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April 18, 2006


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Those were great. But I think Kristen is pretty freakin funny as she is.

ok signed up for the newsletter. oh and if you want to do an impression of me sometime all you need to do is whine, whine, whine. i'm getting a sneaky feeling being funny is where it's at in this blog business!

Those were spot on, but I do like the Motherhood Uncensored voice, just as much!

Great eye there with the blog reading, woman! And what a great impression of some of the funniest ladies out there! Haha!

And, of COURSE, thanks for the link lovin', even though you DID call me a dork. (A badge worn proudly, I might add.)

If you were to impersonate me, here's a hint - take pictures of yourself acting like a moron and call it a post. You'll be dead on.

Love it! This should become a meme. I am a firm beleiever that there should be more parody in the blogosphere.

But if you changed to be one of those other ultra cool bloggers, than who would fill your shoes? No one I tell you. And I need my daily dose of Motherhood Uncensored!

I did my part in helping you get an iPod. Hope that it arrives in time for your birthday!

That's hilarious! You did a terrific job of impersonating them. I love those blogs, and got a kick out of seeing you imitate them so easily. I wouldn't be able to pull it off...

Love that post. You have now earned my ever lasting devotion due to your writing diversity. Now, I must go, as I have a case of serious writer's envy. You continue to set the bar high, Kristen!

Oh my god. You are hilarious! And randomly, my entire post today is DIALOGUE! It's like you're psychic or something.

Really, dialogue is my lazy way of posting. Because it's just sitting there in my brain as a memory and I don't even have to think when I write it. Now you know all my secrets.

Your writing is totally content-driven. Like I read it and it's like gossiping with a good friend and I'm all, "I can't BELIEVE you SAID THAT! Tell me more!" See, you're awesome because you don't have to resort to devices. Lucky you.

This post mitigates my Blogher envy. Grrrrrrrr... ;)

Those were great impressions. I admire the way the writers above have such entertaining styles -- I'm such a straightforward writer myself.

But you're a talented writer too, madame. You have a way of tackling all sorts of topics ranging from the silly to the serious and starting an incredible discussion. And I love your irreverence. Rock on, Kristen!

That. was. fucking. hilarious!

I applaud your ability to decipher and then mimic the writing styles of others. It's something I have no talent in, and I'm not even sure I have my own style yet.

But even though I enjoyed your take on other bloggers, please don't give up your own style, either, because it's just as good!

Don't change a thing chickie! It ain't broke! Love ya! (Hey! Do you think I used too many exclamation points!)

Kristen, you totally rock! Seriously, who are you and where do you come from? You have a way, a way that hooks us and has us salivating for more. That was just fanfuckingly brilliant and right on the money. Keep it up!

I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. FABULOUS post. You nailed them. I particularly liked Her Bad Mother's response in comments. Your impressions were insightful and pee-your-pants hysterical.

All those women have such distinct "voices" and styles that I respect. You too of course, but you just proved your versatility today.

I am more all over the place depending on my mood. I think there are meds for that.

LOL that was good stuff! I have no writing talent whatsoever, don't know how to spell and use grammar properly, write about lame, random stuff all the time and post waaaaaay to many pictures. What person in their right mind would read me, I don't know so I definitely don't recommend copying me unless you want your reader count to drop like flies ;) I on the other hand need to be stealing your shit!

Ah, sweet Kristen, your understanding of the complex monstrosity that is the enormous Bad Mother brain is breathtaking, breathtaking. My journey to the higher plateau of illuminated wisdom is a Sisyphean struggle - one made more challenging by the sweet burden of my child - but your sympathies lift me!

What's that? You were being funny?

Oh. Fuck me.

(laughing laughing laughing bulbous-headed Lilliputians laughing laughing laughing)



Oh my God, I'm laughing. Not even laughing, cackling. Cackling woman! You made me cackle! Ack. (ha)

It's so funny to see someone else not just emulate, but articulate your own writing style. I feel like, "ohhh...so THAT'S what I do." You've given meaning to all those random, ADD-brain asides I spew out in the middle of otherwise linear posts and for that I thank you.

Truly, you've nailed each and everyone of these bloggers. Now give me a few minutes while I figure out how to do you.

a masterful weaving of bloggable talents (copious applause)


They'll be in my next installment. heh.

You are hilarious. I also enjoy the bloggers who've mastered the excessive. use. of. periods.

Oh, you gave me a huge smile this morning Kristen. How did you know about my witness protection program theory?

And as long as I don't have to be ... um, Beth is the one who dies right? As long as I don't have to be her, I'm good.

You totally nailed all of them!

I do love how Lucinda takes the most ordinary shit and turns it into a great anecdote.

And gracias for the linky love :)

But what does that teeeeeeeny tiny writing say?

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