not. Your. Fault. Things happen. How scary and awful for you though. Hope you (and she) recover quickly-

Oh Kristen!!! I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I am soooo sorry this happened and I hope the Q is a-okay. Poor kid. :(

Oh, I'm so sorry! Hope you are both feeling better...

Awww...that sucks! I'm so sorry for little Q. But kids do things like that. I did it. And hurt myself. And my mom felt awful. It happens and you're not to blame. (and I never stay and watch my son fall asleep because if I stayed in there, he never would)

If it makes you feel even an iota better, I took my daughter to one of those mall play areas when she was newly two. We were there five minutes when she fell and broke her arm. I didn't go for an x-ray at the hospital because the pediatrician said it "probably fine". But here's the kicker... it WAS broken and we didn't know for TWO more days because that's how long it took to swell. See? It happens.

oh, jeez. That's a harsh accident. And it was an accident, so NO GUILT (easier said than done, I know, but I thought I'd try). Hope everyone's feeling a little better this morning and that the cast comes off soon!

ohhhh man. NOT YOUR FAULT!

That's awful though, my heart goes out to her and you!

Oh My!! Is she ok? Are you ok? Awww that is terrible!! Do not take the responsibility on yourself. Toddlers amaze us with their abilities, that seem to develop over night!

I hope you guys are ok!!

Oh No! I'm so sorry. It wasn't your fault you know. No, really. Accidents happen. Try not to let the mommy guilt get you.

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